Thursday, July 9, 2020

I try to do these posts every couple of weeks because I know how helpful they are to me! We all get in ruts!

I cook 5-6 nights a week and the other night(s) we get takeout or eat leftovers.

This is really good. I made it to eat just as is and I made it to serve on an entree salad.

Season chicken breasts or tenders on both sides generously with Trader Joe’s lemon pepper and everything but the bagel seasoning. Sear on both sides for 2 minutes and put in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Thank you to Carolina Charm for this recipe! She also just posted that she used this to make chicken salad (the cold version with mayo, etc.)!

I served this with shortcut twice baked potatoes. I did two potatoes in the microwave then after they cooled a bit, I split them in half and scooped out the innards. I added sour cream, cheese and spices and put back in the potato skin and added cheese and bacon and baked for about 15 minutes in the still hot oven.

I also wanted to make this corn from Boo Mama. It has cream cheese and sour cream. It would’ve been a better meal with a green vegetable instead, but we were low on supplies.

I made BLT wraps for the boys one day for lunch. I offer to make them something some days and some days they take care of their meals. They aren’t big on lunch meat sandwiches so they usually make themselves leftovers, grilled cheese, quesadillas, or Ramen.

I made Family Savvy blog’s baked ziti for a crowd but I didn’t make as big of a portion.

Our takeout rotation is: the Mexican place by our house called Mi Tierra, the Mediterranean place by our house, the Thai place by our house – those are our go-tos. We are so lucky to have really good restaurants close by. Not everything is good for takeout but these three can be reheated well if you are doing the 20-30 seconds to kill the virus thing in the microwave. Fried food is not good for takeout – we learned the hard way!

This is arroz con pollo that the boys love.

We have not ordered pizza since I discovered the skinny biz dough recipe. Isn’t that crazy? That’s what my reader who told me about it said, too! I do plan to order some pizza soon because we have really great pizza places here.

I skipped a few weeks of Dinnerly and got another box this Monday. Here are my recipes for this week.

I have only made the Pad See Ew so far but I called it Pad Thai and added chicken- see I just can’t follow directions well! My son called it “Sad Thai” so if that tells you anything – it was not a hit – I also chalk it up to the fact that we are spoiled by really good Pad Thai up the road. The owner is from Thailand so it is the real deal. I kind of think Chinese and Thai food are hard to make at home? We’ll go with that!

Dinnerly has several options each week that you can choose from. I hope the other two recipes go over better with my crew! Also, I can send 3 people Dinnerly boxes. Dinnerly has no idea that I have a blog, but it is their standard referral program. You would have to give your credit card information and then your first box is free. The first three people to leave their name and email address will get a box! I now have two friends doing Dinnerly and two blog readers have tried it. I’m not sure if they kept up with it. I find it to be the most affordable of the meal delivery kits I have seen. For a family of four, for three meals a week, it is around $60.

What have you been eating? I always need ideas! It’s also heating up around here so I want to keep my oven off!


18 thoughts on “Eating Lately

    1. You got it Jayna! I hope you like it and can follow directions better than I can! I recommend you download the app. It tells you delivery and has the meal choices and recipes.


  1. I saw that corn recipe and want to try it! I love corn in summer. I’m hoping to come across some “fresh garden corn” and try it soon. We have tried Hello Fresh and EveryPlate. We have had a good experience with both. I have enjoyed trying new recipes and not shopping for items needed. Our favorite Hello Fresh meal was Parmesan-Crusted Chicken. Our favorite EveryPlate meal so far has been Moo Shu Beef Bowls. We said we were going to try a lot of different meal delivery options for fun. EveryPlate is my fav so far. Mike was in charge of the last order…guys always buy so much at a time, ha. So we are scheduled for a couple weeks. I’m curious to know what your favorite Dinnerly meal will be…in case we try in the future. Have a great day. 🙂


    1. I used frozen corn and I would say it was a bit too “creamy” for me so I will make it again, definitely, but I will reduce the amounts. My mom used to make parmesan chicken in the 80s and we loved it! She simply rolled chicken breasts in parmesan powder and didn’t use marinara or anything. I will have to look at Every Plate. Let me know if you want a “free” Dinnerly box. I think I get referrals every so often. It’s hard to say because I rarely follow their plan! Maybe the everything hamburgers that had the everything seasoning in them?


