Monday, July 13, 2020

Well, that weekend went by quickly just like last week did! It’s surprising to me that this summer is still following the normal pattern of summers past – time speeds up like crazy after the 4th of July. Do you feel that way, too? I am linking up today with Heather and Tanya right here.

I was so happy Thursday night to find the rest of my Belgravia! Did you enjoy Downton Abbey? This is by the same creator and is from the channel Epix. There is only one season with 6 episodes. I watched the first two on demand but couldn’t find the rest. I finally figured out I could do a 7 day free trial of Epix and I quickly finished the last 4. I am seriously considering watching all of them again.

I got a call from my library that this was ready and I was so happy because the book I had been reading was a dud! I flew through this in a couple of days this weekend, so I do recommend it for a fun summer read.

I made a trip Friday to Bath and Body. Um, you can’t sniff things with a mask on so it wasn’t very fun.

Please don’t hate me – I got a one month subscription to Disney Plus and I’ve already cancelled it. I couldn’t watch all of Hamilton. I did put the captions on as my friend recommended. I’m sure I would have felt differently had I been in a theatre watching it live. I do think it is creative but for all of the hype I heard about ahead of time… I don’t know. Unpopular opinion here I am sure! I love live musicals normally – especially if my son is in it or students I know!

Saturday Tom, Ernie and I took our boat out. We anchored in what is known as “Party Cove”.

My sister towed her boat to our hometown upriver and they came by boat for the first time – about an hour and a half ride for them. She left her four kids and two dogs with my mom! Ha! They have quite the crew. This is their arrival to party cove.

Ernie immediately boat hopped which I thought was funny.

Of course, my sister brought her drink of Summer 2020.

The weather could not have been better and we all floated for awhile with drinks in our hands and then we had some snacks we brought.

Boats just kept coming in the cove.

Then, we put our boat up and all hopped on theirs and went to the river gas station and then showed them around. They had been on our section of the river before with us but it had been awhile.

We stopped at Captain’s Quarters and found a nice shady spot.

Molly and I had their signature frozen Miami Vice cocktail. It is pink and a rum based drink.

We ordered some hummus, pimento, and whipped feta

and some pulled pork nachos on homemade potato chips.

I wish every day were as perfect. I hadn’t seen my sister in person since Christmas and the day was sunny, 85 degrees, and not hot like it has been.

They dropped us off around 7 and started on their way back to our hometown. Unfortunately they got caught in some rain and storms but made it back safely. I would have freaked out! I was so tired from all of the sun that I went to bed around 10 after watching a few New Girl episodes with Jack.

Sunday morning I was up by 6 since I had gone to bed early. I am really good with 6-7 hours and find it hard to sleep longer than that. I went out to the patio in the light rain and lit my Glade Cashmere Woods candle because I am fancy. If you have not tried the Glade plug-ins and candles in this scent you must. I. am. in. love. with this smell. It may not be the most summery but I’m still using it. This mug is special because it was my Dad’s and it is from a place called Ernie’s that he went to on a trip. Molly has his other one like this. Our other sister doesn’t do coffee. It was nice to talk about our Dad and share fun memories Saturday, by the way. I wish our other sister had been with us, too.

Jack wanted to do the bookstore so the boys and I went. We also got Blaze pizza right by the book store. It had been since way before March since we had gone there. Mason isn’t mad – he just didn’t know I was taking a photo here.

I moved on to this and am really liking it so far. I think the premise of the book will turn out to be interesting.

And, those were my highlights.

What about you? I hope you had a good one. I did try to social distance from my sister and brother-in-law as much as I could. We stayed 6 feet apart while in the water but we were probably 3 feet apart while eating and on the boat. It’s really hard with family, especially!

Hope you have a great Monday and leave me your weekend highlight in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


31 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I felt the same way about Hamilton. I think I missed out not seeing it live. It’s tough to watch a recorded live show like that. I feel like I missed the emotion I usually feel at the theater. The boat is such a great resource right now! That looked like the best day!!!

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    1. Oh gosh – thanks, Paige! I hadn’t received many comments yet today and I was afraid I made everyone mad! Haha! I agree. It is not the same to watch a taped – although good quality- version. Yes! The boat is more fun with other people. I may ask another couple to come on next weekend. I’ve just been so careful – I think. It’s hard to know the right call. I find myself overthinking and questioning even the littlest decisions. I hope I’m not alone! Have a great day!


