Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Linking up with The Style Six here today! Did you catch my blog post “What’s Saving You Right Now?” yesterday? Well, another thing that is saving me is…dreaming of spring and spring fashions!


That darned groundhog! We have had snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, cold temperatures, and zero sun for the last week and a half. I could not be more tired of my winter clothes coupled with my WFH attire! Ha! I have no interest in adding any more winter clothes to my closet so that’s good!

Rainboots work for most of my snow needs here in Kentucky. I have tall black Hunters that are 12 years old and these fun yellow short ones that are a few years old. I stand by the quality of Hunter boots! Ernie loves the snow. It makes him so happy when you walk him in the snow.

So, I haven’t been in many stores lately, but for some reason this Free People clog dupe popped up in my Instagram feed from Cabela’s? Say what? I love this style and think it would work really well for our spring and fall. $39! Wow! I am a bit worried about the wood looking cheap?

Then, I started digging on their website. Remember that my sister says she doesn’t really “shop”? She just finds interesting things when she is out and about sometimes. I found lots of popular sandal styles on the website at really good prices. Bonus: maybe your husband loves Cabela’s and you can trick him into going with you?

I have this sandal in black. Mine are the brand Soda from Amazon.

This style was really popular last summer.

I have the OTBX from a consignment store that looks similar in style. Mine are metallic gold.

Look at this next deal! I think I need these! At first I hated the white sole trend, but now I like it; it looks really fresh and current.

I will let you know if I jump on any of the Cabela’s deals.

I am really thinking about these! I like the clear. Lisa has these!

And, I want this Anthro bag in black! It’s so cute!

So, here I am wearing tired winter clothes but dreaming of spring!

What do you want to add to your spring wardrobe?


14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – Dreaming of Spring

  1. You’re wrong – it’s 30 days left until spring! 😀 I’m so tired of winter! There hasn’t been any new snow lately so everything is so dirty and sloppy/soppy…
    I love it that you’re looking at sandals! That is actually one of my favorite post from you: this year’s sandals! Since I’m living in a country where you can only wear sandals 3 months a year, I have always been addicted to cool sandals! Last year I bought white Birkenstock copies, super fresh with tanned feet!
    For spring clothes I have bought a beige knitted slipover (wearing it right now with a white t-shirt and jeans) and blank tights with slits – both of them are The Thing for Spring over here. (You can borrow my rhyme if you want to :-D)


    1. I know! I snapped that picture a few days ago and forgot to say that! I hate when the snow remains and looks so gross. Thank you! I need to do a more comprehensive sandal post. I love them! I can’t picture your new items. I have not seen anything like that here.


  2. Ready for spring too even though we haven’t gotten any of the crazy weather. Just some cold! I am looking to add some colorful interesting short sleeve tops and maybe a couple pairs of shoes: would like a pair of espadriles, a pair of striped sandals (mine bit the dust last year or year before) and a pair of red sandals.

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    1. I’m always ready for spring! I get the most wear out of knit tops with interesting details. Loft is a good source but so many places have them now. Target Universal Thread, too, could be a source. I need espadrilles! They are so chic. I think they are perfect for that time between spring and summer especially. I bought red Dr. Scholls and red Saltwaters last year and I love them. It surprised me how many things work with red!


  3. I had a pair of black/cork Natural Reflections sandals years ago in Alaska. I wore them like 7 times in two years lol. They were comfy but eventually started to go out of style so I probably donated them.
    That Anthro bag is PERFECT.


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