Tuesday, January 12, 2021

For our first installment of “Fashionable Friends” (and maybe our last – just kidding!), we have my friend Beth. How did we meet? We met about 23 years ago in the halls of a high school where we both worked. In fact, I probably was drawn to her because of her style – at first! And, the rest is history!

I have always thought Beth had great style!

Here is Beth with me when we did a distillery tour.

And, here is Beth when we ate at a speakeasy. We took pictures of each other on this stage.

By the way, Beth has been one of my faithful happy hour buddies over the last year!

Now, in the words of Beth…. Amy’s thoughts will be in italics. Beth’s words will be in standard font.

Let me just say, to start, that I have not had this much fun with clothes in almost a year. A pandemic really does reduce the need for outfit creation. So, it was fun to dust the clothes off, style some outfits, and take photos. So, thank you, Amy, for the invitation. Awww, you’re welcome. It was also really fun for me to collaborate with you!

I have always enjoyed following fashion trends (although I usually don’t leap on board with most of them), and I love to look at pretty things. I would describe my style as fairly classic and simple, but I often like to add a little something to give off a bit of a boho vibe. When I look back at old photographs of myself and compare them to ones taken today, I am always amazed that my general sense of style really has not changed that much. The only factor that appears to change is the general shape or silhouette of the clothing. Of course, my body shape and silhouette has changed over the year,s, too, but that goes without saying. 🙂 The other day I stumbled upon a photo taken in the late 80s. I had the big 80s hair going on, and I was wearing white jeans and a chambray shirt. White jeans and a chambray shirt are still wardrobe basics for me. I was even wearing camo pants back in the day, and I still am now. I have always gadded about in jeans and tees, button ups and tailored pants, easy-to-wear jackets and blazers. Mostly, my wardrobe colors are neutrals, and when I do add some color, it is generally soft pinks and muted purples, like eggplant and raisin. My wardrobe is simple, but I do like to add some interest with shoes and scarves. I don’t like to wear much jewelry, and when I do, I generally only wear one type.

For example, if I wear earrings, I usually won’t be wearing necklaces and bracelets, too. Lately, I developed a fondness for bracelets, and I like stacking several together, sometimes on both wrists. Yes, it is all fairly boring; but people have complimented me on my style over the years, and I think that is because I always feel comfortable; and if you feel comfortable, you are confident.

Lately, I am trying to add style by combining laid back pieces with dressier pieces. There is something about the juxtaposition that seems to ramp up an outfit. Dressing up a pair of jeans with a lace or silk shirt and heels and a cool blazer is my jam. Wearing a rumpled, casual button up with a pair of tailored pants and a fancy belt works for me, too. The Europeans are really good at this vibe, and I try to model some of that sytle more in my choices lately. Also, I have a very limited wardrobe; and my mantra is always “quality over quantity”. Perhaps this is why I don’t have many clothes…I can’t afford quality sometimes, so that affects the quantity! 🙂

Lately my go-to shopping sites are: The names of the sites are clickable; if you click on the name, it will take you to each site.

J. Crew



Alex Mill


Emerson Fry

I must admit that I had not heard of all of these! I had to do my own research! I am also a big fan of Madewell!

So, without further adieu, here are a few of my outfits that show some of my style choices:

One of the best things I have bought in the last few years is my leather moto jacket. It just makes everything more cool. I like styling it with a dark floral flowy top, jeans, and clogs (I love clogs!).

When Beth told me she bought this jacket I knew she would look so cool! I have these clogs, too! And, you all know how I feel about clogs!

Here are some examples of contrasting the feel of the pieces to get something a bit more interesting. In the first, the shirt is casual and cotton with a military vibe. I styled it with tailored wool pants, a fancy belt, and lady-like kitten heels. In the second, black silk shirt, tailored pants, but topped with a faded vintage denim blazer.

Love the olive and black combo and I would also put this with the cognac booties! I used to have a denim blazer. That would be a really versatile piece and we are seeing lots of blazers again.

I have always been a jeans girl/woman; and have not really bought into the athleisure craze. I am very active and exercise a lot, but I prefer to keep my exercise clothes separate from my everyday look, you know? However, the pandemic and resulting at-home life has resulted in the embracing of some of this look. I bought two pairs of leggings and two tops from Prana. Here, I have the outfit styled with my super-comfy fuzzy Birks, and a lightweight scarf.

I was surprised when Beth told me about her Birk purchase! I bet these have been her go-to shoe of the pandemic. They look so comfy but with enough foot/arch support to wear at home all day everyday with no foot issues.

This outfit shows how I like to add a little boho flair from time to time. Because I am petite, I like to keep a long line going with similar colors on the top and bottom; so, here, I have black jeans with a black sweater, and it is broken up with a flowy poncho type-thingy. Love my new ankle boots from Kork-Ease, too.

I think this is my favorite outfit or it is tied with the moto jacket ensemble. I love the modern look of the brown with the black and you know that I am a vest/poncho gal.

Also, we are talking winter clothes here, but I am the one to talk Beth into taking the leap and buying white jeans! She loves them and wears them often in the summer. While brunching together in June, she did the white jeans, white t-shirt look and it looked really chic.

Wasn’t that fun and doesn’t Beth have great style? The style lesson here for me is that you don’t have to have a ton of clothes. Be you. Pick a few things that fit great, make you feel great, and that you can mix and match. Beth is a much smarter shopper than I am. She buys pieces that last and needs fewer of them and she keeps them multiple seasons. Beth, teach me your ways!


12 thoughts on “Fashionable Friends

  1. I’m a blog star now! LOL It was fun, Amy! You are always introducing me to new things in the fashion world, and I am always very appreciative of that. I know I said that I had not bought any clothing this fall and winter, but I think I need a new sweater or something to perk up things for January and February. Madewell has some cute sweaters that I am eyeing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You really are! Haha! You are so kind to say that! And, I really am trying to learn your ways! Madewell has a teacher discount! I love my white tennies from them. Look at their jewelry – I really like it, too. I can’t wait to see what you add. It is a great time to get sale prices on sweaters!


  2. This post is giving me all the vibes! As I’ve become older quality over quantity is my mantra too. I love to get ideas from Instagram and Pinterest. Are you on Instagram? YouTube is a great resource too – check out Audrey Coyne, she’s quite chic and put together. How lucky are you to have a gal pal like Beth – fashionable and happy hour sidekick….my kind of girlfran!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad! Yes, I am trying! I mainly get ideas from Pinterest. I am on Instagram for my personal life but not my blog. I mainly use it for my students! I will check her out. Oh , I never thought about you tube for this purpose!
      I am very lucky to have a friend like Beth! I get to see her soon after about 2 months away!


    1. I’m just like you Kellyann and it’s hard to break a long standing bargain hunter of their habits. I think we are both constantly learning and growing. I also don’t think it’s bad to have a mix of the trendy lower price and the higher price staples!


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