Friday, July 10, 2020

Happy Friday! This week went by quickly. How was yours? I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here.

One of the strategies I am using right now is getting out of the house once a day in the car. I may never even get out of the car – like a grocery pick up or a library curbside – but I think it helps me mentally to get out and see the world and when I return home I have a different perspective on these four walls! That’s not to say that I can’t stay home – just that I am choosing to spread errands out like this right now. What about you?

My first favorite this week is Ernie. He is not on his bed at all in this photo! He cracks me up. I love him so much and he is the perfect dog for us. He sleeps in if we do. He gets up early if we do. He never tries to run away. I attribute lots of this to my husband Tom, the dog whisperer. He trained him well as a puppy.

Another Facebook memory popped up this week. I miss this stage when we had a pool membership and went several times a week. It was always a special treat when the boys had their Daddy in the water on the weekends or after work. You wouldn’t know it now, but my boys got TAN!

Time really does speed up and it’s hard to believe this memory was 4 years ago. The summer between 8th grade and high school we took a 2 week trip to Germany to visit and travel with Tom’s German family. Here is the castle that is reportedly what they based Disney’s castle off of. We took a train to right here where I took this photo and then walked/climbed all the way up. Some people went up by horse and carriage and I can’t remember if there were other options.

This is my sister’s photo and both of my sisters recommended this. I bought my own during my last grocery pick up and it is really good! It’s light and refreshing. I bought it in the slim cans so I can use my rose gold Brumate koozie.

My Master rugs came in. I think I’m happy with them! Tom thinks it may be too big but this is the look I was going for. Anyone? I am so bad at design stuff! I am going for muted grey, light blue, and greenery in the room I guess you could say. We are looking for a giant armchair to put where the plant currently is with an ottoman that may or may not match. I like the idea of two different textures/designs. These rugs are from and the style is called “Orrick”.

The matching runner.

I have hardly ever gotten breakfast or lunch from a restaurant during these last few months – I just don’t think about it. We get one-two take out meals a week normally, but at dinner time. I have been part of a Facebook group that has 90,000 members! The purpose is to support local businesses during this time and some have even reported a boost in sales! I had been hearing about a little sandwich shop that I never knew about near me. It is called “Starving Artist” and all the sandwiches have names like The Bob Ross, The Janis Joplin, The Leonardo Da Vinci. Isn’t that cute? So, I got sandwiches this week for the boys and I and forgot to take a photo. But, for dessert, I stopped by a bakery called Najla’s and this cookie right here can hardly be called a cookie. It tasted more like cake and the frosting was so good. My glasses are here for size reference. It made me feel good to support two small businesses and it was a treat to have lunch already prepared.

I know my blog post “Pandemic Fun” sounded a bit crazy this week. I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way but so much of what we are going through is super scary. We face so much fear and uncertainty. So much of what we deal with in the day to day is mental and if I can help someone I want to do so. I listed some ideas to maintain connections so check it out here if you are interested.

So, I had a patio cocktail/doggy playdate with my friend of 20 years, S! I love spending time with S and rarely get to. We first met our first year of teaching at my current school. She is no longer there because she moved out west, then to North Carolina before settling back here in her hometown. She is a Latin teacher so we have a lot to talk about! She just got a German Short-Haired pointer named Duke and he and Ernie played hard! I made Kentucky lemonade and had a bit of charcuterie but it was hard to serve with a puppy! It was super hot but I had the fans going and we were in the shade. This was my “pandemic fun” for the week! S and puppy came inside to see renovation and we both wore masks inside.

Look at my car temperature! This is not a favorite but I am thankful for my AC!

I wanted to report back about my Ulta lip oil I talked about here. It just seems like a non-sticky gloss. I like it o.k. but I don’t get what it really is good for. I may use it to top a regular lipstick? I have been super curious about this below but it’s so pricey! Anyone have it? Sheaffer loves it!

I am hoping to hear some live music on the lawn of the neighborhood where we like to go. They have a little cottage bar and a food truck. They didn’t have it last week because of the 4th holiday and the week before that I was very disappointed in people not wearing masks in the bar and food lines. Not good! So, I didn’t get anything. People were spaced out pretty well on the lawn. I can bring my own food and drink I guess. We may ask some friends to meet us.

We will probably do a boat ride. I do think we have a chance of storms, though. Also, our bedroom ceiling fan came in and I’m anxious for that. I have been a bit warm in my bedroom lately.

What’s on your agenda?

I hope you are staying well and that you have some favorites to share with me in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Apologies if this posts twice! It is great to get reconnected Amy and catch up! I looked for your blog on bloglovin and could not find it – are you on there? I think your goals during this horrible pandemic are great – I too have tried to keep to a routine of a shop visit per day, a workout, a walk and say calling one different person per day. I think it is fab what you are doing to support local businesses too! That sandwich shop sounds cool!


    1. It only posted once! Yes, I am on Bloglovin’. Wonder why it didn’t show up! I have so missed your blog and your photos. What have you been up to? Did you do a post about that? It looks like you are studying for a different career?
      Thank you – it has been a rough time here since March, as I know it has everywhere. My twins got their senior/last year of high school cut short and missed Prom, Graduation, and all of the senior activities. They are moving onto college campus mid-August and both chose the same college which is wonderful for us as parents. It’s only about 30 from home. So, life is changing around here. I’ve got all of the emotions with that on top of the fear and uncertainty about the pandemic so I am really trying to keep strong mentally.
      I can’t believe the sandwich shop has been there all along and I didn’t know about it!
      Have a lovely weekend and so great to reconnect!


