Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My friend was mentioning her lack of “anything to look forward to” and how that is taking a toll on her mentally. I know that is the case for many of us, too. By putting a few small things on the calendar that can be done safely, we can reap some benefits of summer fun. In a way it doesn’t seem like summer has started yet, but I know that fall will be here before we know it and I want to be intentional and take advantage of some things I can do this season.

I realize that we all have different comfort levels given the current situation. Some of these ideas can be modified according to your comfort level.

Move your furniture a bit to make sure you have enough space to spread out. Or use folding chairs in the yard!

-Have one family over and each of you bring takeout of your choice to eat outside. We did this a lot at the beginning of the pandemic. The host just had to set up their tables 6 feet away and we kept each family at their own table. You can also order individual meals from a restaurant so there is no buffet style sharing.

-We have many neighborhoods that are inviting food trucks to come visit. Bring a couple of chairs, grab some food, eat in a common area of the neighborhood if you don’t live there or take the food to a nearby park. Invite friends and sit 6 feet away. There are some really great food trucks in my city.

-Look for outdoor music. We have had a few options for this and this is what we would do a lot of in a typical summer.

A local brewery had a food truck and a musical act. They had tables spaced out well and you had to wear a mask to order or to go in to use the restroom.

-This is prime time for Farmer’s Markets. I have listed different ones in my calendar in case I can go. It’s more than shopping; it’s entertainment and it’s supporting our local farms. There are all kinds of things – jams, bread, vegetables, meat and eggs, flowers, and more. We did the Sunday 1-4 that a nearby neighborhood has with another couple. We looked around a bit and then set out chairs under a shade tree and enjoyed some treats from the market and some wine we each brought for ourselves. We had a great couple of hours visiting.

-Have one friend over for cocktail hour. It’s easier to social distance with just one person. If they are comfortable you can provide the drink. Get individually packaged snacks or make a separate snack plate for each of you, if they are comfortable with that. I ask my friends what their comfort level is. Some are fine for me to prepare something and some are more at ease with packaged foods or BYO. Bonus: If it’s just one friend at a time you can really visit and talk. I have done this with 3 friends so far. I usually say to come around 2:00.

-Meet a friend on a patio at at restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. It will get too hot for patios here soon but it will be short lived hopefully. And, we have some unseasonably cooler days here and there in July and August. I try to meet earlier than the rush hour – like a 5:00 dinner or a 11:30 lunch.

-Get a baby pool and invite a friend to put their feet in with you and pretend you’re at a beach. You can make sure you are spaced out 6 feet. If you have a real pool, even better!

-Have a virtual cocktail party if friends are more comfortable with that. Zoom is great and user friendly or use Facetime. Each of you prepare your own drink while talking over video. I did this with high school friends, my cousins, work people. It’s not the same, but it helps.

-Invite a friend to walk with you.

-Invite a friend to take a bike ride with you.

-Go canoeing and keep family units in same canoe!

I find that if I have even just one social thing on the calendar per week it really helps me. Soon I hope to invite a couple of people on our boat. I am supposed to start work August 10, so I am about a month away. We still don’t know what that will look like. I decided I am going to enjoy some more “summer” and not stress about school until there is something to stress about.

What other ideas do you have for fun?

I still plan to:

-shop for college stuff with each boy – Waiting on sales and list from our college.

-plan a couple of family activities that the boys are comfortable doing

-host family for a small graduation gathering outside


-eat on patios

-enjoy more takeout from locally owned places

-learn to cook a few more things – want to try the Outback blooming onion

-declutter and deep clean many spaces in my house. Take things to donation sites.

-start next renovation project or get plans in place – next up is Master bath!

-Meet Tom for lunch one day while he is at work. There is a particular place that just opened with a large patio

-Go out to brunch on boat

-Meet my sister for boating

-Get my professional development hours done

-Schedule needed appointments for end of summer and early fall

-Read several more books

What about you? Do you have a list of things you want to do?


9 thoughts on “Pandemic Fun

  1. These are really great ideas Amy and since it looks like we’re in this for the long haul so everyone would be smart to try at least a few of these ideas. We have to find ways to enjoy life even if it looks very different than what we used to know!

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    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I think you are right that we are in this for the long haul. My sister and I were just talking about what winter might look like in the Midwest-not good! Then you all in Florida will be on your patios! Lol! I also find it easier to take it week by week and even day by day sometimes. Enjoy your project! It’s going to look great!


  2. Pandemic fun? Isn’t that an oxymoron!? 😀 (language teacher, sorry, LOL)
    So… you should absolutely meet husband for lunch! We try to that once a week and it’s so nice!
    Professional development – please share! I only need one day for next year, since we’re moving back to our old school in January, and that will require a a lot of time and energy.
    I don’t have a list… This is such a strange year… My life has really “shrunk” and I try to enjoy the summer day by day… (you wouldn’t believe the weather we have right now… (53,5°!!!) So if you wonder why I go to Florida every frea…..g summer…!

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    1. Yes, I questioned my title today! I will meet him. He goes with co workers so that is good for him.
      We have to have 12 hours of professional development on our own each year. We are waiting to see how that will be done this year! We are waiting on everything!
      That will be a huge job for you but so exciting!
      It really is strange. I’m trying to do a summer thing each day. 53 is not summer! No flip flops for you! That is sad!


      1. One summer thing each day? It sounds like a great blog post!
        So confusing to not know what will happen when school starts again!
        You don’t have to feel too bad for me, the weather will be back to the normal 68° now, and I can really live with that (and use my flip flops! actually clogs here at the cabin…). One nice thing is that you can spend a whole day IN the sun, which of course is impossible in Florida. I love to soak up sun! I actually have a really nice tan from the heat wave we had two weeks ago!


      2. I guess that sounds a bit optimistic but it could even be sitting outside? I am enamored with Swedish clogs and have some by MIA brand. I’m not sure they are true Swedish. I also have Sanita? I like a different sole than wood if I can find but it’s hard.
        I had a better tan from March to May when our weather was so pleasant but now I am mainly fake tan!


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