Thursday, April 1, 2021

How is it April? Or, how is it not April already? I am not sure how I feel? I am on Spring Break this week!

One of the things I was most looking forward to on my first empty nester break was a visit from my sister. We don’t often have the same break (she is a teacher, too!) and I invited her to come for a couple of days. It is rare when husbands and kids aren’t around, so this was something different. She arrived around 4:00 on Monday afternoon and I had a small charcuterie plate and lemondrop martinis ready to go.

We sat outside on the deck in the awesome weather and chatted. We talk on the phone maybe 5 times a week but we hadn’t talked in a few days so there were lots of things to get caught up on.

Tom came home from work and the three of us had dinner at the dining room table inside. I made spinach salad, hasselback potatoes, and chicken.

Then, Kate tried on this jumpsuit that was our great aunt’s. I guess she would have worn it in the 60s or 70s? She was super fashionable and glamorous and she and her husband never had children. This was given to me by my third cousin last Saturday. She had several pieces of clothing that she had inherited and showed them to my mom, aunt, and I. She offered a piece and I picked this for Kate.

We watched some t.v. and talked some more after dinner. I had not had an overnight guest for over a year so it was new and different. Kate is fully vaccinated, too.

Tuesday morning I made mimosas, everything breakfast potatoes (potatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning), sausage squares, and low carb egg casserole with green chilies. And, we also had some Trader Joe’s raspberry kringle. Breakfast dessert, you know?

Outfit of the day for me.

Outfit of the day for Kate. Check out her fashion here if you didn’t see it before.

She splurged on these booties this winter. They are a sister brand of Birkenstock she thinks, called Papillio. She absolutely loves them. She has really high arches and needs a bit of a heel for comfort. I think my best heel height is slightly lower. I think this is important to keep in mind when finding your perfect comfort level – arches.

We went to Dollar Tree to get some Easter basket stuff mainly for her and then to two consignment stores. I have a post planned to show you what we found. Kate majorly scored and I found one thing!

I offered to sit on a patio somewhere because it was another beautiful and perfect spring day, but Kate is happy with my patio and my cooking, which is nice.

I made caprese sandwiches and we had goat cheese spread, guacamole and plantain chips (remember I got all of this for my friends the weekend before, too?), and Kate said it was just as good as if not better than a restaurant. That compliment will get you anything, friends! Lol!

We rested on the patio for a bit because the shopping took it out of us. Then, around 4:00, we went to take a tour of Jack and Mason’s college. Mason has class until 5:45, so only Jack was available. The sun was really bright here.

Kate enjoyed seeing it because she had never been there before.

Then, we met Tom for Cuban food! I only got a photo of some of the food, but I had shrimp and

some yucca.

We came home, sat on the patio again for a bit, and then went in to watch some tv. I think I got Kate hooked on New Girl. She had never seen it before.

Kate left early Wednesday morning because she needed to be home to pick up her daughter.

It was a great visit! I had a long list of places to go, but we ran out of time!

Thanks for reading,


19 thoughts on “Sister Visit

  1. That sounds wonderful! And now I really feel like I need to call my sister; it has been far too long since we’ve talked on the phone and even longer since we’ve seen each other.

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  2. Love the recap on your sister time!!! SO FUN!! The jumper was adorable on her!
    You are quite the hostess! I love all your recipes! I would LOVE to have somewhere that I can click to go right to your recipes!!! I bet that’s hard to add? I am NOT techie!!
    Best wishes to you on Monday when you head back to school!! I’ve been teaching face to face in the classroom with my kindergarten class for about 2 months. The masks are getting OLD!!!! We have microphones/headsets to use. They work GREAT!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you! I think at this point that I would have to hire someone to put my recipes in an index? Maybe this summer I can learn how to do it. I do have a new search bar where you can put in a recipe name but it’s still not as user friendly as I would like. I search my own sometimes, too!
      I did not buy a microphone yet. I am nervous! I don’t think I should have to wear a mask since I’m fully vaccinated and can be 10-12 feet away. New CDC data says fully vaccinated can’t spread virus!
      You are a trooper! Thank you Michelle!!!!


  3. So lucky to have a sister! I had 3 brothers. I love thrift/consignment shopping and can’t wait to see your finds. I accidentally? Brought home 2 t-shirt tops from Costco this week. The consignment shop closest to me is moving a bit farther away in the next two weeks, which may be good, but they have a pair of sandals that are my size and I really want them. I have a high arch too and will check out that brand. So glad you had nice weather for touring and patio sitting! Happy Easter.

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    1. Yes I am! I have another one, too and really enjoy her company, as well. My sister did the best with her finds. I resisted even looking at Costco clothes yesterday! I know they have some good things but I think I need to resist. The weather makes so much difference in my mood and what I feel like doing! Happy Easter to you!!!


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