Wednesday, February 9, 2021

Linking up with The Style Six right here! Did you read about my stylish sister yesterday? If not check that out when you’re done here!

Confession: I tend to get a bit obsessive about an item. I decide I might want a certain piece and then I look on Pinterest or Google said fashion item. I imagine how it will work in my wardrobe and how I will wear it.

Exhibit A: the red clog.

I have actually been thinking about them for a couple of years. I was open to many different brands and styles of red clogs.

Black pants, white top, red clogs. The pop of color really elevates the look in my opinion.

Jeans and a white top. Everyone has that, right? The clogs add that pop of color again and just take it from two pieces of clothing to an outfit, in my opinion.

I am intrigued by this white on white look for spring. Frayed white jeans and a white blouse with the bold statement of red.

And, these are the actual ones I decided upon. I went with genuine Swedish clogs from Etsy for $47. I am super pleased with their quality.

And, one outfit from this week…

I wore the Amazon sweater, black leggings, and the clogs!

What say you? Would you wear red clogs? Is there an item you are currently obsessing over?


23 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I am like a dog with a bone when I get something in my mind. I can’t rest until I scour every inch of the internet looking for it. Right now my obsession is hot pink pumps. I am praying Walking Cradles will make some for spring – fingers crossed! I have not worn clogs before but I love the pop of color the red adds to outfits!

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    1. Same here! Hot pink pumps would be quite a pop of color! Clogs are very comfortable to me but it might depend on your foot and arch. I love a shoe that is easy to slip on!


    1. Clogs are the best! I don’t know if I have seen yours? I am really happy with my new red clogs and I have worn them every day since I got them which is the true test for me! I want your leopard ones, too! Ayyy!


  2. Those red clogs look great! And you got them at a fair price – they are absolutely not cheaper over here. I would absolutely wear them! Maybe I should get a pair for summer. My husband is alway jealous when I just put my feet in my clogs in the cabin, while he has to work on his shoestrings… I guess I’ll have to order a pair for him too, but maybe not in red…
    Well I’m still obsessed with my dr Marten’s and wear them a l l t h e t I m e ! They are warm, but not too warm to wear in school, that is a big plus.


    1. Thank you and I thought the price was really good. I may get another color from the same company if that tells you anything! I cannot with the shoestrings most days!
      Yes, get him some man clogs! Red would make him look like a gnome!
      I hate my feet getting hot! I cannot deal!


      1. Gnome! Haha!
        Hot feet, bah! I took my extremely warm winter boots the other day and forgot I didn’t have any shoes to change into at school… it ended with me walking around in my socks – classy!

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      2. Lol! I almost always have a change of shoes in my room. I just keep a pair of Birkenstocks there. I forgot what that was like to need shoes to teach in!


  3. Wow, I love your red clogs! Red is my favorite color and a pop of color is always a good idea. I may have to get a pair! Did you go with your true to size or size up? I’m a size 7 with a slight wide foot – thanks for sharing the Etsy shop too!


    1. Thank you Gaby! If red is your fave color, you must get them! I am an 8 in sandals and an 8.5 in flats usually. I went with the 38 because I read they run big. So I think a 38 is like a 7.5 or 8. I would say you should go with a 37? As I was looking in my closet I cannot believe how much they work with – I have a lot of things with just a touch of red. Also, I think they look fab with olive green!


  4. Hello! We are in a deep freeze for another week and it started on Friday! Boots over here. I love clogs and remember getting my first pair in 6th grade and being able to wear nylons for the first time. I think it was for my piano recital? I still wear clogs and am adding these to my list. I have a pair of black Earth ones I found consignment. Yes, I obsess. I was doing it fall 2019 into 2020 with a Polene bag. I never got it and hope to find one on eBay. My love of shoes is a bit much according to my husband.

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    1. Oh goodness! Boots would be necessary or I just wouldn’t leave the house much! I have always loved clogs. Consignment finds are the best. I looked up Polene bags – had not heard of them. Very pretty! Same here!


  5. I have brown clogs, black clogs and REALLY wanting to know how you feel about your new red clogs!!!! How did your feet feel at the end of the day? If you LOVE them, then I am buying myself a pair!!!
    You are SO darling!!!!!

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    1. So you are my clog sister! Well, I can’t speak about an all day situation since I’m working from home. They aren’t Danskos but I found the Dansko clogs to be heavy when I had them. I do love them but haven’t worn outside of house for more than a short trip! Lol!
      Thank you so much!


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