Tuesday, October 20, 2020

No, my title is not a typo! Did anyone used to read the blog of the same name? Did you know Cara now has a direct sales company? (I think direct sales sometimes gets a bad rap but if it is a quality product it is the small business of its representatives. )

So, a few weeks ago my college friend Jennie was hosting a party for this company – an online party via Facebook. I joined in – what the heck? I like makeup! I like spending money on the internet! I am a little bored! Just kidding – but I listened and read and watched some of the videos that were being posted.

Basically it is a contouring for dummies system of makeup. I had never really been that into contouring and I always envisioned a Kardashian when I thought of this. But, if you are a faithful reader of mine (thank you!), you know how I feel about my recent discovery of cream blush, cream eyeshadow, cream everything. Who wants powder settling in their fine lines?

This is what the system looks like.

First you take a photo of your face in natural light and then your artist comes up with a palette for you. The colors look weird and the dark one you may freak out over.

They come in these cute little tins and if you buy four you get the compact for free. Below you see that this works for both cheek and lip! I have not used it for lips. I am only using this for my foundation/instead of foundation and blush.

Naked face:

First you start with your darkest color – you put it at your hairline, right under your cheekbone and right along your jawline. It kind of resembles the number 3. You also do either side of your nose.

Then you use your lighter color (the first one in my palette) and do a stripe under the dark hairline, under the cheekbone stripe, under eye, and on chin.

Then you do blush. By the way, I hope none of my neighbors were concerned. I kept going in and out of the house taking selfies.

Then you blend with their brush or I just used my Beauty Blender egg shaped sponge.

Below is the final result. I also added my own eye stuff and lip stuff and brow gel.

The tins are really reasonably priced. My entire palette of 4 tins came to under $50.

This is an artist who did half of her face.

And here is Jennie:

If you are interested in learning more, Jennie became an artist after having her party! That is how much she fell in love with it. They do also have eye products and skin care products and more, but I only know about the face contour system.


or email her at jennielamothe@yahoo.com

Jennie did not ask me to write this – in fact she knew nothing of my blog. But, when I told her I was writing about it (and that I had a blog!), she offered to open up a hostess rewards party for me, so if you do order from her I may receive some free or discounted items. I just wanted to fully disclose that.

Have you heard of this? I hope you liked hearing about it. I am really enjoying doing my face this way. I hope to get the brush and the setting spray next.


8 thoughts on “Maskcara

  1. This is crazy,I have been thinking of trying this. I know a few influencer friends who sell it. I’ve had my colors done but I wasn’t sure if it would work on my oily skin. Did you buy the brush to apply it? I told my one friend that when my current make up runs out I’ll give it a try.
    It looks great on you!

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    1. I think it is starting to take the country by storm! Lol! I do not have the brush yet. I need the setting spray or the setting “powder” – don’t think it’s a normal powder. It feels so light on your skin but I really think it makes my face look better! For under $50 I didn’t think I had much to lose. I also want to add the bronzer – didn’t know they had that. My sponge is working fine but I think it will be even better with the brush!


    1. I do! I really think it’s great! And I am cheap and don’t like to spend much. I do need a setting spray or powder. Jennie will help you or just talk to you with no obligation. She is awesome!


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