Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Did that title catch your eye?  I think most of us would have the instinct to expand our wardrobes, right?  I want to make a case for having a smaller selection of clothing from which to choose.  For some reason, when I have less, I feel like I have so many more options.  

So, this past weekend, I was tired of having summer and fall clothing all jumbled around in my closet.  It was too full and I couldn’t easily decide what to wear.  I put everything that wasn’t early fall in a closet in another room.  You may have to use under bed storage containers or another solution for your space.  

Our weather is still all over the place here in Kentucky.  We had fall like temps last week and now we are back to high 80s.  Here are the shirts that I can wear over the next month or two.  Notice there really aren’t that many.  And, notice they are not really organized by sleeve length but somewhat by color.  

Here are my “third pieces”.  These are kimonos, cardigans, and vests.  I like to use the rule of 3.  

Here are my pants and leggings.

Here are my skirts and dresses.  

The items I’m showing here work for mainly my work clothes, but I can wear many things on the weekends or out at night.  It’s not super organized, but I have space to see things and it just made me happier getting dressed on Monday morning.

Holes in my closet:  

I really need to add to my weekend wear.  I don’t have much that fits the athleisure category or the going out category.  I wore jeans for the first time since spring both Friday and Saturday and it was so nice.  My go to night out outfit is jeans, a black top with some detail, and higher heeled open toe booties. 

Also, a word about color:  My fall clothes are orange, wine, mustard, olive green, black, white, tan, brown, grey, and a bit of light blue.  When you chose a fairly limited color palette, you will feel that you have more to mix and match, in my opinion.  

My other clothes are easily accessible if I find I need something.  

What are your thoughts on less is more?  Do you still have summer clothes out?  Do you store off season clothing?  Got any tips for me?  

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Shrink Your Closet

  1. Normally, I keep all seasons at the ready. Colorado weather for the last 4 years can be almost any temperature, any time of year. I’m more organized about storing off-season shoes than I am clothes, because a lot of clothes can work for multiple seasons. I’ve discovered that getting rid of work clothes that don’t fit great reallllllly emptied out my closet for me.


  2. I categorize my closet and put them in color coded order. Nerd alert! But actually I find that I wear more of my clothes this way. I also leave out my t-shirts to layer under cardigans this time of year. I feel like I need more of the athleisure outfits as well. I love these tips!


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