Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Let’s talk about what I’m doing to try to be healthier these days! I have lots of Eating Lately posts – just go to my search bar – but today’s post will include some other things and be a little bit different I hope.

First of all, I have started taking one of these Ashwagandha gummies in the evenings. According to the bottle, you can take up to four a day, but I am just doing one. I feel like I’m sleeping pretty soundly and waking up less. This could be in my head? They taste amazing.

I purchased Redmond’s real salt at Whole Foods. I am trying to get used to it; it doesn’t taste as salty as I am used to.

I added electrolyte water to my daily routine. I also picked this up at Whole Foods.

I like that they also had some individual sticks to try out different flavors. I think I like blue raspberry the best, but they are all good.

Ok, so I firmly believe that to lose weight it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I started my getting healthy journey with just the eating part of it. I then added walking after I had lost some weight. If you exercise but don’t change your diet, you probably will not lose. I have done this, so I know.

In the last year, I have learned so much more about nutrition. I knew a fair amount before and I knew what I needed to do, but I just didn’t have the mental discipline to make it happen.

One of the things that I firmly believe is that women are not getting enough protein. We need about 30-40 grams of protein per meal.

This is 30 grams:

It is about a cup of chopped chicken. I used to think I was being healthy by ordering the “vegetarian sandwich” or the entree without meat. I think this left me unsatisfied which led to snacking.

There are lots of ways that I get my protein: grilled chicken, ground turkey, turkey sausage, eggs, fat free cottage cheese, my protein shake, high protein yogurt, high protein granola in said yogurt…

I highly recommend these breakfast sausages:

My low carb egg casserole with the sausages. The egg casserole has 6 eggs, fat free cottage cheese, and then with the sausages you are getting a good amount of protein.

Black beans are another way I get some protein. I usually have black beans a few times a week in one of my burrito bowls. I like this boxed container I found at Whole Foods but I always have a few cans on hand in my pantry.

Fajitas at your favorite Mexican place are a great way to get that protein. I prefer just chicken and shrimp, but this order also had some chorizo. I skip their rice and beans and use my own cauliflower rice at home or I just do without at the restaurant. Now, I could totally have some rice if I wanted, but it’s not something that I really love.

Recent “sub in a tub” for lunch:

This was just lettuce, turkey, cheese, pickles, banana peppers, and a simple olive oil dressing with italian seasonings. I have been trying to have one salad a day with protein on it. If you don’t have the protein, you won’t be full and will start looking around for more food!

My green beans got a little overcooked, but this is just already cooked grilled chicken, cauliflower rice, buffalo sauce, and a homemade ranch dressing.

The most important condiments/sauces in my repertoire:

buffalo sauce, mustard, fat free sour cream, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, lemon juice (the big bottle), lime juice (the big bottle), soy sauce, Pam spray, avocado oil, olive oil, and water. I add water to so many of my sauces to thin them out.

A recent meal of zucchini noodles/zoodles. I bought a little hand held contraption years ago called a “vegetti” where you insert your zucchini and spirals come out. I added Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs (not good – make your own!) My friend Kim gave me this amazing recipe and I have used it in italian cuisine and I have added buffalo sauce. They freeze well, too!

I have found that some Asian sauces are pretty low in calories and you really don’t need much.

My beloved protein shake/iced coffee:

The low carb egg casserole:

Mix together 6 eggs, half cup of fat free cottage cheese, and one container of green chiles. Add some salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, garlic powder, whatever spices you enjoy. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. I like it a little more golden on top. This is zero WW points for me.

My Spanish omelette. I used two whole eggs and two egg whites and add some water. I add thinly sliced potato and onion. I let one side get browned and then using a plate I flip that bad boy and cook the other side. The Spaniards cut it like a pizza and they like it room temp. Potatoes are not the enemy in my opinion.

I refuse to hate what I eat! I can eat anything I want, but I want to feel good. Spices and sauces are my friends. I had some fried food Saturday night and I overate. It’s not a good feeling. The Japanese stop eating at 80% full. I wish I knew my 80% but I’m working on it.

I plate everything I eat. I’m worth it. I make it look nice. That is part of enjoying and savoring your meals, no?

I want to give a plug to Amanda Nighbert. You should follow her on Instagram. I have not done her LEAN program, but I think it is probably really good. The thing is that many programs can be good, but only if you are ready to do them.

Amanda is a registered dietician and gives mountains of information for free. She doesn’t have to do this, but she does. She will answer your questions on IG even if you aren’t a client.

Summer Eating Schedule:

So, I have two cups of coffee in the morning, a protein/iced coffee late morning, lots of water, two cups of electrolyte water, and just continue drinking water the rest of the day. I try to only drink alcohol on the weekends.

I eat breakfast between 8-10 depending on what I am doing and I try to workout before eating. I always have eggs with either vegetables or sausage or both.

I eat lunch around 12-1 and I try to have salad with protein or vegetables and protein.

