Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Remember my “Fashionable Friends” post with Beth? Well, today I have “Stylish Sister”with my sister Kate! Sorry for my cheesy blog titles, by the way.

Kate is three years younger than me. She is talented, smart, witty, and stylish. If she weren’t my sister I would want her to be my friend. When she was born I yelled, “I hate her! Take her back!” but I am glad that my parents didn’t “take her back”. We are very different as far as personality goes, but I talk to her four to five times a week and we also share the same sense of humor. It is rare when we don’t laugh during one of our phone calls and she is also a great listener. Both of my sisters and I have some of my Dad’s traits, but the older Kate gets the more I see the calm, listening side of my Dad, followed by either a witty or astute comment.

Kate and I have some similarities in style. I will let you see for yourself and let me know what you think. The rest of the regular font will be Kate’s words and my thoughts will be in italics.

Kate says:

I teach elementary art, so my wardrobe is super casual. I need to be able to move freely. Since I’m on the move all day long, I get hot and wear layers that I can shed. I have a lot of open front sweaters and thin casual jackets for this reason. I don’t spend much money on single items of clothing because I will inevitably spill paint, but I do have a lot of clothes. I like to have choices for the colorful mixing and matching.

Kate, I want this necklace! I actually have something a bit similar, but this is stunning and makes the outfit! I also have these earrings! Kate uses my rule of three – always have three items on to make it look more pulled together, like an “outfit”.

I don’t have separate choices for work and other – that’s too much planning. When I analyzed my closet, I found these main categories:

-casual jackets

-button down blouses

-black tops of varying styles and fabrics


-casual dresses that can be layered with tight pants

Example of a black top with jeans:

Kate is very hip in her Rhianna boots; I asked her if she had been shopping at the Sesame Street yard sale. She loves them and they are very “her”. I bet the elementary kids think they are cool!

I usually wear jeans or jean-like pants.

Here is my variety:

My favorites are the two-tone jeans at the bottom. Believe it or not, I got them at Meijer about three years ago! I only go there about once a year, but I also found the olive green jumper that will be shown further down this post, for only $6.98!

I absolutely love my polka dot jeans from Kohl’s. They elevate a simple jeans with black top outfit. I like jeans with a design along the outer seams for the same reason.

These yellow jeans are so cute and qualify as the Pantone color of 2021!

This totally looks like my type of outfit!

The Meijer olive green jumper for $6.98:

She can do neutrals, too, but I like all of the color the best!

I have tons of button down shirts. You can see here that I might be obsessed with the bird print. I also have a group of florals and a group of stripes.

My problem area is my stomach and I feel button downs hide that a little. They are also great for layering and when you pair a button down with jeans, you still look a little put together.

Lately I’ve been into one piece jumpers. You can wear things over or under them. I have some sleeveless ones from Target and Old Navy, both from the active wear section. I personally don’t think they look like active wear.

Well, I’m exhausted after this fashion show. Who knew blogging was such hard work? I wasn’t too excited about photographing myself, but my mom always taught us that you can’t tell what something looks like on a hanger.

Kate’s Favorite Stores:

I don’t usually “go shopping” for specific items. I’m always on the lookout for interesting pieces, whether I’m at Target for groceries or picking up something for my kids. My most frequented stores are probably TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Kate is also not a big online shopper; she likes to see things in person and touch the fabrics and I think she sees clothing with an artist’s perspective!

What do you think? Which is your favorite outfit of Kate’s?

Thank you to my stylish sister,


17 thoughts on “Stylish Sister

  1. Your sister is so stylish, and her shoe game is 💯! I love the striped cardigan. (& I love what you said about her looking at clothing with an artist’s perspective) I love her neutral outfit too! This is such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I bet elementary kids love her! I remember my elementary art teacher- Mrs Darata. She always wore lots of color and big necklaces! I hope you like the leggings 🙂


    1. I know, right? I think her students must love her style and look forward to seeing her clothes. I think I was used to all of the attention. She still lets me have most of it!


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