Thursday, January 21, 2021

No, it is not too early to talk spring trends! If you are like me, you are trying to be happy wearing your winter clothes – with the occasional purchase of something to help you make it through until spring!

I started doing “research” to see what is on the radar for spring. Did I ever tell you that I tracked every single clothing purchase I made for several years? It was enlightening! At the end of the year I would see what I wore that most, look for patterns in my “bad” purchases, and learn from my mistakes. In doing so, I found that I bought the most in March and September for the change of seasons into spring and fall. I became a much better shopper when I looked at my yearly clothing purchases.

I cannot guarantee this will be my last spring fashion post!

Now, before I ever buy anything for the next season, I look at what I have. It is funny how you can quickly forget what is in your closet.

Here are the trends I saw and my thoughts:

Suit jackets – oversized shoulders – nope, not for me. I do not need to oversize my shoulders. I would like a knit suit jacket, maybe? I think I could go for something with some stretch. Let me know if you see anything like this.

Black Face Masks – nope. And, isn’t it sad that this is considered a spring trend? I have invested way more money in masks than I care to admit. I have my favorites and they are my Pomchies brand. I love these so much. I am curious about the Kitsch brand, though. I wish someone out there had a Pomchie and a Kitsch. Why do those both sound like diseases? Lol!

Head Scarfs – I love this idea. I do not have many small silk scarves but I am trying to do some different hair styles and I could try this one. I did steal a white bandana from my son. It is very new and stiff and has not been washed yet.

Easter Egg Pastels – Yes! I love color!

Yellow Handbags– Yes! Color, again! I actually have one in mind. This is a designer dupe. I need to find the source but I think it was $41. I don’t know why the photo is bad, but you get the idea.

Pops of Blue – Cornflower Blue and Lighter Blue Colors – Yes!

Tapestry Coats – nope! I appreciate them on other people but I am not really interested in this.

White Knee High Boots – I can see a shorter bootie or a cowboy vibe in white.

Yellow with Camel – I think I would like this! I have this old sweater. I love yellow.

Handbags with Fringe – I love fringe and I have these black and camel crossbody purses that I was thinking were out of style. Too much?

Florals – Head to Toe Flowers Included – I like a floral but I am not sure about head to toe. I hope these florals are still in style.

Holes in Odd Places to show some skin – Didn’t we do this? The cold shoulder tops of a few years ago? How odd of a place are we talking? A shirt with a hole that just shows your elbow? Is that odd enough? What about a hole that shows your right bottom rib?

Feathers – Yes! Give me all the feathers! Well, I like a feather print and some feather accesories. I guess it would depend.

White – Love white! Get you a Clorox pen, though.

Wide Leg Pants – Do my Matilda Janes count? I think you have to be careful about your footwear with a wide leg! I like this, though. The wide leg jeans look so cute on lots of people!

Sheer Layers – No, thank you! I guess I would have to see this but it scares me.

What is on my wish list:

red clogs – I know, I know. I had a red sandal obsession this summer.

yellow shoes – not sure what type yet or if I need these!

rain clogs – Hunters!

more Savanna Jane tops

Birkenstocks – not sure what type/color

the yellow purse from above or something similar

something cornflower blue

What trends are you trying?


12 thoughts on “Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

  1. I love the purses with fringe (so pretty!) and rain clogs (so cute!) I’m not trendy at all. The clothes with random holes…so funny! I have one light weight open shoulder sweater…I like it but it’s an odd feeling.

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    1. Thanks! They were from a consignment store (one of them) and on super sale. I used them for Bourbon and Beyond and just anytime I was shopping. I had a few cold shoulders but got rid of them. It is an odd feeling! I am trendy with accessories and a few things. I’m really trying to only do age appropriate, body type appropriate, and ones that feel like me. I do like seeing what’s coming out in stores. That’s fun to me. I need to do a mall
      walk sometime!


  2. I was in the mall last week, and there was a lot of YELLOW! Not a fan. In fact, I am not sure I could jump on any of these trends, except head scarves…I have been wearing those for a few years anyway. It is fun to dream about spring, though. 🙂

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    1. Give me all the yellow! Haha! You look so cute in a head scarf and I actually thought of you when I was thinking about the trend!
      It is fun to dream about spring!


  3. Oh, spring… Can’t wait!! But it’s not even February yet, and spring definitely doesn’t start until April up here… I look forward to colors coming back into fashion. I love pastels! I saw a picture with beige pants, mint green sweater and crispy white sneakers… Lovely!
    Of course you can have those fringe bags! Cool! Flowers, yes, but I sometimes feel to girly in flowers…

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    1. Me either! I know – we will have some warm days but March and April can be cold. I love color, too. I am hoping the crisp white sneakers stay in style for a long time!
      Thank you for letting me keep my fringe!
      I sometimes feel too girly in flowers, too.


  4. As a blue eyed blonde, give me all things blue!!! My favorite color on myself. And also as a blue eyed blonde, no to yellow! A lot of the things on your list are giving me ’90’s vibes–been there, done that! Have you seen the chunky sole shoes that are on trend for spring/summer? Straight out of the ’90’s. Although, I could definitely still rock a ditsy floral dress and my Doc’s!!! LOL!!

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    1. I bet it looks great on you. I love yellow and I think blondes look great in yellow! I guess it depends on skin tone. My friend said the mall is full of yellow so I plan to scout it out this weekend. Oh yeah, lots of 90s. I don’t think I can do the chunky sole. I am not a Docs person either. I like the floral dress! I guess never say never, right? Haha!


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