Thursday, March 3, 2022

It is time to link up with Jill and Kellyann!

Today’s post is short and sweet and really just involves some fun things that I have found lately. Kellyann mentioned in her blog recently that February had been a big clothing spending month for her. I would agree that I get really excited about an upcoming season and seem to spend more in March and September in preparation for the spring/summer and fall/winter. How do I know this? I tracked purchase I made for maybe 3 years? It was so enlightening. I even went back at the end of the year and analyzed what my best purchases were. I looked at what didn’t get worn. I really think I learned a lot from doing that.

I popped in to Clothes Mentor as I do from time to time and saw these Sorel sandals in my size. They are a very light blush color. Also, if you are on the short side like me, cut your too long jeans, wash and dry them, and you are on trend.

They have kind of a lug sole on the heel. I brought these home for $17. I couldn’t find them online when I got home, but their other dressier wedge sandals retail for $120ish! Score!

Next up are a couple of fun purchases that didn’t break the bank. I went in to Versona and brought home two headbands. I love the knot detail at the top and I like to headband it on my second day hair.

The first one is leopard Gucci inspired:

And, the second one is St. Paddy’s Day:

Have you tried a headband?

Ok, I admit that I have a problem. I bought alcoholic earring pair number five. I’m done. I think. I picked these up in a little boutique while I was gift shopping the other day.

I need somewhere to wear these for St. Patrick’s Day!

I have read a blog called MomAdvice for years and she did many a capsule wardrobe. I was always intrigued by this concept and she has a cute style. She recently sent out a newsletter and showed this $15 Walmart sweater and I promptly went to I really like lemons. I did my deck in lemon decor last year.

I know we are at the end of sweater weather, but for $15, I couldn’t pass it up. I am pretty happy with the quality and feel of it. I haven’t styled it yet, but I plan to soon.

So…what have you bought for spring?


19 thoughts on “Fashion Files – Shopping for Spring!

  1. I love that Gucci-inspired headband! I’m in bad need of a haircut, so headbands are nice. I buy headbands and claw clips, but they seem to disappear (ending up in one the girls’ room)… I guess you don’t have that problem!? 😀
    For spring I’m in search of a pair of hot pink jeans! Who would have thought that a couple of years ago!?


  2. Those sandals are so cute. I have tracked clothing spending for several years as well. I find that I am also a seasonal spender. I spend more for spring, summer and fall just before the season but not so much every month.

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    1. Thank you! I think they will be fairly comfortable! Tracking is so eye opening! I’m the same! I get really excited about a few trends and I am pretty frugal overall.


  3. I am hoping I learn a lot from tracking my purchases this year, other than the fact that I love to shop! Ha! Those sandals were a total score, they look brand new and so smart about the denim too – the frayed hem that is so trendy is a game changer for petite ladies. I look horrible in headbands, not enough hair, but I love the look.
    So happy you are linking up with us!


    1. You really do learn a lot, but it also lays it all out there. I was often kinda embarrassed, but I want to feel good when I get dressed each day. This is really my only hobby that costs money, you know? I was happy about the sandals and I love being able to just cut off for the length I need! Love your AE mom jeans!


  4. I have a post coming out tomorrow with my purchases for January and February and tips for a lean month: I am doing a 5 week shopping fast! I did spent too much in February but don’t regret any of the purchases. Cute lemon sweater! I don’t wear headbands but do think they are cute!


  5. Love the sandals and blue pedicure! I need to track my spending on clothes and shoes! This is a good time to start since it’s early in the year. A few years back I did a no buy 3 month period. I only purchased things that I was out of in the health and beauty departments and no clothes. It was an eye opener that on impulse buys that still sticks with me today.


    1. Thank you! I did the pedi myself! Girl math- I saved myself $40 that I can put toward clothes! Lol! That is true but I really don’t think I want to know right now!


  6. Headbands are a great way to treat yourself without breaking the bank! The earrings are fun. I’m excited for spring and have made a few purchases!


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