Tuesday, October 18. 2022

I was kind of at a loss for a post for today so I thought I would share how I shopped and planned for Fall Break food for the college aged kid.

Maybe this will just give you some family meal ideas.

I started with a list of favorite meals that I knew they might want.


Chili with grilled cheese

Chicken Alfredo

Honey Mustard Salad

Burrito Bowls

Lunch or Snacks:

Totchos (Nachos made with tater tots)





Charcuterie with crackers, salami, cheese, green apples (their fave)


Giant pop tart

Cinnamon toast


Everything potatoes (diced potatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning)

Chocolate chip pancakes

I also made sure to have lots of chips and their favorite soft drinks – Sprite and Virgil’s root beer.

I ordered the groceries for pick up on Thursday. I was fully stocked going into the weekend. Are you trying this yet? What is your grocery day?

Now do I need to cook three meals a day for them? No! Did I cook three meals a day? No! But, I really enjoy making food for them and that is how I show love. They can make stuff for themselves, too, of course.

Mason loves my everything potatoes and this was just a snack I think. Bare Nuggets from Costco in the air fryer and homemade honey mustard and ranch accompanied both.

Jack got frozen fries with Bare Nuggets and the same two sauces plus ketchup. I broke out the fall plates for them, too.

If you belong to Costco, these are a must buy. They are really not that bad for you, either.

Mason laughed really hard when I suggested a giant pop tart. It was really too sweet, in my opinion but it was fun to make. Ready made pie crust, strawberry jam (that I made! this summer), another pie crust, and then after it cooled a simple powdered sugar icing and sprinkles.

I bought some Halloween candy to have out for them and then I made the S’morechuterie platter.

Chili with macaroni noodles, fritos, and a grilled cheese.

Jack likes very basic nachos. What are you gonna do?

I also made honey mustard salad with angel hair chicken alfredo.

Did Tom get fed? Yes! He gets fed every day!

The nice thing, too, is that I always get a “thank you so much for the food” from my kids.

I loved having them home and I feel lucky that I can bless them with some home cooked meals to give them a break from their dining hall food.


18 thoughts on “Feeding Your College Kids

  1. Awe! I love this post. You are so thoughtful to your crew. I love the variety of food. I love cooking for my fam too. (BTW – I’m proud of myself because I’ve been consistent with Saturday grocery pick up so far this school year, and it’s made my weekends so much easier) 🙂


    1. Thank you! I try to be and that is how I show love. It’s hard to find things to do that with at this age without overstepping and helicoptering. That is great! Has is made your Sundays feel better? I hope so!


  2. I’ve never tried the grocery pick-up but am thinking I might save money doing that (less impulse buying). Do you tip the person who brings out the groceries?


    1. Trish! You have got to try it! It absolutely saves me money and so much time. Once you do it, it saves all of your purchases so you can just re-order the same stuff. I do not tip. I don’t think you are supposed to/allowed to at Kroger and I have never seen anyone else tip. For Kroger, there is an app and I order on my phone. Let me know if you try it!


  3. My sons would love all of this as well! Their tastes are not very refined, but they’re getting better with age. I have one very picky eater, though…it’s hard to cook with him in mind, but somehow I figure it out. As long as he has some good meat to eat, he’s happy. Ha!


    1. Same! One of mine is very basic but the other is a foodie in the making. Hope this list gives at least one idea for your next meal at home. Have you thought about doing a weekly meal and whoever shows up shows up? That might be really fun for you at this stage of your boys’ lives. Sunday night perhaps?


  4. Wow, well done……these meals / snacks look awesome. I’m definitely going to look for those chicken nuggets during my next Costco trip. And your boys sound so sweet, it’s always way more fun to cook for an appreciative bunch.


    1. Not super healthy, but…I did try to get salad and apples in them! The nuggets are really good. We use them for our faux KFC bowls and for salads, too. They are sweet most of the time. They can be cranky, too, of course!


  5. I have a fall break coming up in 10 days… but only for me and the youngest, university don’t do fall break…
    But my biggest thing right now is oldest’s 21 birthday on Sunday! Boyfriend is coming and MIL… I’m thinking aperol spritz, pasta with fillet of pork and cake… What do you say? Fun that it’s Halloween time, ’cause I can make a theme of it! (any ideas are welcome)


    1. Yay! I am sure you are ready. It will be nice for you and the youngest.
      21! What about a “these are a few of your favorite things” theme and do all of her favorite foods/dishes. Or, foods in her fave color?


  6. This is good inspiration for Thanksgiving break coming up. Our pantry is pretty bare for our empty nester status, so I will definitely need to stock up on all their faves.


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