Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy hump day!  Welcome to a very short edition with just my Monday and Tuesday outfits to share.  


What I wore Wednesday

Our weather has been 50-60 degrees this week!  With our heating system at school going strong,  I can get super hot while teaching.  So, I’ve worn short sleeves and been very comfortable.  We have kids wearing shorts in January!

On Monday I wore Matilda Jane pants, Tieks grey flats, a gray t shirt, and a kimono my mom got me for our late Christmas gathering.  

Tuesday I wore my Chico’s capri consignment pants, a black Old Navy lace up tee, and a LulaRoe kimono with my new Swedish clogs.  I made it through the whole day in the new clogs, but they aren’t as comfortable as my lower heeled brown clogs.  They are both from Amazon by the brand MIA.  

I ate a low carb breakfast and lunch both days, but the wheels came off after school. Also, I didn’t plan dinners well so dinners have not been as low carb as they could be, either.  But, I haven’t had many sweets and I’m definitely eating better than I did over break.  

I accidentally posted twice yesterday as one was meant for Thursday Thoughts. Check out my post on having the right stuff in your closet here and my Tuesday Tip about wearing everything in your closet here.  

As always, thanks so much for reading and for your comments!  



6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Well both of your posts were great yesterday, I thought you were just an overachiever! At my old school our A/C was always broken and we were all dying of the heat, it was horrible so I can relate to a too strong heater. It’s hard to learn when you are sweating!
    Your back to school fashion is spot on!


  2. 24 degrees in Stockholm, no dying of heat over here ;-D. Classrooms still cold without students, brr… But today school starts up after the break, hopefully all kids will warm up the building! Jeansjacket on today I think.


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