  2. I would love a Dinnerly box! I’m so tired of feeling like I’m making the same things over and over again. I want to try the Thai place- is it in Holiday Manor? We love Mi Tierra- usually go to the one in Buckner.

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    1. You got it!
      Yes, Thai Café. They don’t open until 5 and only carry out still I think.
      The pad Thai and corn cakes are amazing! They both heat up well if you are in Buckner. What about Shiraz – across from Thai Cafe? Have you tried it? We love it!


  3. SO HAPPY you are loving the pizza dough! I am still over at the beach house and my daughter has been here and my hubby comes back today! Taylor and I made steak Cesar salad on Tuesday and it was delish! Last night I made salmon patties (another recipe from the creator of the skinny pizza dough) and we love them. Tonight is our Chick Fil A car date night ……California is pretty much a take out or patio dining place right now. SO many counties are close to being shelter in Place again. I will for sure be at the beach house if that happens again! I pretty much cook for myself when I am alone here because I like it and I make simple things like Turkey Burgers, salmon patties,. skinny Pizza dough, grilled chicken….simple light and easy. That is my motto since I follow weight watchers lifestyle not alot of cheese pasta, or really any pasta. Which is ok. I will sometimes order it when we eat out. Have a good weekend. How is it already July 9?


    1. Thank you again for telling me about the dough. I haven’t explored her other recipes much yet. Your meals sound amazing! Yes, CA has been the most strict I think. Hang in there. Sounds like you are being creative with dates and enjoying what you can. A beach house in California? I could handle that! I am trying to get back on WW train. It’s a bit hard right now – during the pandemic and some sadness with becoming an empty nester soon. I’m full of emotion and I know eating better would help with it all!
      Thanks again, Kim, for the recipe and the WW motivation!


  4. Tonight we’re having an easy pasta with penne, minute steak and a mushroom sauce (made from like a “powder in a box”, you might have something similar from Knorr?
    I also have a favorite potato salad that I make with creme fraiche (can be found somewhere in the dairy section, expensive in USA but really common here), red onion, some mustard, chive and salt and pepper. Extremely easy to make (just boil potatoes and mix everything) and super nice with grilled chicken or grilled pork chops. You can tell your husband to grill if it gets too warm in the kitchen, LOL.


    1. That sounds great! Yes, we have Knorr and other powder sauce mixes. That potato salad sounds very German. Yes, that is fancy sour cream around here! My hub is not a great griller and he is not home in time to man the grill! I told him we need to grill on a weekend coming up.
      Enjoy your meal!


      1. Fancy sour cream! Haha! Yes, it’s hard to find at Public and very expensive! Yes, I guess Germans do similar potato salads! Sweden is actually quite similar to Germany; we are organized and like to have things in order! You should see our queues (lines?) now during the pandemic, you could lay out a yardstick between people!


      2. It’s hard to find here, too. I think it’s at the little specialty fruit market by my house that I love. Yes, I have always thought Sweden and German have a lot in common. I love the organization. That is great that people are respecting space in lines. Most of our places have stickers or tape denoting 6 feet.We don’t trust people to figure it out themselves.


  5. I have an easy recipe my friend just gave me. It’s called Tamale Pie. It’s quick to make and you can serve it with chips and guacamole. First brown a pound of ground beef in a skillet, drain the fat and mix in one cup of salsa (LaVictoria Suprema Salsa), and one can of tomatoes with green chilies drained (Rotel). Place the beef, salsa, and tomato mixture in the bottom of a 1 1/2 quart baking dish. Next mix a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix with one cup cream-style corn just until combined. Spread the corn bread mixture over the top of the beef mixture. Top with sliced olives. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Top with a cup of Mexican blend cheese and bake for another 5 minutes. Enjoy with all the toppings and chips!

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  6. Try adding a can or two of mild chopped green chilies to your corn. We usually throw 2 packs frozen corn, cream cheese and chilies in the crockpot and it works well. Add chopped cooked bacon and some shredded cheese at the end if desired. My mother in law usually serves it as a dip with tortilla chips if she adds the cheese and bacon.

    The Seasoned Mom is a good food blog with family friendly recipes and low prep meals. I also love Sweet Phi blog with her 5 ingredient recipes.

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    1. Yes! I love green chilies and always have a can. Do you know about my low carb egg casserole with green chiles? Oh yes, that is a green idea. I make that frito corn salad sometimes.
      I will have to check out those blogs! Thank you!!!


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