Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Reposting this from almost exactly one year ago! Yesterday was National Margarita Day so I had to make one!

Hope you like it!

As the weather starts to warm up my drink preference changes. I want something lighter and one of those lighter drinks is a margarita. I will sometimes make one when we are having Mexican food.

Are you ready for the best recipe ever?


white tequila (I really like Trader Joe tequila and the price is great)

half of a stick of Crystal Light lemonade powder or True Lemon – I will buy the True brand from now on but had to use this up

a splash of lime juice – I just keep a bottle in the fridge for recipes


Start with one shot of tequila in the bottom of your glass and add half of the stick of lemonade powder. Mix up with spoon. Add splash of lime, ice cubes and then fill to top with Fresca. You could also fancy it up with a slice of lime.

Please let me know if you try it! You will never want a syrupy sweet marg from a restaurant again!


P.S. – It is Taco Tuesday if you want to make this tonight! Ha!

15 thoughts on “The Best Low Cal Margarita

  1. Looks very good and fresh, but I’m so boring… I almost always drink white wine – with soda if I’m adventurous!
    Taco Tuesday – great! In Sweden it’s also Semmeldagen, google “semla” for a picture of this very Swedish (February) treat!

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      1. Yum! That sounds good, too. I just really like Fresca and I like all of my cocktails to have a bit of carbonation. Now I’m dreaming of sitting on my patio instead of going to school! Have a great day!


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