Wednesday, February 24, 2021

We are close enough to the end of February, right? For my January purchases, click here. Linking up today with The Style Six here!

I did pretty well in February!

My Goals: Stop buying things because they are cheap; I really want to get away from fast fashion for the most part. Think about holes in my closet. Think about spring trends that I want to participate in.

Purchase Number One:

Red Clogs. These were from an Etsy shop and I am really happy with the quality. I have mainly worn them around the house as I love a slip on shoe and I love having some support when I am working from home. I am looking forward to wearing these outside of the house! I did wear them to drive somewhere for a curbside pick up, I think!

I bought this Goyard knock off from Goodnight Macaroon. Yellow is a trend for spring and I thought a yellow handbag would be fun.

I bought these awesome unique ankle leggings from Amazon and I want to wear them every day. But, I will say I am trying to show my other pants some love now. These leggings are true to size with a bit of give in my opinion. They feel like butter. They are meant to be athletic and have pockets but you could wear these with a sweater, too, I think. It is now time to stop buying leggings for a while!

One of the holes in my closet is going out tops. I bought this simple black knit top with a banded bottom and a lace detail at the neck. You can adjust the neck as you would like. Now, let’s hope I go out.

Another hole is dresses. I fell in love with this print. I need to try it on again and see how it looks with different shoes. This is Savanna Jane from my local boutique.

And, this is not a purchase, but I cut off my jeans to make them more of an ankle length; they were pooling at my ankles a bit. I think I will trim the white threads for more of a current look. Yes, they are probably considered skinny jeans to go along with my side part, cause I’m old. We get it! The jeans below are Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom from last summer on super sale. Lighter jeans are on trend. I have had good luck with the short length jeans on American Eagle and as I was browsing I noticed lots of what I would call skinny jeans. Check them out!

And, if you clicked on my January purchases, I bought this Savanna Jane blouse in the photo below from my local boutique and these Vionic white cowboy vibe short booties.

I like to test run some outfits for virtual teaching at home. Low stakes, people! I kept the tags on the blouse. I felt fabulous in it. No necklace needed because of the front of the blouse. I did worry that I was carrying the western vibe too far with the blouse and the booties, but what the heck. The booties are super comfy and I could feel them forming to my foot to be even more comfy. The heel height is perfect for me.

I’m gonna give mad props to the fashion bloggers that do their photo shoots with multiple outfits on the daily. This is hard, y’all! The time of day, the lighting, the background, the neighbors – ha!

I feel like the booties call for another pop of white in the upper half of the outfit. I think my poncho needs to be slightly longer? I also think the little bit of white frayed fabric in the jeans ties the booties together.

I kinda felt like a Pioneer Woman plate below. I love this kimono from last fall. I forgot my necklace, but I like this outfit and I would wear it out. I will probably do my white Kendra Scott Rayne to add another pop of white. I also have a turquoise one.

I plan to experiment with skirts and dresses and these booties and then I plan to do some outfits with the red clogs.

What have you been wearing lately?

Any February fashion purchases?

I have a favor to ask… drop me your favorite fashion blogs. I am in need of some new ones to follow.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday + February Purchases

  1. Nice outfits! You look young and chic! The white boots are a dream!
    No, no new purchases for me… (I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing :-D).

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    1. Thank you! They are very white! I hope they turn out to be a good purchase. That’s a good thing because you don’t need more winter stuff! February has gone by fast and that has probably been why you didn’t shop!


  2. I just bought myself a new bag and scarf this week from Vera Bradley but I’m still waiting for them to come in. I hope I like them in person as much as I did online.

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  3. As always, your outfits are so fun! I love the white boots. I’ve cut the bottoms off a few of my jeans. I bought a $18 pair of boy friend jeans from old navy and I’m thinking of cutting some holes in the knee…I’ve never done that before but I feel like the material needs broken up a bit since they aren’t skinny jeans which is what I’m used to ?

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    1. Thank you! I feel like I’m sewing or some fashion designer when I cut my jeans! Go to Pinterest for methods to do that and I think you should go for it! Look at the American Eagle jean styles, too! I get that – a little something might make them look more in line with what you are used to. The dark jeans I have on in the photos are actually pull on Hue brand. I forgot to mention that.
      Show us your jeans when you are done!

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  4. I am with you on getting over the fast fashion, I am trying to quit that business myself! I have been loving dresses lately and I am ready for spring. I haven’t worn my white booties all year and you are reminding me that I need to. I like the new blouse with the booties and don’t think it’s too much western at all. As for photographing multiple outfits in a day? It is utterly exhausting. The app Golden Hour is perfect for figuring out the perfect time to do photos but you gotta move fast!

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    1. Yes! I need to get comfortable with a slightly higher price point! I am trying the booties with dresses and skirts next! There really is an app for everything! I would love to have an album of my outfits for me to quickly get dressed. Sounds like lots of work!


  5. You look marvelous! I bought an Anthropologie top years ago, had 20%off but still over $100 and it is so good. I have not regretted buying it at all. I can dress it up and down and remember this when shopping. I went to Costco last week and did not buy any clothes or shoes! That’s a win for me. Went through my closets, yes plural, and got rid of some items and seeing what I have to wear already. I cut some jeans too and love the updated look. You really rock those outfits! I caved and got some more workout type shorts, shirts from Old Navy this month. Yikes!


    1. Thank you Christa! That is so kind! So, that top was worth it for you! I love that! I want to buy Costco clothes and I stop myself usually. I know some people have good luck with them but not usually good for me. I love taking something old and making it new! Old Navy is tempting!


  6. You’ve got a great eye for style! Here are some of the bloggers I go to on Instagram for inspiration.


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  7. I actually wore some old Old Navy boyfriend jeans today…..along with an old Target popover cute top. My normal daily uniform is Vuori joggers and a Athleta tee. So soft on both accounts. Your white boots are so cute! Loved all your looks! I feel like I need to wear jeans at least once per week. I have a lunch date tomorrow and Friday. WHO AM I! and one MONDAY! WHOA!


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