Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I checked my Amazon account and I haven’t made any July purchases there – YET, but I thought I would share what I have bought otherwise.

Typically in the summer I love to shop for clothing and accessories! I can usually wear my summer clothes into October here in Louisville, KY. I get excited to add things to my teacher wardrobe. I usually check into my two favorite consignment shops weekly and about this time all of the great summer sales are going on. I’m not doing that this year so far. I feel like I have plenty to wear to the few places I go. I do put on an outfit to run my few errands each week. I put on an outfit to go to listen to outdoor music (we’ve done this 4 times) or to eat on a patio (I’ve done this twice).

On Sunday I wasn’t getting into my one and only library fiction book. I took myself to Barnes and Noble and picked out these. I want travel and food books right now. My friend E said this, also. Put the character in an exotic place and describe the food and there is my ideal book right now.

A French Wedding looked promising – I will let you know.

And, I love Jenny Colgan books and this was one I wanted to pick up at some point.

I also stepped into Ulta. I wanted to look for lip oil. Have you heard all the rage about lip oil? It is supposed to be super mousturizing and not waxy like a balm.

I also wanted a light neutral for fingers and my friend B had this awesome grey/green color on her toes.

Here are the lip oils. I was only going to try one, but there was a free gift if I spent a little bit more money – o.k., Ulta, you got me!

I needed a new Beauty Blender and I don’t think the knock offs compare. I got a small bottle of witch hazel for each boy to help their skin.

This is the free bag. It is clear with this palm pouch. You know I love a palm print!

The cashier didn’t tell me there was a watermelon lip gloss and watermelon makeup remover inside – cool!

And, here is the rug that I ordered. I did an 8 x 10 for the Master bedroom and a runner for the hall between the closets and Master.

As I am writing this it hasn’t arrived but I will let you know what I think!

Also, I have not really used my Panera “free” coffee much. I think I got it twice – one hot and one iced. I tried to get another one at another Panera but they never came out to give it to me and I gave up and left after 20 minutes.

What have you purchased lately? Are your shopping habits drastically reduced or have they increased?


11 thoughts on “Recent Purchases

  1. I love your clear bag – they are all the rage now! I ordered a rug on Friday from Boutique rugs p such a great sale. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I think I bought the same shade of Insta Dry as you have here – I wanted a white/pink shade and I really like it!

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    1. I think the bag will be nice to have! My sister told me to late to look at E sale rugs if you need more!
      The polish is called make it snappy! if that’s what you have!
      I’m going to order a Palladio lipstick, too.
      Enjoy your week off!


  2. I love Jenny Colgan books, too! 500 Miles From You was a good one. Did you read the others in this series? My shopping habits have been all over the place. At the beginning of all of this, I was online shopping a bunch. And then I bought nothing for fun in the month of May. June was a little in between and I think I’m heading back to no shopping (books don’t count of course) in July and August. I love that Ulta bag.

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      1. There are two other books, but I bet you’ll understand this one just fine. The Bookshop on the Corner and The Bookshop on the Shore are the first two. Our library has opened for express pick up only – you request books and then reserve a time to pick them up. They are already bagged and checked out when you pick them up. It’s been wonderful for all 4 of us! I hope yours opens soon!

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  3. Fun, how can I comment on everything!? So, I’m the same with clothes right now… In the city and for grocery shopping I try to dress up a little (otherwise my costume is bikini top and jeans cut offs…). Last week I was so tired of looking slouchy that I put on my best dress when we went to buy gravel, fun hah!? The girl at the cash register was also beautifully dressed and I wondered if she was feeling the same way as me… (Remember, this was at a gravel pit! :-D)
    I’ve just started my first book by Jenny Colgan, The Summer Seaside Kitchen, but I’ve heard that her previous book are better?
    My shopping is the same, I think. My last purchase was five geraniums for a hanging flower pot here at the cabin!

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    1. Haha – funny story about the gravel pit! I love my geranium!
      I can’t remember which Jenny Colgan books I read because it’s been awhile. Hope you like her too!


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