I get a little snacky and usually do popcorn, avocado toast, string cheese, or yogurt.

For dinner around 6:00, I eat whatever my family is eating with a few variations or substitutions. I cook around 3:00 so that Mason can eat before work and then it’s ready. I don’t do this every night because sometimes we eat leftovers.

I am happy to report that I stopped the evening snacking! After dinner I will have a Dove mini ice cream bar (3 WW points) or a Dum Dum. If I didn’t have popcorn in the afternoon, I will sometimes have that in the evening, but I was able to stop the snacking in the last couple of weeks and I am so happy! If I brush my teeth early, I usually don’t want to ruin that. Ha!

Now, the perfect day is when I go to bed between 9-10 and get up around 6. I just don’t feel great when I push it past 10. I also think this is where the snacking comes in. I need to go to bed before I get the idea to snack.

Now let’s talk exercise:

I started out really strong June 1 and since then, your girl has struggled. I was Jazzercising, going to the gym, or walking 4-5 times a week. Then, Covid hit my house at the end of June and I didn’t think I should risk taking it to the gym or to the Jazzercise studio so I sat out for a week. It was super hot that week and I didn’t walk, either. Then, it was 4th of July and my week was discombobulated. So, I am currently working on gym and walking. I am having a hard time making the Jazzercise times work for me. The class I want is not at the time I want. I also knew it was just a summer thing, so maybe that is part of it. Just being real. Hangs head. I am also going to buy myself some Hokas, so hoping that will energize my walking. My shoes are in need of replacing.

I am actually going back to basics with tracking my food on my WW app more diligently and I will be checking out my own posts for some new old food ideas. Check out Eating Lately here, here, here.

And, listen…I am trying not to be obsessive. I am living my life and I am not asking for special accomodations when I go somewhere. It’s all about balance.

How are you doing this summer?


22 thoughts on “Healthy-ish

  1. This was a GREAT post. Thanks for sharing and being “real”. I didn’t really think about the protein thing until you mentioned it here — my boys are constantly telling my husband he is not getting enough protein, but maybe I’m not either? I agree 1000% with you on the dieting/eating/exercise thing. Food is everything. . .exercise will help your body be strong and sleep well, but for losing weight, you HAVE to track your food. For awhile there (6 months or so?) my husband couldn’t eat after 4 p.m. (health issues) and I found that I liked that lifestyle! I, like you, find that if I stay up too late I get hungry again so it is motivating to go to bed by 10 just so I won’t snack! I’ve used so many of your recipe suggestions and made that Chuy’s jalapeno dip last night and it was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I ate too many chips with it — should have stuck with just my “rice bowl” stuff ;). Anyway, this was such a great post with really good ideas and reminders. Thank you!!!


    1. You are too sweet to say this! I think we are all struggling and even one idea can re-invigorate us to keep on keeping on. Consistency is key. I told myself this is forever. There was no expiration date. I have lost weight at the speed of a turtle.
      Ok – tip – get the very thin corn tortillas and cut them with a pizza cutter and put on a Pam sprayed cookie sheet. Spray more Pam on top and then add salt. Bake them at 350 for maybe 8 minutes? They are easy to burn. You will freak out because they are better than many Mexican restaurant chips. I can have either one or two corn tortillas for 1 WW point! So, that is 8-16 chips. Often I am too lazy to make my own chips, but when I do take the time I am so impressed with myself. I use these to dip in my burrito bowls, but they would work great with the Chuy’s dip. I want to try Greek non fat plain yogurt instead of mayo or the buttermilk. Or, maybe I could do a little of the three and see what happens. You just made me excited for Burrito Bowl Tuesday tonight! Lol!
      I knew a Spanish teacher who ate breakfast and then didn’t eat again til after school at 3:00 and then was done for the day. I always thought that was interesting.


  2. We always do our dinner/eating posts on the same day it seems and it happened again today. You can check out my blog to see what I eat, but I too struggle with night snacking. Maybe it’s because of the protein thing you mentioned. Case in point: last night I had a piece of fish with cauliflower rice and it was delicious…but two hours later I was hungry and had some cheese-its and chocolate milk. UGH. I am also struggling with exercising, because my feet always hurt. Always.

    I’m thinking of joining a gym with an indoor pool so that I can just swim all year. I love to swim and have no problem exercising while I’m in the pool. Thanks for the recommendation of Amanda Nighbert. I followed both of her accounts on Instagram to try and gain some more inspiration. My husband has lost 50 pounds since late February and while I’m so proud of him, mine are coming off one slow pound at a time. I think it’s menopause related, which is what I keep reading. I do so good when he’s here with me, but I’m alone a lot, so I could also struggle with eating when I’m bored.

    This was very inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Thought I’d share some of my own real life struggles. Have a great day!


