Monday, November 22, 2021

How was your weekend? I thought I would pop in for a quick chat. I am not sure how much I will post this week.

My weekend was really chill and just what I needed.

I am now reading this and it’s cute but it’s one of those where maybe a third in the series is too much for me? Class Mom was really funny and You’ve Been Volunteered was too. Maybe it’s just that I am so far removed from the elementary years now?

So, I needed a little Hallmark in my life without resorting to the real Hallmark movies. This is shaping up to be super cute. I’m a sucker for anything about twins. #twinmom

My sweet student who gave me a facial last Friday uses The Ordinary products. I ordered all of this for $40! Ulta also sells this line. You start with the cleanser and use two serums and then end with the moisturizer.

I really have rarely committed to a regimen but it’s time. I’m so lazy about skin care that I primarily wash my face in the shower. I shower in the morning (very quickly and without getting my hair wet) and in the evening which is when I wash my hair pretty much every day. I think my skin has been looking better from not wearing makeup. I only do eye makeup and brows since I’m spending my days in a mask. I save my makeup for non-work outings. I am still loving my Seint makeup system and I am going to order more soon. Get ready, Jennie! Jennie is my friend and blog reader that hooked me up with this makeup.

I made a bagel in my air fryer with the skinny pizza dough. You can seriously do anything with this dough.

I had a leisurely Trader Joe’s Saturday morning trip. It was already crowded at 8:30 a.m.!

Any of these wooden products would make great gifts. Look at the gorgeous boards on the bottom shelf.

I could only find peppermint cleaner in the Mrs. Meyer line at my Target so I was happy to find the peppermint hand soap at Trader Joe’s. I am saving this for December as I continue to use Acorn Spice for the rest of November. These are some important decisions I’m making – ha!

Oh, and some bad news. The Ghost Vine wine was seasonal – waaaaaahhhhh! It would have been great for Thanksgiving! I can’t find it elsewhere so it might be a TJ’s exclusive.

I went to the mall. It was hopping! I really think people are frantically shopping so much earlier this year. Anthropologie overwhelms me because I love everything.

I went in Madewell and Old Navy, too. I didn’t buy a single thing.

I spent much of Saturday cleaning and taking down my Halloween and fall decor. I did my nails and read on the patio for a bit.

Tom and I went to Harry’s Bar and sat at the bar.

I’m sorry but I am so disappointed by restaurant Skinny Margaritas. Mine is soooooo much better and I just need to stop ordering them. I use a shot of Casamigos tequila (pricey but only 2 WW points), a half of a stick of Crystal Light lemonade powder, real lime juice, and fill to the top with ice and Fresca.

We ordered sushi and had some of their fabulous bread and butter.

I had kinda forgotten about these Target clearance boots from last season but decided to wear them for this casual date. They do not look like Target; I think they look really good.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 9:00 Saturday night.

Sunday morning I did a nice vegetable mix and egg for my breakfast. I sauteed mushrooms and onions and microwaved a very small potato before adding it to the skillet. I had lots of mushroom and onion to save for this week and will probably make breakfast burritos for the two days of work. I intentionally took a break from meal prep because of just a two day week.

This breakfast is zero points for me and it’s very filling!

Yes, this is exactly how I feel! Mason has a class that doesn’t let out until 5:45 on Tuesdays but then I think Jack and Mason should be home for dinner Tuesday night! I guess I have to cook. We usually get Mexican on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

I am lucky that I only have to do desserts and mashed sweet potatoes for Tom’s side on Thursday and mashed and roasted potatoes for Friday.

Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to make my apple cider sangria! I usually start making it in September but it involves bourbon and Fireball and I didn’t think it would be great for me to start that because those will be lots of WW points. I always bring this on Thanksgiving.

I did a Kroger pick up Friday and have all of my ingredients already plus all of the boys’ favorite foods. I am sure I will have to run in for a couple of forgotten things at some point.

How was your weekend?

I’m sure I will pop in a couple of times this week!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Talk

  1. I don’t know. I loved Class Mom. You’ve been Volunteered was overkill (I don’t think I finished it) so I probably won’t try Yoga Pant Nation. It wasn’t a great set-up for a series. The first one was wildly entertaining though.


  2. I love that you have a healthy version of a margarita. I need to try that! I also posted that saying about your college kids over the weekend. Can’t wait to have mine home. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  3. What a great weekend! I found the cedar basalm candles at TJ But I don’t think our TJ has the display with the wooden decorations. I will have to look again because those would make great gifts. I love your boots! I’m saving your margarita recipe. Sounds delish! I hope you have a great week and so much fun with your boys.


    1. Thanks! Love the smell of the candle. Oh – that’s too bad. Maybe they will get them in along with the adorable felted garlands that I saw someone post today. Thanks – the boots are not for teaching but I can handle a dinner out in them. You will love the margarita!
      Thank you so much – can’t wait to see how you celebrated H and H!

      Liked by 1 person

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