Monday, February 8, 2021

Linking up with Heather, Tanya, and others here!

How was your weekend? Mine was good! I spent some of the end of last week and the weekend getting ready for V Day! Yes, I am going to celebrate it; I will celebrate any and all little holidays because it just makes life more fun! I got to see one boy! I got to see some friends!

Let’s go back to Thursday afternoon…

I had been trying to get together with my sweet friend Jessica for quite a while. We tried to go to the heated tent but they closed it. So, we had a drink and appetizers inside. Now, I will say I am going to stay away from indoors for a while longer.

The show stopper of the appetizers!

We both love spinach and artichoke dip and this was a unique version served with toast. I think we both like a more traditional one with chips.

I tried a cocktail with peanut butter bourbon and it was really good!

Jess tried something with blackberry jam and Tito’s. I thought it sounded good, too!

We met at 4:00 and left at 5:30 I think. It was so nice. Even though we were inside, we were quite far away from others. Still, after not eating inside in so many months, it felt weird!

Friday I taught but during my lunch I ran to TJ Maxx. Usually I stay home for lunch break because it is pretty tight and I have to get ready for my next classes. I had needed handsoaps for the bathrooms and wanted to see what they had.

I got three nice soaps for now and…

we needed chocolate and I needed deoderant.

A Rae Dunn St. Patrick’s Day decor piece also came home with me!

And, I needed a new counter cleaner and they had a St. Patrick’s Day handsoap. I left very happy with all of my purchases.

After the school day was over I had to go in the grocery and get some of my Valentine’s present supplies and some weekend food and I had a library curbside pickup.

Friday night we went to Tom’s sister’s boat business for their winter boat show. Normally there is a giant boat show with other dealers in the expo center but they couldn’t do it this year due to Covid. Instead, they had an in-house show with catered food, a bar, a bourbon tasting table, and a band.

It felt very “normal” and my two college besties and their husbands also came.

Saturday morning I went to my favorite little market called “Paul’s Fruit Market” and they had lots of cans of green chilies! Why didn’t I try there? And, I bought supplies to make a Tik Tok recipe. My sister Molly is 7 years younger and maybe more hip. She has a Tik Tok and has sent me a couple of recipes.

This involves cherry tomatoes, pasta, and feta – and olive oil and seasonings. OMG! I may do a separate post, but just in case you can’t wait – here you go. By the way, I only made about a 1/3 portion of it for me for lunch on Saturday. Tom was bike riding and I was home alone.

Throw a container of cherry tomatoes in a Pyrex with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Top with a block of feta cheese and bake at 400 for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and add any herbs you want like oregano or basil or whatever. I skipped this step.

Pour just boiled hot pasta on top of the mixture and mix all together.

I can’t wait to make it again and it was restaurant quality!

I also tried my hand at bakery style sugar cookies Saturday afternoon:

My frosting got a bit out of hand but they were and are delish! I put them in the freezer.

Then, Jack came home around 4! We watched Gilmore Girls, then ate dinner with Tom and watched a show Tom also would like. I made my Soup Sunday soup – white chicken chili and made a burrito bowl for Jack.

Sunday morning I woke to just a bit of snow.

I drank my coffee, did meal prep, and

started this new book because I loved the two K.A.Tucker books I read in 2020.

I am working on V Day gifts for the boys and Mason’s roommate. I still haven’t decided what Tom and I will do or if we will give gifts? He forgot he had a gift card in his wallet to a nice restaurant so maybe we will do carry-out from there some night this week.

How was your weekend? Any highlights? Are you over winter?


23 thoughts on “Hello Monday; it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

    1. You should try the pasta! It would actually be great for V day! I think I will post about the cookies because they are so good – they use powdered sugar rather than granulated.
      It felt good to get out but I have some worry about going to too many places, you know? Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. I love the St Pat’s decoration! I always change my hand soaps with the season. By March, I transition peppermint to lemons! Haha same with candles, I guess! I’m not over winter and hope we get one more good snow. This week’s weather looks dicey…and I’m not here for the ice. Just snow. Otherwise, bring on spring once March hits. Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! I am all about the citrus in spring, too! Did you see two of my soaps are lemon? I hate ice! I can deal with snow. Yes, we have something potentially happening this week and a really cold weekend, I think. I want both boys to come home but I cannot be a needy college mama.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And …I saw your lemon soaps…that’s what made me think of it. Right now we are still using up “winter,” “sparkling snow,” and “vanilla bean Noel” before I bust out lemon 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I’m over Winter. We’re supposed to get a polar vortex here in Texas starting tomorrow! I’m ready for some new seasonal soaps and candles. I heard this one from Target smells really good

    I’ve seen that Tik Tok via Instagram and want to try it out! Have you heard about Croffles? It’s a waffle/croissant that you cook in one of those mini Dash waffle makers. You can use frozen croissants from Whole Foods (not sure if you have these stores near you). Simply place the frozen crossaint in the waffle maker & voila you have a Croffle! Make it festive and use a heart shape mini dash waffle maker. I bet you could use the croissants from Pilsbury too. It’s super easy and I bet your boys would like it!


    1. I hope this is our last weather event! We can often get snow in March, too, though. We have the same polar vortex I think!
      OOH – I will look at that candle. I want all the citrus in the spring!
      I have heard of doing things in the mini dash. I tried to buy one and they were out at Target so I got a big Belgian one! That sounds really good – I only heard about using the muffin mixes in them and not the croissants. That could be dangerous. I wonder about the chocolate croissants from Traders?


  3. I remember how weird it felt when we were allowed to dine indoors too – now all of our restaurants are open and it feels like nothing. We still enjoy dining outside but that’s because the weather is good right now and soon we won’t be able to so we take advantage as much as we can!
    That pasta dish sounds so good!


    1. We do have 50% dining indoors and it has been like that since end of November, but I have been more cautious. I love dining outside but we have to wait for a bit warmer day to do so right now! Some restaurants have stopped using their patios, too. Oh well, it will be spring soon I hope!


  4. Yes, I am so over winter; I’d guess we have close to 2 feet outside now and another storm on the radar for tomorrow morning! I made my Valentine cards this weekend and wrapped up my gifts so I should be all set save for the dinner I’ll make on Sunday.

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    1. You get it bad, too! I like snow once or twice and then I’m done! Hope it isn’t too bad for you tomorrow. You are organized! I guess you have to be if weather hits!


  5. That pretzel…yum! Also the pasta looks delicious and easy! We try to eat outside when possible, and agree with Kellyann’s comment that it does feel weird to eat inside after so long not doing it. I’m enjoying our winter, because it really is the best weather here in Tx. Have a wonderful week!

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  6. I TOTALLY want to make that pasta dish!!!! I saw it on Instagram and wondering if it was good!!

    Your cookies are darling!!! Good for you on making those on Saturday!

    I got my first COVID vaccination shot on Friday, so Saturday I was chill and layed low. My arm was super swollen and in pain. I’m SOOO thankful I got my first shot!!

    I am totally making your breakfast dish soon!! I have my zuchinnis ready!! And my green chilies!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try the pasta! I think you will like it! I am wondering what meat I could add.
      My arm was hardly sore at all. I’m worried about second shot! Did you have Pfizer or Moderna? Wondering if it matters re. side effects? I had Moderna.
      I hope you like the breakfast!


  7. I will definitely try the pasta! But I want protein with my meals, so maybe chicken?
    I’m SO over winter! But it is beautiful here in Stockholm! Clear skies and a lot of snow!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sausage would be perfect! Do you know chorizo? Spicy, garlic… you could also sauté some squash? God, I’m hungry…


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