Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Friday to all!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites today.  Go here to see others’ posts!  

I am loving this book!  I can’t put it down!  I think I have read all of her books, but it’s been awhile since I have picked one up.  


Confession:  I almost never iron these days.  I am good about getting things out of the dryer immediately and this spray is my best friend.  It really works.  Please don’t tell me if it uses chemicals because I just want to believe it is magic.  It smells great, too!


Did you jump on the Marie Kondo Magic of Tidying Up a few years ago?  I sure did!  I loved her book so much and it really stuck with me.  Now, you can watch her visit peoples’ homes on Netflix.  I have only watched one episode, but I plan to watch some more this weekend to help me get motivated!  


Check out my ring finger.  This is a laquer strip by Jamberry.  It is like a nail polish sticker.  I have tried Jamberry before and couldn’t do the heating of the strips, so this is a great compromise for me.  I think I can manage to get a sticker on my nail and file off the excess.  I you need a consultant, message me and I can hook you up.  My co-worker and friend E is a consultant.  

Want to make it easy to get dressed next week? On Tuesday, I laid out a plan for next week right here.  It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not – I’ve chosen items that we probably all have and that can work in either situation.

Monday – blanket or any scarf

Tuesday – long necklace

Wednesday – vest

Thursday – black pants or black jeans

Friday – plaid flannel or just plaid

Send me a photo if you want and let me know if I can put you on the blog!

Happy weekend! We have a pretty good chance for snow and I say “let it!”  I’m going to pick up groceries today after school and all I need is Netflix, my book, some warm beverages, and I’m set.  

Are you getting snow?  What were your faves this week?  

Thanks for reading!  


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Gonna see if my library has that book now! I haven’t watched Marie Kondo on Netflix yet but I plan to; I may start today. I like having the tv on while I’m working and I read her a book a few years ago. I like her ideas!
    Have a great weekend, rest, relax, and stay warm!


    1. You will not be able to put it down! I am almost finished with it and I read it mostly this week when I was already back in school – so that’s saying something.
      The Marie Kondo would be a great background show. It’s a little cheesy but I find it motivating to see people declutter. Happy Friday – loved your post!


  2. I need to see if my library has that book. Also, I watched the Tidying Up show and it stressed me out. All the clutter, the arguments…I left feeling stressed. Hahaha! I am going to watch it again though because it is one of those things I can’t look away from. Hahahaa! I also LOVE that spray! I don’t know about chemicals but I do know that it works really well and I love it so I will keep on using it! Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. Haha! I have only watched one episode so that might be true for me too! Definitely get the book though!
      The spray is life changing!
      Happy weekend Jenna!


  3. 36 degrees in Stockholm, no snow (which I enjoy, since I take my bicycle to school). I absolutely LOVE your Tuesday tip for clothes next week! I am so in! Please do one for the week after, too! (I won’t send pictures though… but I’m happy to give you a report! [where’s my flannel shirt!?])


    1. You are awesome to bike in 36 degrees! I wish our roads were more bike friendly. I have a cute bike with basket and used to ride to school – took me 3 minutes. I had to keep bike in my classroom!
      I will do another challenge – it helps me get dressed! Haha! You don’t have to send a picture. I’m excited someone wants to do it!
      Have a happy weekend! We are still getting snow they say!


  4. Hi Amy, happy Friday!!!! I’m just finishing Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty, good but kinda longish. I will make that Emily Giffin my next. I liked The One and Only! Ok so I loved your Tuesday Tip themed wardrobe. It helped make my choice today, I wore my Jcrew flannel:)…..I’ll skip the pics:))) but I love that idea! Thanks for the inspo!! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Hi Noelle! I love Liane but Truly wasn’t my fave. I still did like it though. I’m excited for you to get this book and I hope I haven’t overhyped it!
      I’m so happy that you like my challenge and I’m going to pick 5 new things for the next week – or try to. No pics is fine! I would be the same


  5. Hey! I truly think the reason sales in stores are down here is that we are all taking notice of the less consumption / clutter free house stuff. I haven’t read any books about it but constantly declutter – in fact, on a daily basis, it is a lifes’s work haha and the best way to spend time! I am jealous you have snow forecast – you might get a snow day you lucky thing! Nothing here but the temps are set to plummet. Northern and Central Europe has been hammered by snow – our Scandi neighbours have it up to their rooftops, poor things! A few inches would be perfect xx


    1. I think you might be right. There’s a big movement toward minimalism. I’m pretty good about decluttering on the regular. I hope you get some snow!


  6. Adding that book to my list! I am going to watch Marie K’s show right now because I need to declutter like crazy! I love the idea of your outfit schedule. I may plug in some of those days because I have trouble deciding what to wear each morning. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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