Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Our first day back to school after break was quite smooth!  It was nice to see everyone and get back into the routine.  How was your Monday?  

Today, I’m going to be all over the place – linking up for Prime Purchases with Tanya here, finishing my weekend recap due to technical difficulties Sunday, and giving a tip for your winter wear!  Definitely go check out Tanya’s blog.  She is a new blogger for me and a fellow teen mom.  I’m enjoying getting to “know” her!

First up, my entry is quite lame, but bear with me.  I’m trying to wear what I have and love what I have and one of those things is my earrings collection.  I have several pairs that only require the little plastic backs and I’ve lost all of them.  How does this happen?  So, for the low price of $4.00. I now own this cute little box of 200!  I am busy putting backs on all of my earrings and I’m going to try to save the extras.  So, repair what you own or donate it, people!


So, this week, I’ve only spent $4 on Amazon.  New record!

Sunday afternoon, I got to go to a student’s ice hockey game.  I love ice hockey and it was fun to watch about half of the game. I taught his sister last year who is now in college so it was fun to see her, too!  When I was in college, we used to go to midnight ice hockey games on Friday nights.  They were violent and fun to watch!

After the hockey, hub and I went to see this movie.  It was quirky and funny and a little strange and I didn’t like the ending.  It was not what I was expecting!  It got great reviews.  Read the description and see what you think.  I did like it better than Watson and Holmes.  


Today at school, I had two kids in each class pretend like it was midnight NYE in Spain and eat the 12 grapes – one for each strike of the clock.  It was fun.  These are two of my sweet senior girls that are happy to do anything and everything!


Along with eating healthier, I’m going on a bit of a clothes shopping diet.

Challenge yourself to wear everything in your closet!

Or, at least start with one category – like tops. If you try to wear a shirt and determine it no longer fits you or your style put it in your donate bag. Always keep a donate bag in your closet.

I’m hoping by rotating, this will help me to not shop! When I see how many choices I have and try to wear them all – maybe by hanging the ones I’ve worn on a certain side – I will know that I have enough. What do you think?

Also, in an effort to wear what we have and see how much we have…

Anyone want help getting dressed next week?

I thought I would do themes for each day and you can play along if you want to! Don’t buy anything new for this plan and you can change it up as you see fit. This is just for fun!  So, you can wait until next week or start it now if you want.  

I tried to pick items I thought everyone would have.  

Monday – blanket scarf or any scarf that you have.  My favorite way to wear is to make a triangle pointing down in front of you and looping both sides around it.  

Tuesday – long necklace

Wednesday – vest


Thursday – black pants

Friday – plaid flannel shirt

If you all like this, I can pick new items and do it again next week and I could even post it on Sunday?

Finally, In other news, I returned two of my Nordstrom $500 gift card picks.

The sweater had weird shoulders and I thought it was unflattering. The shirt was just too big.

Even though I am on a spending diet, I will allow myself to use the remaining gift card money and if I find a really good consignment buy that I can’t pass up I might let myself get that, too.  I don’t do well with restrictions – ha!

But, my focus is going to be on contentment with what I have!

As usual, thanks for reading!  Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip, Etc.

  1. It’s a great idea to go on a spending diet for a few months and shop the closet! Spring pieces will be out soon and they will be so tempting. But you should definitely enjoy using the rest of your gift card. I was only able to make it to one consignment shop over the break and it was a bust, such a bummer! You always score the best deals!


    1. Thank you! Disqus hates me and I can’t comment on your posts now. I have an account and everything and it shows my name when I try to comment. Any ideas why?


  2. Great idea to wear all of one category of clothing. I’m going to start that right away. I’m also with you on the shopping diet. I have too much stuff. Thanks for your great blog.


    1. Thank you Cassandra. It just feels right after the excess of December. I appreciate your kind words and thanks for commenting!


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