Thursday, October 4, 2018

I love shoes!  But, the older I get the more I know I cannot be uncomfortable!  I have to buy better quality shoes. 

I don’t know about you, but I realized that I really only need black and brown shoes.  I used to buy whatever was on sale, only to be frustrated that I wasn’t wearing the other colors as much.  Exception:  I have learned the value of a good metallic and how it can work like a neutral.  Also, I have discovered a love of grey jeans and pants and find that a grey shoe works very well for my fall color palette, as well.  My fall color palette is black, tan, mustard, wine, olive, and navy, mainly. I urge you to develop a color palette as well, as I think it will make curating your wardrobe much easier.  

Let’s start with flats.  I tend to wear the Tory Burch when I’m not at school but when I want to look a little more chic. I wrote my opinion about TB flats here if you are interested.  I wear the Tieks to school and on the weekends.  Again, I think they elevate an outfit slightly and they are more comfortable than the TB flats.  The Tieks are all from my favorite consignment store – probably my best consignment score ever!  


I’m anxious to wear my boots!  I have the Sam Edelman Penny in brown and Clarks basic boots in black.  The Penny were my birthday gift last year and were a lot for me – $150 on Amazon.  The Clarks were on major sale at the end of last season – $60 I think.  I like a basic boot without much adornment so that I can wear with silver and gold.  I think the Penny boots look so nice.  They are a beautiful rich cognac color.  img_3946.jpg

The open toed booties are mainly for going out or for a shorter daytime stint.  I really don’t wear them much because I don’t go out much!  They are Hush Puppies from Amazon a few years ago.  I think everyone should have a brown and black bootie and these are my biggest workhorses when the weather turns too cold to wear flats.  img_3947.jpg

I wore the Sam Edelman cowboy boot mule from a consignment shop to school this week and I love them.  They look funky and cool to me.  The middle black clogs are Lotta from Amazon.  And, finally the metallic are Axiomm from a consignment store.  img_3948.jpg

Here are my consignment store funky going out clogs.  I have worn these with a wider leg jean. I may try to wear them to a party this weekend.  


Holes in my shoe wardrobe: 

I would love a brown clog with closed toe that is lower heeled and suitable for school.  I’m thinking a Mary Jane style.  

I think I could use a black going out type shoe. 

I also am thinking about a bow mule like my SIL has.  They are really cute and I missed the boat on getting the BP bow mules from Nordstrom that she has because they are out of stock now.  Honestly, I haven’t seen too many fall shoes that I’m crazy about.  

I wonder if I would like a grey bootie?  

I may do some weekend “research” and see what’s out there.  I don’t have an outfit picked out for a Saturday night party so that may be included in the research.  I said earlier this week that going out clothing was a deficit in my closet.  

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Leave me any tips about shoes that you might have!  I need suggestions!  

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Fall Shoes

  1. I love your shoes. I am with you, it’s ok to spend more on shoes than be uncomfortable all day. I want a pair of clogs so bad. I love the boots you have. I have had my eye on a pair of penny’s for a while. I am thinking black might be my next pair of riding boots.

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    1. Thank you! Let me know if you find comfortable and affordable clogs – beginning to think it’s like finding a unicorn!
      You should ask for the Pennys!

      Liked by 1 person

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