Monday, January 7, 2019

How was your weekend?  Mine was busy and social and I guess that’s good because now it’s time to pay the piper and get back to work!  Actually I did several hours worth of catch up work and working ahead this weekend. I haven’t worked since Tuesday, December 18. I miss my students and I’m ready to get back in the routine, to be honest.  I think my boys are ready to tackle the second half of their junior year, too. They have a lot going on this semester.  

Also, today I’m starting to eat better and drink mostly water!  Can I change my blog title to “Coffee and Water at the Casa”?  

Let’s start with Thursday evening after I had already done my Friday Favorites post.  I met two friends that I made when our kids were in elementary school at a restaurant up the street called Napa River Grill.  They have a fabulous tomato soup with a puff pastry on top and we shared some apps but I forgot to take photos.  It’s always fun to catch up with these ladies and we usually go to this place when we get together.

Ginger ale and bourbon.

Friday I had made my appointment for the massage gift certificate my husband got me for Christmas.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to relax, but I did just fine. It was a treat and only the 5th massage I’ve ever had I think? 

It was a nasty day so after lunch with my boys I watched the JFK Jr. special that I had taped.  It was interesting.  

I got out later and got a chai latte from Heine Brothers if you’re local.  They make a good one, I think. 

That night we had plans to meet our friends and eat and listen to a band that we had heard this summer at one of the outdoor concerts.  I had a sangria.  

My first two books of 2019 are now complete.  You must read these and read them back to back in this order.  There were sweet and quick reads and I will continue to think about the characters.  

I got a new gingham mantel bunting at Target dollar spot.  My mom gave me the horse figurine for Christmas and I added that.  It always feels good to take down Christmas decor.  Usually I do January blue and white and snowmen decor but we’ve had 50 degree weather and I just like this for now.  I could still add it later.  

Saturday night we had plans with another set of couple friends.  Here is the menu and I told them I wanted to do it all.  About an hour before they arrived I started questioning my decision.  

But, it was a nice night staying in and we laughed and laughed while playing the game.  Our kids stayed in the basement and their kids stayed at home.  There’s something so nice about being in someone’s home rather than in a restaurant.  I made mashed potato casserole, bbq green beans, and a copycat for Outback’s Alice Springs chicken.  

Sunday was a lazy day with school work, cleaning, laundry, meal prep until about 2 p.m.  Then, hub and I went to an ice hockey game and a movie – will tell you more about that soon!

What did you do this weekend?  Is it back to normal tomorrow for you, too?  I’m feeling really blessed to have had this time off after losing my Dad.  I spent time with the people who mean the most to me and that really helped me a great deal.  

Happy Monday to you!


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Weekend was calm, the days are so jumbled up now that I don’t know what day it is – that’s real relaxation! We have access to a little cabin out in the Stockholm archipelago, and we spent a day and a night there, cosying up in front of the fire – I have become so lazy this break! School starts Wednesday with a teachers’ conference day, and students show up Thursday – don’t we just love to start with a short week! Have a great week, Amy!


    1. That cabin sounds perfect! I wish we started with just teachers but we jump right Back in with students. I will have 1.5 hours this morning before I have a class. Enjoy your last days!


  2. Now that sounds like a great weekend to close out your break and start up your second half of the year! Have a most wonderful Monday! The week will be good!


  3. You have the best weekends Amy! It is nice to get back into the routine but I do love vacation too. I love Alice Springs Chicken! Haven’t had it in years but it is one of my favorite dishes. I enjoy getting together at home rather than a restaurant too, it’s so much easier to visit.
    Hope you have a wonderful week back at work. I’m sure your students will love seeing you!


  4. Glad you are getting back in to the swing of things after the rough season you just navigated. Quick question for you – have you told us how you make the bourbon slushies? Like you, I’ve temporarily changed my cocktails to water but those sound like they’d be perfect this summer at our lake house. I keep telling myself that it’ll be worth it later if I curtail the eating and drinking for a little while. Shorts season is my motivation!!


    1. Thank you Renee! You won’t like my answer – a gas station has ginger ale slushies and I add bourbon! I bet you could freeze gingerale and have same effect! I want a lake house! Goals!


      1. Haha! That’s right up my alley! I used to add booze to all manner of Sonic slushes for quick cocktails. Had forgotten all about that until now. The lemon-lime made a pretty good margarita with a splash of tequila and adding cherry vodka to the cherry slush was divine. I’ve never heard of a gingerale slush and now I need one. I’ll try freezing and report back.


      2. So classy, right? That’s a good idea, too – hadn’t thought of Sonic! Let me know if it works!


  5. A weekend full of the good stuff – drinkies, music, massage. Sounds fab! On the topic of JFK Jnr – I was in the States when he died, such a tragedy. I knew one of his relatives. It was as though they were cursed. J xx


    1. Yes! Oh wow – you saw the impact of his death and knew his relative! I was kind of young at the time of his death – as were you!


    1. Thank you! I think it was $3 at the Target Dollar spot. Yes, do check out home safe or Arthur truluv by Berg. I think you will like her stuff! You too!


  6. Adding your books to my list- you have great recommendations. I love the color of your nails- very festive! I hope you enjoyed your massage. I enjoy getting them but I think I like the pedicure foot rubs just as much if not more! Don’t change your name!!!! It’s so fun! Also, are those Pioneer Woman dishes I spy?? My favorite! I hope you had a great first day back!


    1. I think we like the same books! Let me know what you think if you get an Elizabeth Berg book. I agree about the pedicure massage. Yes they are Pioneer woman dishes from Walmart! My sister has the teal ones. Her florals are so pretty! Have a great week Shannon!


  7. Perfect timing on the book recommendation, I had just tried a sample of Night of Miracles and was going to read it, but now I will read Arthur Truluv first. I’ve had a pesky sore throat for a week now and have been enjoying a hot toddy with a splash of whiskey in it at nite, I forgot how soothing that can be 😉


    1. Yes, Arthur is the first book! Let me know what you think. Gargle warm water with salt, too. That always helps me. Feel better!


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