  2. I didn’t like (or finish) Hamilton either… even with reading the Wiki page that gave a huge summary of the whole play I felt lost. I too thought it would probably be better in person but maybe a rap musical just isn’t for me?! I was expecting so much more after all the hype but at the same time realized a recorded show just isn’t the same as a live version. I almost went into Bath and Body works this week but there was a line outside the door and I wasn’t sure I needed anything that badly; I hadn’t even thought about not being able to smell much with a mask on!

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    1. Joanne! You articulated my thoughts so well. I wasn’t expecting so much rap! I have to hear rap so much at my high school – lol! People went on and on about it. I actually preferred Hunchback of Notre Dame last summer – so well done and a lesson to be learned. Is there a lesson or message in Hamilton? There were too many people in B and B and I didn’t feel comfortable smelling anything. I bought soap without smelling and 12 mini hand sanitizers for a project without smelling. I miss our old lives. Have a great day!


      1. My favorite musical is technically a tie: Les Mis and Wicked. Those two are the musicals most responsible for my love of musicals today.

        About Hamilton, here is what bugs me. Some people actually believe that ALL musical fans should watch and love Hamilton. That is crazy. I don’t like hip-hop or rap: I think I might see the film. The other day after my family was doing errands, my mom put on the Hamilton Soundtrack through Amazon Music- for whatever reason I listened to the entire thing. But Hamilton will never reach the list of favorites

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      2. Oh yes! I loved Les Mis but haven’t seen Wicked. I didn’t get why a musical had to be rapped! It’s weird! I was happy after about an hour ? when something was actually sung. I did like Christopher Jackson the best. I had a hard time knowing who everyone was supposed to be, too! I’m a mess!


  3. The boating, time outside, and seeing family looks like so much fun. I thought Hamilton was ok, but way overhyped. We saw the show when it came through town, but I didn’t watch on Disney plus. I also love glade candles, especially the Hawaiian and vanilla scents. They put out just as much scent (or more) than the more expensive candles. Lately I’ve been burning the Walmart candles that are a dupe for the 3 wick BBW candles. Hope you have a great week! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

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  4. So happy you visited with your sister and brother-in-law! Sounds like a wonderful time! We went to the grocery and stayed in. We spent most of the weekend getting our son comfortable. He’s sleeping in the recliner in the living room. I have been burning my Yankee candle marshmallow peep candle I bought last year when a local Hallmark store went out of business. This morning I made my Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants. Yummy!


    1. Thank you Sherri! Yes, I am sure you were just happy to be home. I’m glad you have a recliner. We used to have two when babies were born. Lots of nights spend there. That candle sounds amazing and those croissants were a treat! Yum!


  5. What a great weekend you had! I love boating and we’re so happy to have the boat back! Even though summer is behaving very badly it’s such a freedom to have the boat. It’s a dream to have one in Ft. Lauderdale; the water systems are amazing.
    So… a lot of discussions on Hamilton! I guess it won’t come to theaters over here? I mean, it’s not our history?
    My highlight is that people here at the cabin are very friendly and social! Swedes aren’t famous for being open about new people, so I’ve had a lot of pleasant surprises!


    1. Thank you! Boats are so fun! You are having cold boat rides? It is a freedom! A boat in FL would be great! I don’t know if you will get Hamilton? That is great that you are meeting people! How close is nearest cabin?


      1. We’re watching the weather reports like crazy, it’s going up and down… I hope for a warm boat ride soon! Friday promises sun and 77°! The other day we had hail (H A I L !) – can you believe it!? Our cabin is situated in a “cabin community”, so we are like 30 houses that share docks, water and so on.

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  6. So fun that you got to spend time on the boat with your sister and family!
    I totally support seeing family and friends within reason. People who avoid everyone for this entire year (or more) may really regret that.

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    1. Thank you! We get so much conflicting information. I have decided that I need to defer to the older person – my mom – for her comfort level. I am having family here Saturday and will have guidelines! It’s the teacher in me. I just would feel horrible if I were responsible for someone getting sick.


  7. I watched Hamilton with teenage girls. They knew every word to every song. We had to keep pausing it so they could explain the history to me. The boating day looks fun, but I bet it would have been more awesome with your other sister.

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    1. Did you like it? Watching with captions helps. I was googling history while watching! The boating day would definitely have been more fun with both sisters!


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