Thursday, August 30, 2018

Are you a fan of Tory Burch?  I am not a big name brand person or a big status symbol person, but I do like quality and I like what I like.  I love her logo.  I think it looks so cool and chic.  I was really coveting some flats about six years ago.  But, the price tag was out of my league.  I believe most of her flats start at $200 and can go up to $225ish.  I stalked and stalked and thought and thought and finally ended up with the beautiful cognac pair for around $175. I can’t remember how I justified the cost.  Maybe I had some extra money that I put toward them.  Then, I really wanted black ones.  I found them on sale for $150 and used my birthday money from my parents and in laws to buy those.  So, like I said, I have had both pairs for around six years.  My husband thinks they look like hubcaps on a “shoe” and hates them.  My husband would like for me to only wear what he calls “practical shoes”.  I hate wearing socks so flats without socks are a great option for me with jeans or work pants.  Since mine are so old, they still have the elastic backs.  I have heard the new models don’t have that feature anymore.  Many people prefer the elastic backs from what I have read.


So, are they comfortable?  Yes, they are pretty comfortable except they bother the bone under my big toe where the leather comes up on the foot a bit.  I will usually have a red spot on that area, but it’s not too bad. 

Are they worth the price tag?  Well, if you divide $175 by six years, that comes out to be $29 a year.  If you divide $150 by six years, that comes out to be $25.  Do we spend $29 or $25 on flats from Target?  Yes, we do, easily.  

I feel like these still look almost new – the black look a little bit better because you can see some scratches on the cognac toe.  These probably won’t go out of style.  They are classics.  So, I am glad I bought them and I will hang on to them for a long time, I’m sure.

Are they the most comfortable flats I own?  Definitely not.  My new consignment find Tieks are more comfortable (Retail for $199 and I got mine for $35).  

Before I found the Tieks, I found my other favorite flat.  They are Hush Puppies from Amazon.  They are wonderful.  I will still wear them along with the Tieks I think.  You can tell how much I’ve worn them.  Here is where you can find them on Amazon.  They come in 16 colors/patterns and their cognac is seriously beautiful.  The price ranges from $31.86-$88.  Why Amazon?  Don’t you hate how the price range is all over the place based on size and pattern?  

So, my recommendation to you is to buy a pair of Tory Burch as an investment if you love them and think you will wear them a lot.  This is a great use of some birthday money or maybe a department store gift card.  You can sometimes get lucky at Nordstrom Rack and find your size and the color you want.  

If you have wanted Tieks and you have some gift money, I would say they are also worth the money.  The same math would apply.  If you own them for six years at $199, that works out to be $33 a year.  

But, if you aren’t a Rockefeller and just want a nice pair of comfortable flats, I would think you would be very happy with the Hush Puppies.  

In the end, these are very personal choices.  We all value different things, we all have different clothing budgets and we all make choices every day about how to spend our hard earned money, true?  Some people are purse people.  I am not.  I do not own any designer purses and would much rather carry my Fossil tote and have some nice flats.  


Did you catch my post yesterday about doing something different on a Wednesday or taking a bit of time for yourself?  Well, I decided to go to Versona (do you have one? ) and nose around.  I just wanted to see what was out in the store for fall and I happened upon some great sales on summer stuff.  I hadn’t been in a store for the  couple of weeks since school started.  Versona now carries many of the brands that our little boutique clothing stores carry around town.  If you have a Versona, you need to check it out.  I used to go in only when I needed a specific color necklace because it’s great for that, too. 

I found these fun pants for $11.99 (original price $24.99).  Yes, they are quite summery but I think I can wear them a few times this year.  The length was perfect because they were meant to be capri, I think.  

Then, I remembered seeing this kimono about a month ago and wanting it.  It was on sale for 13.99 from $25.  I love the yellow and grey.

So, this post was all over the place?  You clicked for the Tory Burch and you got much more!  Ha!  

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Are Tory Burch flats worth the price?

  1. I can’t wear any of the TB shoes because I have so many issues but I love them on others. I love the idea of dividing the price over the years of use; it really helps to make a good decision. Sometimes I end up spending more trying to get what I want for less than if I’d just made the investment and got what I really wanted. Does that make sense?


  2. Thank you so much for your recommendations on shoes. I have to admit, I get sucked into wanting, but never know if I would actually think that the price would be worth it. I also loved how you divided the price over the years.


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