Friday, October 5, 2018

Favorite #1)  We’re out of school today!  

Favorite #2)  This is weird, but have you heard of Kleenex cool touch?  My students donate a box of tissues at the beginning of the year and this was one of them.  I was hot this week in my classroom and I was wiping sweat from my face and I had the most wonderful feeling of coolness.  Menopausal women everywhere, get ya a box of these!  I will be getting more for myself!  

Favorite #3)  I took a chance on these bars from Trader Joe’s this week.  They look like a work of art and they taste like pumpkin pie on a brownie.  TJ’s has so much pumpkin stuff!  

Favorite #4)  My whole family loves to go to the movies and I’m hoping to see one or both of these this weekend.  img_3955img_3956.jpg

Favorite #5)  I love almost everything Bravo has to offer, but I really like Below Deck and the Tahiti edition just started this week.  I love Captain Lee and Chief Stew Kate.  img_3957.jpg

Favorite #6) I mentioned that one area of my closet that is lacking is going out clothes.  We have a cocktail party to attend this weekend and it is still going to be pretty hot.  I found this at Steinmart for $20 and I’m kind of excited about it.  It is kind of a scarf top and it has fall colors.  I also think I will wear it to Parent Teacher Conference Day on Tuesday.  

Favorite #7)  My boys have off until next Wednesday.  They have been working so hard and really deserve some down time.  I have to have a teacher day on Monday and then conferences on Tuesday but it will be a break from teaching 6 classes a day and having lessons prepared.  It’s kind of sad when your mom is a teacher that you can’t travel anywhere, but I don’t think they care.  They love being home.  

I hope to have some fun this weekend!  How about you? Hope you have had a good week!  I can’t wait to read other peoples’ favorites!  I’m linking up with Andrea etc. so check out some more.  

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I haven’t heard of that Kleenex but good to know! I really want to see the Kevin Hart movie. He is so funny. I love your Steinmart top! Steinmart has some of the coolest clothing. I love shopping there with my mom. The pumpkin cheesecake bars look amazing!!!


  2. I have never heard of those kleenex before – I must try them! TJ’s has so many yummy treats, I need to stay away – those look too good to be true! I really like your new top from Steinmart, it has so many pretty fall colors I know you’ll have fun mixing and matching it with other items in your closet. It’s nice to have a bit of a break from school. When my boys were younger sometimes we’d get almost a whole week off and we’d try to do something. But as they got older they had stuff to work on so we stayed home. They were always happy to get to sleep in!


    1. I will be looking for the Kleenex! It felt wonderful on my face! I know about TJ’s – I usually resist, but the pumpkin stuff called my name! I wore my new top last night and I loved it. I think I could’ve sized down, though. I love it so much, I may go see if they have in next size down. We have never had a whole week off in the fall, but we would go to everything under the sun available for fall activities. Now, they are sleeping in and doing homework but they seem happy. Can’t wait for more Nashville pictures!


  3. I keep meaning to look out for Below Deck – would be a really interesting insight into that type of life – I can’t imagine how difficult it must be at times to live and work in such close quarters, especially during rough seas. I must search it on Amazon and Netflix. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the time with your boys – can’t wait til our half term break. J xx


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