Friday, January 22, 2021

How was your week? Four day weeks always seem longer to me and I was confused about what day it was all week long! Were you confused, too? I am linking up today for Friday Favorites right here!

So, Monday was a day off as we observed MLK Day. I tackled some areas of my 30 Bags Challenge (I am cleaning out 30 areas in my house – supposed to do one per day in January, but I am moving slowly).

I tackled this drawer. I take the rolls out of the boxes and I take the baggies out of the boxes, too. I sent all of the takeout plastic cutlery back to college with the boys. I try not to get them from the restaurants but sometimes they give them to you anyway.

Before: I had already removed all of the plastic wrap, parchment, foil, and wax paper so it did look way worse. Even though I am moving slowly, it is always a favorite to get more organized and to be able to find things!

Another favorite was walking in the evening with all of this light! It is staying light out until about 6:00 now! I am trying to have dinner ready so I can walk with Tom and Ernie. It feels good to get outside again before it gets dark.

I mixed up a loaf of no-knead bread one morning before classes and let it rise two hours and then baked it to go with dinner. A favorite is being able to do this while working from home!

So, I have gone back to regular coffee and this is really good!

Not a favorite: Update on this sweatshirt that I mentioned Wednesday: It is a very thin material, not a cozy sweatshirt material IMO, the neckline comes up too high for my liking, and it runs about two sizes small. It went back. I am sad because the design is so cute. You may feel differently; if those things don’t bother you, it might work for you!

Who is watching The Bachelor? Matt seems like the most genuine of all time. I am too old for this show but I can’t look away.

Did you read my spring trends post yesterday here? I mentioned wanting a yellow purse for spring! Yellow is a big trend and I love yellow. I have yellow Hunter boots. Easter egg colors are also a trend. Look at this darling Madewell tote at Nordstrom Rack!

And, here is the yellow designer dupe for a Goyard I mentioned yesterday. Which do you like better?

Abby mentioned blueberry biscuits this week here and I guess I have been living under a rock (not going into the grocery much). I did go in this week and I am going to try the chocolate!

I also bought this creamer because I was so impressed with their pumpkin spice in the fall. This is good and I am picky about my creamer.

And, the highlight of my week was a sunny 50 degree afternoon on a patio! I met Beth who did my style post here and it was so nice.

I got a blackberry bourbon cocktail and Beth got an old fashioned.

The restaurant is called Red Hog, thus the hog head. Beth is looking stylish as ever. Look at her jacket!

We ordered fried cauliflower and

fries with curry mayo.

What were your favorites this week? Any fun weekend plans? Oh yeah, we are in a pandemic! Are you starting to know people who have gotten the vaccine? My mom got her first dose this week!

Leave me a favorite and thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It’s so weird how much the lighting can change from one are to the next (even within the same time zone); we’re just happy that it’s not fully pitch black by 5 anymore but it definitely starts getting dark around 4:30. Your bread looks great!

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    1. Yes! With being on EST we never get dark before 5:30. I would hate it being any earlier. The bread did really well. I did an egg wash on top – including the yolk and it made it look so pretty. The recipe also says to have a container of water in the oven. I put a round Pyrex full of water. Interesting. I guess it has something to do with the moisture?


  2. I noticed it was staying lighter a bit longer too this week! I tried the Chonani peppermint creamer in December as it was a substitution on my Clicklist order. I was hesitant but really liked it! Your food at the Red Hog looks amazing. I’m glad you got to hang out with your friend! Have a great weekend!

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    1. It’s so nice! I don’t think I saw that flavor but I would’ve been all over that! Now I am basic vanilla. I can’t wait to go back for lunch or dinner. It was much needed. One of these dates a week fuels my introverted extrovert soul!

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  3. Both of your coffee recommendations sound really good. I have a Keurig so I’d have to see if it comes in Kcups. I’m waiting for our Keurig to expire so I can get a good old fashioned coffee machine. I love yellow too! I was just reading it’s one of the Pantone colors of the year. I’m going to look into your no-knead bread recipe. My teenager made milk tea bread this week and it was really good. I’m glad to hear you were able to get out and meet a friend – good for you! I miss that! We need more patio-friendly places with heaters near me. I agree Beth was looking cute – I love her coat! Maybe you’ll need to do a friends fashion post;-)

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    1. Thanks! I miss my k cups and my current coffee seems too high maintenance for the weekdays!
      I love yellow! I have never heard of milk tea bread. Will look it up! Did you read my fashionable friends post about beth? I have another one in the works with my sister!


  4. We are over at the beach. Yesterday was 72 degrees and today the high is 58 and possible rain. Not minding it one bit. We are taking my car in for a recall fix on a seatbelt and a software update. Downside to buying a car 2 hours away BUT also an upside as we are here quite a bit! No plans here. Hello Pandemic and California is STILL shut down and no eating at restaurants. Some have said……TO HECK WITH THIS and continue to be open and we have sat on patios. We plan to do that today for lunch and go to out favorite fish and chip place in downtown Pismo. As long as its not raining. Have a great weekend. I love the Madewell tote. I have a super cute designer purse on my bday wish list. We shall see if Tony comes thru or not. I tease that last year on my bday the world went to hell in a hand basket (3-13-20) so I am hoping that we dont completely skip my bday this year! ha!


    1. Wow! That is so nice! I will always take rain too. I can’t say that I blame Ca restaurants. I love all madewell totes! What a birthday – 3/13 the day the world shut down!


  5. I am loving that it stays lighter a little later! I am also missing the little extra things that got done when I was teaching from home. We are back to hybrid in person four days a week. I have an appointment to get my first vaccine dose on Wednesday! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Yes! It really helps. I think my days at home are numbered so I’m trying to savor them. I think after we get second dose they will require us to teach from school whether we are virtual or not!
      Yay – Wednesday is exciting! Our elementary schools are up now, too. I’m in biggest district in KY so it takes a while to get through all of the schools. High school is last because they want elementary to go back first.


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