Friday, October 16, 2020

How was your week?

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!

My favorites this week are not in chronological order, but here we go – I have a little of everything today that made me happy this week. What made you happy this week?

This Wednesday I did not have to teach live classes. It may not seem like it but teaching live virtually is hard, you all! You are ON the whole time and you are trying to bring the energy to the screen and it just takes it out of you. You have multiple tabs open on your computer and you share your screen and go back to see your students and it is a lot. I feel like the Wizard of Oz or something. So, Wednesday we had a mandatory mental health professional development… I will let that sit there a moment while you absorb the irony. I took my workspace outside and it was a good call.

I cleaned up a bunch but left the leaves because I like them.

A different day I did my nails on the patio while listening to a podcast.

I bought the OPI Shine formula and I thought this was kind of fun for fall.

More leaf changing photos on my walks.

Anyone listen to Even the Rich? I am not interested in all of their topics, but I started the one on JFK Jr.

One afternoon I volunteered to bring my easy skinny margarita to a patio with two teacher friends. I started teaching at my current school 21 years ago with these two girls – now we are all at three different schools in my city. I am so glad we have stayed in touch. One teaches French and the other teaches Latin so we have a lot in common! My easy skinny margarita – one shot white tequila, half a stick of Crystal Light lemonade – stir, and add ice and fill to top with Fresca. Add a lime. Yum!

It is now getting dark at 7:00! The upside is that I am still awake and can go on the patio and light a candle some evenings!

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to have lunch at Joellas Hot Chicken with just one of my sons. It was so nice and the first time we have gotten to do this since August 14. I just realized this is a weird photo. This is his drink but he had gone to the restroom.

And, later that night all four of us were reunited for the first time since September 5 (their birthday). One son wanted to go to Shakespeare in the Parking Lot (instead of in the park) to see Macbeth where one of his drama teachers was a part. You stayed in your car and tuned to a certain radio station. It was unique. I brought popcorn and candy and we all kept masks on except when eating so maybe that did not matter anymore. We also had the sunroof and windows open for some air flow. Our boys have been very, very serious about the mask mandate on their campus. They had to sign a pledge.

So, this is out of order, but on Wednesday when we did the mental health in the morning I also had to have a meeting with this sweet colleague. We decided to meet in person instead of virtually and she brought us lunch. We both thought this did way more for our mental health!

She brought breakfast tacos for me and tres leches pancakes for her from a place called Con Huevos.

This is a bit creepy but I have enjoyed having a nightlight for my nightly bathroom trips. Do you wake at the same time every night? I usually wake at 3:35 (weird, right? and also TMI) and this nightlight has been so nice so because I am no longer turning on a big light. I think I have a Christmas one and I will be looking for a rest of the year one! But, I cannot wait to destroy this bathroom soon I hope!

My very favorite trees in the fall are these red/pink ones. Look at that blue sky. We have seriously had the best fall weather. Or, maybe I am finally noticing it because of WFH (work from home)?

I am super excited about this. It is a Christmas tree made from bourbon barrel slats. My former student was advertising that her Grandpa was making them and selling for a very reasonable price.

I should probably keep this for What I Wore Wednesday but I am too excited. I really want to be a hat person but I am not sure I am. I took a chance on this one – it does have some Smokey the Bear or Curious George Man in the Hat vibes but it is a great price. And, this is why…

Look how cute my little sister looks! I think I need to ask her about that jacket, too.

This is our old bedroom and I was thrilled to hear something might be happening soon… Hub ripped up the carpet solo and dismantled the closet systems and doors to save some time and money. Look at this beautiful floor that was hiding! Well, it is dirty, but still…

That was quite a hodge podge this week. I hope you also had lots that made you happy!

Thanks for reading and tell me what your highlights were in the comments.


P.S. – Sorry no Thursday post this week. I had a bit of writer’s block. So, leave me anything you would like me to write about and I will see what I can do!

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I think it’s great to get together with co-workers and we all need that connection. I know many people are suffering (mental health wise) because this has gone on for so long and there’s just so much suffering. Not just health wise (I honestly only know a few people who got Covid but they are all fine now) but many have lost jobs and opportunities, and heck, school has changed so much.
    Anyway, enough of that!
    I’m excited to see your new hat – I bet you’ll love it!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I think there are ways to see people safely. Everyday in my online classes I suggest things for my teens to do and ask them what they are doing besides school. I try to give them tips for mental health and try to get them away from computer for homework.
      I need somewhere to wear my hat! Ha!


  2. If anything this pandemic has accomplished, it is that we are having open discussions about mental health. This is a positive outcome. On another note, that Christmas tree is so cute! I need more info. 🙂

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  3. I love it that you got together with your colleague for lunch! TOTAL win for a mental health high five!!! I also LOVE your red leaves on your tree!!!

    I am quarantined right now, and NOT loving being so confined to my home……but at least I am quarantined with my family! We have all tested positive for COVID. Yikes. I just signed up for a watercolor painting class!! We will return to school on October 26.

    p.s. your orange nail color was cute! 🙂

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  4. That Christmas tree is so cute! I think time with friends and family is probably the best mental health boost; especially with so much virtual and electronic interaction this year.

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  5. Thank you for sharing all that fun stuff! I just read your posts Tue-Fri (not Thu :-)) and it was a real treat! You really live your life, good for you! How wonderful to meet the boys! I have my daughter home again this weekend and I just love to gather the whole family! The best this weekend was to sit around the kitchen table; husband at sewing machine (putting reflexes on his jacket), youngest daughter studying and me and little soldier girl just hanging…
    So you asked for tips on blog posts! Here comes: decoration of course! renovation of your house! food food food! take a walk around your neighborhood and take pictures – I love you photos!, give us a post on Ernie (love that dog)! we’re never tired of ootd’s…!
    Have a lovely Sunday! I have just one more week until half term – yes!


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