Thursday, April 14, 2022

It is time to link up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files. I really wasn’t feeling the gym yesterday morning, but since I had my gym post scheduled I had to go!

Over my Spring Break, one of my goals was to really clean out my spring and summer wardrobe. I ended up with a nice stack for the consignment shop that doesn’t accept stuff from Old Navy, Target, or other “cheaper” places, a stack for the consignment store that does accept from those places and pays cash on the spot (but not much!), and then a donation stack.

I never really know how to arrange my hanging clothes. Do I do sleeve length? Color? What do you do?

These are my blouses and tops that are both long and short sleeve but appropriate for spring and summer:

These are my tees and things to wear over tees like kimonos and sweaters:

These are my sleeveless:

I don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless without anything over, by the way.

Are you surprised at my relatively small collection of things for the top part of the body?

I am trying to wear each thing until the end of the school year and wait for it…

I am also trying to hold off on any more spring and summer clothing purchases until I get out of school. I am doing this (or trying to) for a couple of reasons – I have plenty, I am trying to save some money for our home renovations and a vacation, and I just want to be super thoughtful about what comes in my closet.

My plan is to write things I “need” in my phone memo.

It finally turned warm after I had worn joggers, leggings, and jeans most of Spring Break.

I wore my new clear sandals, my pink Walmart Time and Tru cut offs, and an old Target floral bouse:

For school, I wore my new Loft pink top for the first time but paired it with jeans and my new New Balance because I had to walk to and from school that day. My students couldn’t believe I got the shoes for $13 from my consignment shop! Also, my sweater is super old from a consignment shop.

I really liked this simple but chic outfit on Joanna from Cup of Jo blog.

My feet were so happy the day before that I wanted to wear the shoes again and it worked for me to “copy” her outfit. Well, it flopped. I did do a little half tuck after this picture and I decided to cut off my skirt when I got home to make it frayed like hers! I won’t be able to wear it to school anymore, but that’s ok. I think a little shorter will be more flattering. How about I fall down a rabbit hole of cut off jean skirts now? Ha!

Do you screenshot outfits you see, too? I think it’s a great way to add new life to your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be exact, either. Don’t get too bogged down with having the exact components or that will defeat the purpose.

So…what have you been wearing lately?

Have you switched out seasonal clothes? Have you really taken a hard look to see what still works for you? Maybe go back to this post or this post if you need some help?

Thanks for visiting me today!


25 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I’m thinking about organizing my closet. I live in S Florida, so most of my clothes are for warmer weather. I have about 5 flannel shirts for winter and some sweaters. I’m moving them to the back of my closet. I try to organize t-shirt tops together and then short sleeve button ups together, then long-sleeved together, etc. I put them light to dark colored. What I really like to do is rotate my clothes, so I move them to the back of the “line” after I wear and wash them. I tend to wear the same things repeatedly, so this gives me more variety. I follow some minimalist dressing accounts on IG, and I’ve gotten some good outfit ideas. I would never wear a a a white top or blue/white striped top with my ecru jeans, but I tried it, and it looked good. I’m also wishing I could wear my denim overalls, but I work in a middle school, and I’ll be either super cool or totally ridiculed! Maybe one of these days! You look great in pink, and I agree that shortening the jean skirt would make it more flattering. How did it turn out?


    1. I think moving them to the back or front depending on season is probably good for your climate. I rotate, too! I am trying to wear it all before repeating. I want to be minimalist, but I don’t think I can ever truly be. I have a confession – I bought overall shorts. I might need to cut them to make them work better for my short legs. I think they look ok from the front but worried about the back. I think you will be called cool in them! Go for it!
      I haven’t tried the skirt on yet, but I plan to soon. It didn’t fray a ton, but it did change the length by about an inch and a half.


  2. I just started transitioning in a few spring weight tops and my flip flops but that’s about it. I definitely use other outfits I’ve seen around the web to inspire my outfits. I like to organize my clothes by color (always in rainbow order) and sleeve length!


    1. Nice! I know – it seems to happen gradually because winter comes back to haunt us! I like doing it by rainbow color – that’s great. My issue is that I have so many patterns and prints with multiple colors!


