Thursday, February 25, 2021

I am joining in with a fun link up today! Holly and Patty have a series called Monthly Musings and this month is all about spring fashion – one of my current favorite topics.

I guess I consider spring in my neck of the woods to be the official March 20-mid May-ish. Our temps definitely start feeling like summer even though the official start of summer isn’t until June 20. Some of these questions are hard to answer this year because it will officially be since the spring of 2019 since I have really worn spring clothes! That is mind blowing! I am normally a high school teacher who dresses every day with usually three articles of clothing and accessories and shoes! I became a virtual teacher at the beginning of April so I wore leggings and camera ready tops until the end of the year. There is talk of us going back after spring break this year, but I cannot imagine me dressing up too much while wearing a mask. I will probably try to be as comfortable as possible, but I could be wrong.

What are your spring must have pieces?

I love color! It feels so good to wear more color after my winter wardrobe of black, grey, wine, etc.! I like palazzo pants, swing dresses, kimonos, and flowy blouses. I love tie-dye and camo! Sometimes I forget I need solid color basics. Those aren’t fun to buy! Lol!

What are your spring must have accessories?

I love my new white Madewell tennies from last year. I love a new spring handbag and I purchased the yellow one below. I love fun earrings and bracelets. I think this is the best area to try the trends. Here are spring trends I researched! Here are my January and February purchases. I tried to mostly buy spring!

I hope to wear my white booties as much as I can! You also see my new snakeskin/western-vibe blouse.

How do you transition your wardrobe to spring?

I first like to look at my last season spring stuff and determine what I need to say good-bye to, then I kind of gradually pull the spring stuff forward and put the winter to the back. I have a lot of things I should say good-bye to, but it’s hard. I definitely do a gradual transition because that is what our weather does here in Kentucky! We will have spring one day, winter the next, and this can go on for some time!

What are your favorite colors to wear in spring?

My spring and summer palette is still black and white, but I add in yellow, navy, pink, red, a little bit of blue, and of course multi-colored clothing!

Any spring fashion advice?

Do not buy anything until you have a chance to look at your last year’s stuff.

Weed out anything that looks old, doesn’t fit, or that you wouldn’t buy today.

Look at what is in for spring if you care about following trends.

Think about your lifestyle and what you will be doing in the spring.

Make a list of holes in your closet.

Start looking online or in stores and pick up pieces that are 10/10. Do not settle!

Have a couple of outfits that make you look fabulous and feel fabulous! You really do not need a ton.

Do you change up your makeup in spring?

Not really. Now that I am a Maskcara/Seint makeup user I can blend a bit more bronzer. Seriously, I love this contouring cream makeup system. I think my makeup has never looked better. I am a bit messy with it. My bronzer tin is not pictured. I think the brush is magical (not pictured). I do like cheetah dots all around my face with the different colors and then blend. I did a post on it in the fall, but I have gotten better at it!

Do you change your skincare in spring?

I do more sunscreen, of course. I change to a daily moisturizer with sunscreen or increase my spf in my face lotion.

Do you have a favorite spring scent?

I need one! I am very picky! I did like a Tory Burch one a couple of years ago. I think it was called Loved Relentlessly. I need to go sniff that one and see if I still love it. I bought a couple of sampler perfume sets from Nordstrom last year and I really like a Juliette Has a Gun brand scent. I hate to spend money on perfumes but I really value good smells; I’m weird like that.

Best budget tips for updating your wardrobe?

Quality, not quantity. I am really trying to learn this! Look on Pinterest in addition to the tips I gave above. If you want to wear a white blouse and cut off shorts all spring long, then hunt for the best quality and fit you can afford/find. I have gotten into the trap of buying not quite right things and keeping them and then continuing on the hunt and buying more. It would be much better to wait on an item that is a 10.

Do you think you will be wearing dresses this spring?

I would like to? It will depend on what spring looks like. I think swing dresses and kimonos are great teacher clothes for me. If I am virtual I probably won’t wear them. I would like to have a couple of dresses that make me feel great, are the perfect length, and that I want to wear. Dresses are harder for me to find than skirts and tops.

I bought this dress but I’m not sure I like how it looks on me. I think the print is fabulous! I have a few more days to think about it and I may return it.

I am so anxious to read what everyone else wrote about spring fashion!

I can smell spring in the air!


12 thoughts on “Monthly Musings – Spring Fashion Essentials

  1. I find it really hard to find a good, professional looking dress. I need to keep hunting for one because I would love to wear them. I like your ideas of adding patterns and colours through smaller accessories.


    1. Oh gosh – I have not had one in years. My work environment has gotten more casual so the only dresses I wear to work are knit swing dresses. Maybe check JC penney? They seem to still have work attire.


  2. Your fashion advice is great! I need to do better about looking atvwhat I already own. I started buying a few rollerballs so I can have different scents to chose from and it is not so expensive. I love spring fashion too! I just love those white boots on you.


    1. Thank you so much! It’s a constant struggle to be happy with what I own. I love the little roller balls and always forget about that option. Thank you – I am stepping out of my comfort zone in the boots but I like them so much!


  3. Great post! Even though I hate doing it, I try to clear out my closet in March, so I know what “holes” I have before buying new items. I have a couple dresses that I bought early last year for spring/Easter that I haven’t worn yet…which blows my mind! Can’t wait to wear them once the weather gets warmer


  4. This is a fun post – I will have to visit their link up and check out the others. My advice on the dress – if you have any doubt, return it. You can always buy it again but once the return window closes that option is off the table. From many years of making similar mistakes I know that if I start doubting the way something looks on me, I’ll most likely not wear it and it will end up in my donate pile!


    1. Thank you! It is a good link up and a topic I am currently obsessed with! I have come to the same conclusion. I also took a picture and I just do not love it or the fabric. It is not an everyday fabric. Thank you for the validation!


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