Wednesday, October 3, 2018

O.k., I slacked on outfit pictures at work last week.  I feel like I’m bugging my sweet colleagues E and E who are my main photographers!  

Here is Thursday when I wore my trusty black Chico’s capris that I wear once a week and this top from last year.  Is criss cross still in?  I hope so because I have a few.  I feel that this top is too big, though.  I have trouble sometimes and either end up thinking some of my tops are too big or too small.  

I forgot to take a photo Friday, but I wore jeans, a black top, and my puffer vest with school logo – so nothing you would want to see.

Saturday was debate tournament day and I wore a different pair of jeans, my black Chico’s criss cross top, and a baby poop brown sweater that I’m not sure about.  It was consignment Old Navy.  I also wore consignment Tieks black flats.  

Monday it was going to be 90 degrees again!  I think this dress is too short and I felt self conscious all day.  I don’t know if it shrank or if it was always crossing the line.  I wore a kimono and a long necklace – rule of three pieces and my new Axiomm shoes that I bought in black and tan.  I thought they were the answer to my late summer/early fall teacher shoe problems, but they really aren’t that comfortable.  

And, finally this is Tuesday’s outfit.  I look mad, but I’m not.  Trusty Chico’s black pants, Soft Surroundings tank that I now think is too low for school, Steinmart sweater kimono in a small and it is still huge, consignment necklace and bracelet and consignment Tieks.  

So, these are outfits I’m not wild about.  There is something off in each of them.  I’m keeping it real here.  

I ordered this romper off of Amazon and it will be here today. It was a total impulse purchase! I don’t even know if I’m a romper person. Heather of My Glittery Heart sings its praises.

I stopped in my favorite consignment shop this weekend and these both fit my palette and I thought they would both be good fall additions.  They were $8 each.


Thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Recent Purchases

  1. The baby poop sweater LOL It looks cozy though! I think criss cross is still in! I really like the tops you picked up at the consignment shop. Reminds me that I need to go by my usual shops and see what treasures behold me!


  2. I can tell from the picture that your multi-colored consignment top is LOGO. I absolutely love the LOGO Lounge collection. Lucky you got it for so cheap! They are so high on QVC!!! Can’t wait to see it on ya.


    1. Ooh thank you for the information Misty! I can’t pay regular QVC prices but this was a bargain! It does say LOGO Lounge on it! I hope to wear it soon!


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