    1. Checking yours out next! That is funny! OK, you are not eating enough! That is not enough for dinner. What about half a baked potato with butter spray? When I go too low carb for dinner, I do the evening snacks! It is so frustrating that men can lose so easily! My husband has stayed the same weight for years and he eats crap way more than I do. Ugh! Also, if your feet hurt, lift weights. Amanda teaches that it is way more important for us than cardio. But, I do also love the idea of you joining the pool!
      Thank you and just know you aren’t alone!


      1. Maybe the carbs are what I’m craving…I’m going to do some research to find out more. I would never have thought lifting weights would help my achy feet, but I’m going to look into that as well! I’m so grateful I found you and your blog! Are you on Instagram? Come find me, because I can’t find you. I am JenLloydGoodwin there. ❤️


      2. If you read about how Pioneer Woman lost weight, she talks about working out the largest muscle group – legs. It’s interesting! I don’t have a link or anything. Thank you so much! I mainly have an Instagram for my high school students so beware. I post things in Spanish a lot. amscott2


  3. So many great food ideas. I’m trying to embrace eating home lunches while I can. Right before vacay, I got on a fried egg on toast for lunch with fruit or half of the dill pickle salad. On vacay, almost every morning, I had egg/toast and pineapple (+ one churro dipped in chocolate 😇) I haven’t really been making my lunch bowls this summer and dinners have been out of whack but I’ve continued to track. I need to get back with my workouts (today!) I’d forgotten about those dove bars. Perfect dessert. I’m the same as you…after I brush my teeth (sometimes early) because it’s a mental cue for me that I’m finished eating for the day and I’m too tired to want to have to brush my teeth again haha


    1. I love a simple fried egg and toast! Bread is my weakness, so I have to be very careful. I bought jalapeno cheddar sourdough at the farmer’s market and I’ve eaten way too much. The Dove bars really satisfy and I love the trick you taught me to feel if there is a ridge. I wish they had a box of just vanilla! lol! Right! Laziness makes me not want to brush again!


      1. My natures own bread is one point a slice and then 0 for egg so I felt good about that as lunch choice and carried over the habit to vacay breakfast. Yes! The ridge 😂 I’m adding those to my grocery list …but buying two. The kids plow through them so I’m going to label a box for me haha


      2. I think that is the bread my friend likes. I need to shop around for a new type probably. I have been using a Keto bread from Costco but it’s molding in the freezer! What? I have never heard of that!
        Hide the vanilla ones in a box of Healthy Choice cauliflower rice bowl! Genius!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha that’s a great idea! I hide some of my snacks in the back of the cabinet so the kids won’t see them 🙂 need to do the same with the dove
        Also – I mention AN in tomorrows let’s look post. She’s such a wealth of knowledge


  4. Great post as usual Amy! It’s true, we can’t outrun our fork so exercise is just a piece of the puzzle. It all comes down to being in a calorie deficit. I always try to find the most food for the smallest calories so healthier is usually much better. Summer is a struggle with more relaxing, vacationing, socializing. But balance is where it’s at and living life is key!


  5. Yum- I’m going to go make your Spanish omelet today for breakfast!

    My tip of the day- I usually do not like electrolyte powders but recently have become obsessed with the green tea/ matcha/ ginger one by liquid IV (brand you can get at Costco)- I don’t even like matcha, but for some reason this combo does it for me!

    Thanks for all the great tips!


    1. It is my favorite Spanish food and I have been making them so much this summer. I did this for our lunches a few times with a side salad, too. Erica really liked it. They warm up well. OOOH, I want to try that flavor!


  6. I just made those birdballs yesterday! We love them in our house! I have just started the LEAN program with Amanda and I am really enjoying it. If anyone is interested, I have a referral code! Just throwing that out there. 80/20 for diet and exercise. Protein, minimum 12 hour fasting, move your body. Its not really hard….I think we, as women, make it harder then it should be. also limiting alcohol. It truly does effect our bodies more then we think. Its a toxin. And I LOVE a good glass of wine so that is saying alot coming from me. Just enjoy it sporadically. I am lifetime WW and have kept my weight off for over 5 years but I needed to do something different. I am also an avid exerciser so I really needed more protein then I was getting. Ok, off to workout! ha! Great Post, Amy. Keep up the good work. Remember, its a lifestyle. Not a diet.


    1. Making them today! Love them! Thank you again. I agree that we make it harder than it needs to be. Portion control is a biggie for me, too. Also, I know that alcohol is holding me back right now, but I just enjoy it more in the summer.


  7. You’re doing great, Amy! Yummy food and a lot of variety! Balance, balance! AND great news: every day is a new day! 😀
    I’m lazy during these summer weeks, but I don’t think my body will mind… I’m 54 and look absolutely ok, but what happened to my stomach!? It used to be flat… Well, I put on my bikini anyways!


    1. Thank you! I don’t feel deprived and I am letting myself enjoy lots of treats! You look amazing! My stomach will always be my problem area, but I just want to be healthy and have my clothes fit!


    1. Oh, I love yellow! Ok, just took my first walk and they are amazing. I don’t want to take them off so I’m just wearing them around the house to do my chores.


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