  2. My rug arrived yesterday and I love it – yours look great too! That sale is so good and I was impressed with how quickly my rug arrived. I think it’s good to get out each day – I try to do that a few times a week, I started it when I started working from home – well before the pandemic – because it helps me feel less isolated and FREE!
    As far as the lip oil goes? I bought some over a year ago and wasn’t impressed so I won;t waste any more money on it. My hair gets stuck in glosses and oils so they are pretty much a no-go for me.
    Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. Yay! I think I found yours and I love it, too! I couldn’t believe the price and the quality seems perfect for our needs. It has a bit of a chemical smell to it. I have put a freshener nearby and I plan to vacuum it with one of those powders soon.
      You really do know how to stay at home and do it well because you have been doing it. I think that tip really helps.
      Yes, I don’t know about the lip oil. I would love to try the Clarins because Sheaffer really raves about it and I trust her recommendations.
      You too!


  3. Meant to comment on your Pandemic Fun ideas. Really helpful for me! We have a lot of friends who are starting to loosen up with going out and on vacay and since I work at the hospital, I just can’t do that. We are starting to feel like the weird hermit people. Weekends are hardest for me because there is nothing to do and its super hot, and I have a hard time sitting in the house for the whole day. I’m going to try to plan for one “thing” a day that will get me out in the car or some kind of house project I can finish, like cleaning out the boys closets. It helps for me to feel productive. This is all so isolating! Thanks for being an online connection. 🙂 Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but my husband’s family is from Owensboro and we are all UK fans! I am familiar with Kentucky in July/August! UGH the heat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry Paige! I get really mad when I see photos on Facebook of people not doing the right thing and making sacrifices. I have a couple of close friends that I almost had a disagreement with! The isolation, the judgment, the uncertainty is all so hard. I think if you try to plan something you will feel better – maybe pick a friend that has been more like you as far as following guidelines. The heat is horrible! It’s the humidity. Will there be UK ball this year?


  4. Good morning! I enjoy your blog! Can I ask what the paint color is on your bedroom walls? I’m painting my daughter’s room and currently have 5 paint choices on her walls and none of them seem perfect. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you have a great day! Love your black lab! We have two labs!

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    1. Thank you! Sherwin Williams Egret White. I really like it and am using it for my halls and living room too. The light makes it look different depending on time of day and it’s really hard to choose. We love labs!


      1. Thank you so much! It looks great on your walls!! Love your mud room with the dog bath area for Ernie! Wish I had that! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!!


      2. Thanks! My bff helped me and she talked to a sherwin Williams person who said that and agreeable gray are big sellers. My mudroom is agreeable gray. I think I will do the same for kitchen and dining room because they are next to mudroom. Thank you! It’s great for boots, too! You too!


  5. We are still at the beach house. The temps are in the low 50’s at night and 60’s during the day. Its super hot at home in the Central Valley of Calif and I am NOT MISSING IT. Going to have to try that beer. I love Michelob Ultra so definitely on my grocery list. I am feeling in a funk too and it comes and goes– more so when I think about having to go home to the HOT TEMPS. But this pandemic has really thrown a monkey wrench into our summer plans ( we had an alaska cruise scheduled) and the fall travel football plans to fo see Fresno State vs Texas AM. With nothing on our calendar – its very depressing. Don’t get me wrong…..We are so blessed to have a vacation home to go to but most times its a regular life over here. I cook, I clean and I walk. LOL I want to go to a hotel and have someone do all that for me (minus the walking) nothing on our agenda but eating my SPD pizzas tonight and sitting by our firebowl and enjoying cooler temps until its back home on Monday.


    1. That is so perfect! Ok – I had that beer but in a bottle on the boat yesterday and it is divine! I am on such an emotional roller coaster – so you are not alone.
      I finally had a fun day yesterday – that makes me sound like a brat but I really hadn’t had any fun in weeks. I’m trying to do something summery each day but some days it’s hard. We had heat so bad I didn’t want to even sit outside and that makes me sad so I get it. Take care!


  6. My son had his surgery in Cleveland and is now home. Everything went well and is recovering. We were there for 6 days. Cleveland has mask order and it made me feel better. It’s required to wear masks in public places (hotel, hospital, restaurants). I wish it was required in the entire state. I love your new mask and rugs. Thank you for sharing your recipes, ideas , etc. It helps! 😊

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    1. I’m so happy and I know you are relieved to have that out of the way. Thank you so much! Kentucky went to mandatory masks at 5 pm on Friday. Our governor wants to stop it before it gets out of hand. We had around 150-200 cases a day increase to 350-400 a day. Glad he is being proactive. I’m seeing a lot of employees and customers wearing masks incorrectly, but maybe every little bit helps.
      Wishing you a peaceful week back at home.


  7. I’ve been using the Tinted Juice Infused lip oil from Ulta and really like it. It’s just something a little light and shiny for when I’m not wearing my mask!

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