Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If you participated in my wardrobe challenge last week from January 11-15, thank you! I am linking up today with The Style Six here.

Monday was blouse and long necklace day and this is what I wore. The blouse is a great material with cute sleeves with buttons and a little flounce. It came from TJ Maxx a few years ago. The necklace is my first Rayne from Kendra Scott.

Tuesday was jeans day. I put on these Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom this summer. I wore my new teddy bear vest and was so cozy I even mentioned it to my classes that day. I am sure they think I’m weird.

The next day was scarf day but I wanted to be a teddy bear again for my patio lunch with Elizabeth. This is the tunic it came with. It is really long and has pockets which I think add bulk under the vest that also has pockets. I like the black better, I think.

I added the super soft scarf that Mason got me for Christmas to follow my own rules and because it matched my Target Universal Thread boots exactly. Also, the patio heaters were out of propane so we were cold.

Thursday was t-shirt and cardigan day but I wanted to add a scarf for my patio coffee dates.

My reader and friend Kim looked so cute for t-shirt and cardigan day! She has recently become a Vuori jogger convert. She is wearing a Cheers t-shirt (J.Crew Factory) with a Walmart cardigan (old) and Allbirds sneakers.

And, Friday I broke my rule. I didn’t feel like wearing plaid because my sized down Amazon sweater had arrived the day before! I think you need to size down one and my color is apricot which is more of a cream.

I enjoyed wearing it so much for school that day that I also wore it for dinner at my friend’s house that night.

I don’t even wear sweaters or sweatshirts to teach in normally, you all. My building gets so over-heated in the winter. But, now, that is all I want to wear to teach in. I just want to put on a simple one layer outfit.

Thus, I ordered this! I will let you know what I think. I want it to fit really big!

I also found out a former student is making cute grapic tees and sweatshirts and I have ordered a pink sweatshirt with a giant metallic red heart.

And, one more thing. I have several pairs of booties that are hard to get on. These include my short yellow Hunters, my Sanita clog booties, and my new Target Universal Threads are a bit hard. I bought me a shoe horn. It works like magic and has me wearing those boots again!

I guess the moral of that story is to ask yourself why you aren’t wearing something in your closet and it might just need a quick fix.

What have you been wearing lately?

Are you tired of winter clothes yet?


23 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Lol! You will be happy to get back to FL weather! Did you pack appropriately for TN? It’s amazing how much colder it is in Indiana and Ohio – Kentucky and TN have pretty similar temps I think. We are supposed to be up to 50 tomorrow which will feel nice. I hope you’ve had a great little trip!


  1. I love wearing winter clothes! I love sweaters and sweatshirts. Your teddy bear vest looks so cozy! I’m glad you like the amazon sweater. I’ve seen that heart sweatshirt! Can’t wait to see what you think.

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    1. I do, too – until I’m tired of them! I want to wear the vest every day!
      The sweatshirt is a bust for me – very thin – not cozy, neckline too high, runs really small. I’m sending it back and hoping the pink one from my former student is a true sweatshirt material.

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      1. The girl I’m ordering from also has that design! So cute! Smart to order it big – that’s how they like them and it will last longer. I love festive holiday stuff and I often get too excited and then realize I’m not going to wear it after the holiday!

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      2. Hadley had gray sweatshirt with heart and her monogram that she loved…wore it 1st-4th grade 😂 last year, I told her it was time to retire it, so I got her this xoxo that will probably last her through middle school haha

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  2. Can you link your Wit and Wisdom jeans? I’ve thought about them but can’t decide. I have one (ONE) pair of jeans that I don’t mind right now. It’s a weird way to live.

    We always had a shoe horn next to the door when we were kids so we could put on our own shoes lol.

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    1. I think I ordered them in June or July for $40 from Nordstrom. They have the inner panel that is really comfortable – maybe absolution is the name. I will try to find my order! They are really good jeans! I’m not a huge jeans person.
      We never had a shoe horn! I guess that’s why it seems novel to me! Lol!


      1. I have a Nordstrom gift card so I may look around.

        My parents must’ve unknowingly given us some Montessori lessons, via shoehorn lol. I remember being in kindergarten and my dad showing me how to use it.

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      2. I hope you find them and I will also try to find them for you!
        Haha! I can’t believe how well my shoehorn works! I am easily impressed these days I tell you!


  3. I enjoy my winter clothes! 😀 A lot of jeans and dress pants lately. And actually a new black knitted dress – big and comfy! Of course with thick tights. I haven’t worn a dress for ages, it’s nice!
    I like that sweater with the heart! I love sweatshirts! In Sweden we call them “college sweater”.

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    1. I’m glad because you have some serious winter there! Haha! Cute dress! I haven’t worn a dress in a long time, either. I returned the college sweater with heart! That’s cute!


    1. Thank you – it’s a bust for me. The neckline is too high and the material is very thin and not a cozy sweatshirt material. Also, it runs really small. I returned it and will update Friday on my post!
      Yes – great point about vests. They keep you warm without being too much!


  4. Thank you for the shout out! I love doing these wardrobe challenges because pretty much I live in Athleta and Vuori! You looked darling in all your pictures. I really wanted to get a new Valentines Day shirt but I think I will continue my Frugal January into February and just keep wearing the 2 I do have. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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    1. Thank you for the photo! I love them, too! Thank you! If you have two Valentine shirts I would say that is good but your black and red Athleta is great for Feb and maybe you have other red and pink?
      You too!


      1. You’re right! I have a very cute pink- long sleeve athleta button up shirt! I specifically didn’t sell on a poshmark last year so i could keep for valentines month!! Thank you for reminding me. And yes my athleta Buffalo check! I’ll go get those now and put with my 2 other shirts! It’s good you answered me! Haha!

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