Monday, January 25, 2021

It is not just any Monday; it is the last one of January. Wow! I am happy to link up with Heather, Tanya, and many more right here.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty o.k. On Friday, I saw the social media post made by Red Hog (Beth and I had gone to happy hour there Thursday and saw them taking this photo. They have tableside smores or a take home smores kit with homemade graham crackers!

I cannot wait to try this when I go back!

Friday I worked and then I have started doing my house cleaning on Friday after work. We had leftovers for dinner and I was beat.

Saturday morning I did my breakfast meal prep for the week.

I will share this recipe soon. I have had a couple of people ask.

Also, during the pandemic I started cooking for Ernie. He gets boiled chicken and canned green beans and carrots mixed in with his kibble. He is a spoiled boy.

Then, I went to a small winter farm market.

I bought cheese and that is all. The cheese guy said this is his favorite because it is buttery and complex. I like buttery and complex.

There is a new show that is apparently based on our very own cat cafe here in Louisville. Basically you pay money to play with cats and then you can get a drink. That is kind of what I did at my cousin Julie’s house growing up; she also had goats.

I think he was their PR guy. I am not even a cat person but look at that face! I want to book a cat session and luckily I have some cat lady friends. That sounded weird. I have some female friends who love cats.

Then, I went into Urban Outfitters to see what the young people are into. I found a couple of sales and bought some gloves, socks, pimple patches, and a coffee cup warmer.

And, finally, I visited a bagel place. They have a super efficient Covid system. You text your order with your name and make of car, they bring it out to you with a card reader, and you are done.

Later in the afternoon, I went to one of my favorite boutiques and found a good bargain that I will show you Wednesday.

And, I got a much needed car wash.

Then, I wanted to scope out spring trends at the mall. Beth had told me she saw lots of yellow. I was very underwhelmed. Maybe the spring stuff is not quite out in full force yet.

I love the yellow and white combo.

I love the patchwork jeans.

After all of my stops, I decided to make a margarita. I added a half a shot of o.j.

And, for dinner we had Thai take out.

We love chicken pad thai and Tom

loves these corn cakes.

We watched t.v. and I was in bed around 9:00. I was tired.

Sunday morning I did some reading of this with my coffee. It is cute. It is well written and a cute story line so far. I have not been reading much at all lately!

I spent about an hour in my closet.

This week I am going to rotate through my sweaters and

my fun cozy leggings. These are seriously the coziest leggings to get your through the winter. The top ones are Valentine’s themed. They are the old LulaRoe. I am not that into them anymore but they are great for what I need right now.

Then, next week I am going to wear my pink and red for February.

I was lazy and didn’t feel like making my second cup of coffee so I got some at a coffee shop. So pretty!

And, then I did school work, watched t.v. – got sucked into a Sex and the City marathon on E! for a bit, and started prepping for dinner. I am really trying to cut down on food waste and make whatever is going to go bad first! Last night was burrito bowls because I had needed to make them for awhile.

So, that is it for me!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


26 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. My middle son and I have been watching Call me Cat (about the Cat Cafe) and it’s cute… though I’m betting there will only be one season as I don’t see it catching on with many.

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  2. That s’more kit looks amazing! What a fun weekend! The cheese you got looks delicious! I love a good-looking cup of coffee! The one you got is so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful day!


    1. I think the marshmallows might also be homemade! I can’t wait to get it. We loved the cheese! I wish I could do coffee art and I hated to put the lid on it. Have a great week; it’s almost February!


  3. I can’t, at this moment, get behind the patchwork jeans. Are those stovepipe jeans? I feel like those are horribly unflattering (even on Sarah on The Bachelor a few weeks ago!!).

    I’m heavy into meal-planning right now to specifically cut down on grocery trips.

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  4. Have been dreaming about that smore kit, too! Glad to be one of your cat lady friends. How can anyone not be a cat person? I just don’t get it. 🙂 I watched the premiere of the cat cafe show – did not think it was very good. Maybe it is getting better?

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  5. The bagel looks amazing! Hadley begged for Chinese take out on Friday and it hit the spot. I don’t know that I could pull off patchwork jeans but they are cute! Our highlight was the big Chiefs win. Hayden is beside himself. Haha I loved that the sun was out on Saturday…that helped me feel like being more productive. Have a great week .

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    1. It was so good! Now I need to make the WW 2 ingredient bagels and pretend! Breads are my weakness. Yum! We pick Thai over Chinese now but we like both.
      That is exciting!
      The sun helped so much!
      You too!

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  6. I love s’mores and those kits look delicious! Your bagel looks so yummy too! Since my husband found out he’s gluten free, we don’t go to bagel shops and I miss those tasty sandwiches! I love that yellow and white combo too. Have a great week!

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    1. Yes, me too! Did you see back in the fall when I used fudge stripe cookies instead of graham crackers? So good! I wonder if Trader Joe’s has gluten free bagels? They have a good GF selection. Love yellow and white! You too!

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