  3. I arrange my tops by sleeve length and then color, it helps me to stay organized and find things easily. I think once that skirt is cut and frayed you’ll have a winner of an outfit and you can show off your great legs!


    1. That’s smart. I need to work on a better system. I am thinking maybe right now just to wear something and put it in the back so that I can try to wear everything in the next 6 weeks!
      Aww – thank you!


  4. I do the same and screen shot outfits! I actually like your version a lot! I organize by sleeve length, color and patterns (stripes mostly). I do the same and write notes on my phone if I think I want to add something. I picked up 2 floral things on spring break and sneakers so now hoping to only thrift till summer.


    1. It’s so fun, right? You do a great job with that! You are also great about thrifting. I am really going to try not to do that, either. It’s always a fun summer hobby to go look at things. I have enough going on until then and want to save it for summer fun!


  5. I love to screenshot outfits, helps me get out of my comfort zone and my lack of creativity. 🙂
    Cant wait to see pics of your jean skirt with your white sneakers!


    1. It’s so fun! I love using Pinterest and you can also use Google images for this! Who knew? I will try to wear that soon – just for you! But, not in a creepy way, ok? Ha!


      1. Bahahaha, never in a creepy way but can’t wait to see it! :):)
        You just taught me about Google images…..virtual teaching has made Google a bad word in my book. HAha!


      2. Ha! I wore it yesterday so you will see it next week!
        I know, right? I resisted Google everything until the pandemic and now I kinda impress myself with my new abilities. I mean, I did start teaching when we still had the card catalog in the library. I used a typewriter for my tests! Look at me now! Ha!


  6. Yes I have! I actually did it yesterday after golfing. I still need to go thru my jeans. Some I dont like anymore so time to donate them. I have 3! yes just 3 pair of shorts. 2 denim and I white Bermuda. All the rest are golf shorts. and Skorts. I have a couple summer dresses and I have no new tops for summer or spring. I think it is time I lessened my 12 in 2022 goals just a tad because I honestly would like a couple new summer and spring tops. I will let you know if I did. I need to head to a local boutique here in town and check them out. Tay said they are awesome. Also, have you heard of MOD boutique online? I am tired of buying online though. I hate returns. Even locally I hate returns. I loved your pink top with jeans and the pink sweater. Can U believe I dont have ANY cardigans.


    1. Your wardrobe works for your lifestyle and that’s what is important. You are doing great on your goal, though! You might need a new blouse and a cardigan but only go with ones you truly fall in love with!


  7. Hi I really enjoy reading your blog, first time commenting . I simplified my wardrobe/life by only wearing three primary colors for bottoms , black ,gray or jeans. They match with every color top! I actually preferred your version of the jean skirt and black top . It seems like a more work appropriate way to wear the outfit. The outfit you copied, to me had a more casual, after work /weekend vibe.


    1. Thank you! And, thank you for taking the time to comment. That is genius! Also, I used to have grey jeans and I couldn’t believe what a wardrobe staple they were. You wouldn’t like my printed pants, though! I have some fun spring palazzo pants but I do make sure they all have black in them so I can wear with a solid black top. I think one of them only has white and I wear those with a white top.
      I guess mine was more work appropriate but I felt like a NYC commuter who needed to walk to work in sneakers and then change into real shoes. I kind of use work as a testing ground for my outfits!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  8. After reading this, I ordered those pink cut off shorts. I think they’ll be here today! My closet is WAY TOO FULL, but I purposefully buy classic cuts or styles and spend a little more so they’ll last a long time. I don’t usually fluctuate sizes so I can and do still wear most of it. I have been pretty ruthless donating anything I put something on that doesn’t feel great. My summer project is pulling out anything I haven’t worn this year. I organize my shirts by sleeve length, then color or patterns. My pants are all organized by color. My dresses are organized by season (winter and everything else), then length. I do keep all of my Lilly dresses together in the guest room closet. It brings me so much joy to open it up and see all those colors!


    1. I hope you like them! I think they are great and I bet with your colorful wardrobe you will have lots to wear with them.
      I am hoping to stop changing sizes and to be able to do that, too! That is a great summer project. I personally don’t want to be a minimalist and if I wear everything I am ok with having a bit more! I feel the same about color! So happy!


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