Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I struggled with a title here but bear with me…

It was a blessing to me that my closet had the “right stuff” recently.  As most of you know, my Dad passed away on December 18, his visitation was on December 20, and his funeral was on December 21.  I was scrambling trying to get my final exams done, sub plans ready, and a bunch of other things ready to leave town for these events, but…

I didn’t have to add shopping to the list of things I needed to do for my Dad’s visitation and funeral because my closet held the “right stuff”.  

One of my sisters had to grab everything black from her closet to throw in her suitcase and the other had to make an emergency shopping trip in our hometown with limited options.  They both ended up looking beautiful and appropriate, but it did add to the list of things they had to worry about.  

One sister commented that she probably hasn’t attended visitations that she should have due to lack of clothing.  That got me thinking…

Have you ever turned down an invitation or not attended an event because you didn’t feel comfortable due to your clothing?  Or, did you go, but the whole time felt uncomfortable in your clothing?  

Here are the things I think will serve you well for visitations, funerals, holiday parties, work events, weddings, church, and many other activities.  I hear a lot of people criticize black clothing or say that it’s basic or boring, but let me tell you, it is the color that gets worn the most in my closet and I think it looks the most chic, appropriate, and professional many times.  

  1.  A nice pair of black pants that can be worn year round
  2. A black dress that can be worn alone or with a cardigan 
  3. A couple of nice material tops that have black in them
  4. black dressy shoes – pumps, booties, sandals when appropriate

Please don’t wait until you NEED these things.  Start looking now and add to your closet as you find them.  

Where should you look?  

My favorite places to get comfortable black pants are Chico’s and J.Jill. I choose pants with elastic waists and very little detail so they are more versatile – and you know what – they work if you tend to fluctuate a bit with your weight. I think other good places to look would be Loft, Steinmart, and Kohl’s. Don’t forget your consignment stores. Several of my favorites are second hand. You also might want to have one that is more of a summer weight and one that is more of a winter weight material.

Left:  Chico’s travelers capri length pants found at consignment

Middle:  Chico’s thick straight leg pants from consignment

Right:  J.Jill boot cut knit pants (bought at regular price but have had for maybe 10 years!)


Newer additions:  The Matilda Jane regular ruffle bottom and velvet ruffle bottom pants.  This style won’t appeal to all, but I wanted to include them as an option.


A few years ago, I picked up this tiered dress for $12 at a consignment store.  I have worn it to two weddings, to chaperone a prom, and a funeral.


Here is how I wore it to the funeral last month.


Here is what I wore to the visitation the night before. Velvet MJ pants, burgundy velvet Old Navy top, Kendra Scott jewelry, and a long black cardigan.


Here are some options to put with your black pants:  I love just pairing a black top with the black pants and adding a third piece. On the left is a consignment faux fur vest and on the right is a duster length vest.  

Thoughts? Do you feel that you have the “right stuff” for your needs and your lifestyle?  

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – The Right Stuff

    1. Thank you. That’s not a bad idea. It’s a bit depressing but it’s important to have appropriate wear to pay respects.


  1. Having classics are important! I’ve definitely missed things because I didn’t feel I had the right thing to wear. It seems when you buy things spur of the moment, you just pick something/anything that may work. I’m sure in the moment of all you were dealing with, you were glad that wasn’t one of them. Thank you for sharing, continued blessings and comfort in 2019


    1. Yes, some classics will really serve you well. Yes, spur of the moment purchases end up in the donate pile. Thank you for your sweet words, Noelle.


  2. Good subject to tackle. While I don’t have a solid black dress, I have all the rest and agree it’s good to have suitable outfit or two that you can wear without the stress of shopping or purchasing something that you regret. I do have a navy dress that’s good and grey can be okay too.


    1. Oh yes to navy and grey! I just don’t have those colors right now. It isn’t the most fun topic, but it’s something we will all need at some time or another. I realized how important it is to just show up for your friends and how much it will mean to them. Truly they won’t care or remember what you wore, but it’s important to feel that you are appropriately dressed for the ocassion.


  3. Thanks for sharing this today, Amy. I feel black is timeless and I definitely need a few more black pieces in my wardrobe. I keep several types of jewelry on hand just in case- Kendra for weddings and fun events and more simply jewelry like pearls or a simple necklace for funerals.


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