Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Do you have a tailor?  Or, better yet, can you tailor your own clothing?  Unfortunately I cannot, but I have a secret – my sweet tailor lady.  What do you call a female tailor?  Oh well, I will leave that for another day.

Last summer I bought this cactus top off of Amazon and I’ve worn it a handful of times but never thought it looked that good.  I decided it was the length.  My tailor took off a good 6 inches from the bottom and it looks like it came that way!  Price:  $10.  So, the shirt originally cost about $16 so I’m still within a reasonable price for the shirt with those costs combined.  


Here is a trick I did myself.  This shirt had really long and awkward tassels and they wouldn’t stay tied.  I cut them and tied these bows myself.  Can you believe it?  Just kidding!  I know many women bought a particular top off of Amazon this season and cut off the tassels.  You can also take out shoulder pads or things like that that bother you.  

Finally, I got three pairs of Matilda Jane pants hemmed.  One I had just cut off this winter and they were fine but I wanted them to be hemmed correctly.  The other two were from a Facebook sale for $17 each.  So, after the $15 price to hem them, they were still under what I would pay for Matilda Jane quality.  They have intricate design on the bottoms so she cut the fabric under the knee and moved the design up if that makes sense. See the bottoms of the pants below.  She kept them intact.  

There are so many things a tailor can do.  Don’t keep something in your closet that isn’t quite right.  It might be able to be fixed!  

Have you altered anything lately?  Any tips for me?  I have heard that custom tailoring is the reason why the movie stars look so good.  That and their plastic surgery, maybe?  Ha!  

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Take it to a Tailor!

    1. I don’t go often either but I’m always glad when I do go and make something more wearable! I wish I could sew!


  1. I really cannot sew at all, mostly I try to get the daughters to fix buttons, small holes and things like that (I don’t have the patience!). Right now I have a cute dress where one of the shoulder straps have broken, but I don’t have basic sewing material here (where can I buy that cheap!?). No, I don’t use a seamstress, it’s terribly expensive in Sweden.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!


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