Monday, October 1, 2018

It feels wrong to use an exclamation point, doesn’t it? This weekend went by too quickly. Can you believe it’s the first day of October?  I always forget how quickly
September goes by and how busy I am!  Whew!  I’m hoping to slow things down a bit.

The last two weeks I have ordered my groceries online for pick up on Friday morning.  I cannot tell you what a nice feeling it is to pick up my groceries at 2:45, come home and unload and be fully stocked for the weekend.  Where was this when my kids were little?  Now, I do love going to the grocery and looking around, but in this busy season of life, this is working for me!  Do you do online shopping yet?  

My boys walked home from their extra curricular and my friend called to chat.  I asked what she was doing and she was picking from the tailor and cobbler near me (all she needed was the candlestick maker, am I right?)  I asked if she wanted to come to my patio and she did!  She’s such a good friend that I didn’t even clean the table, but I did light my candle and make us bourbon, lemon, Ale 8 cocktails.  If we had planned this it wouldn’t have worked, but we seem to be doing well with spontaneity lately!

I also did my nails on the patio.  I think shorter nails look better on me and especially with bold colors.  Still loving Essie’s For the Twill of It.  

She left after one drink and I had a seltzer because I wasn’t driving.  I read my book and then my hub came home.  At 7, we walked to the high school football game with one son but only stayed for a bit.  I was in bed pretty early after some tv with hub.  

Saturday was the first debate tourney of the year and one son and I headed out bright and early at 7 a.m.  The other son and my hub had plans to go to a play.  I stayed at the debate tourney for 11 hours, not that I counted or anything.  I love debate and love that my son loves it, but these tournaments are painfully long.  I had to judge which is very hard.  Between each round, there is a lot of waiting around.  My hub picked up Mexican takeout for dinner so that was nice.  I got home around 6:30 and I was in bed at 8:30.  

Sunday was my day to rest.  I did breakfast prep for the week – mushrooms, zucchini, low carb egg casserole.  It is so nice to have this on hand during the week.  


I fixed myself a plate of this for breakfast and added about a third of a baked potato that I had fried up.  This is my favorite breakfast.  During the week, I add turkey sausage crumbles.  

I also got out my fall plastic plates from last year at Target.  I love these simple plates.  I realized I needed to start using them because it is definitely fall!

I made myself a pumpkin coffee and fancied it up with some whip cream and pumpkin pie spice.  Better than dropping $5 on a Starbuck’s PSL, am I right?  

Netflix sent me an email Friday and said I should watch this.  It’s like Real Housewives of Mexico City!  I’m loving it!  I know this won’t appeal to all because they speak Spanish (with English subtitles), but I am finding it so fascinating!  These are the hip crowd of Mexico City and they tell some of the history of how their families came to be in Mexico.  One family is Lebanese/Mexican.  I just find this stuff very interesting.  I also love hearing their Spanish.  They pepper many English words into their speech which I also find interesting.  Mexicans have a very clear accent, in my opinion, so if you want to brush up on your Spanish, this would be good!  


One boy had movie plans and the other went to a friend’s house so my husband and had a late lunch at a new to us place. I had Benedictine and the cutest little ginger snap cookie for dessert.

Later that afternoon, I concocted my first fall apple sangria. 

I did one shot fireball, one shot or a little less of normal bourbon, about a 1/2 cup of good apple cider and mixed that up well.  I poured over ice and apple chunks and topped with a little bit of ginger ale or Ale 8 One as Kentucky people would not want me calling it ginger ale.  It was very good!  I do several variations based on what I have, so I will let you know what I mix in next time.  It just tastes like fall, though.  I know you will love it!

I hope you have a great week! 


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I love all of your cocktail recipes! The apple sangria sounds so good and so does the bourbon drink you made for your friend. My oldest was in debate – it’s such a great activity, I wish he had stuck with it. My youngest was super involved in robotics – even traveled to Louisville for World Competition. I spent many a Saturday at robotics. All the tourneys were so far away we’d have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive. Good times though.
    That Netflix show sounds super interesting, I may need to check it out. I watch Real Housewives, always so interesting to me to see how some people live and how super insane they are!
    Have a great week, I’m off to Nashville this morning!


    1. Thank you! So cool that you did debate, too. Did you have to judge? I wish we had had robotics. I think I remember a competition here that I wanted to take boys to to observe. Small world! Have fun in Nashville. That is so great that you are meeting up with other bloggers!


  2. Hi there. Just popping in to let you know I’m a fairly new reader and you had me at your title! I find your blog to be most relatable to me and I look forward to reading it. I love cocktails, clothes and we spend a lot of time at the lake too (Lake LBJ in Texas). Anyway, wanted to encourage you and let you know I enjoy your writings.


    1. That is the nicest compliment! I was a reader for many years and finally took a leap. Thank you for reading and commenting! Have a great day Renee!


  3. Looks like a lovely weekend! The fall sangria looks yummy, I may have to try that! And out of curiosity, where was the new restaurant (that ginger snap cookie looks like something I need to find!)?


  4. I enjoy the White Claw drink. They have some pretty good flavors. Your weekend looks like it was a great fall one, especially with football thrown in. 🙂 Happy Monday!


  5. I’m *hoping* that when we move to a busier city next year there will be grocery pick-up available! I used Walmart for that a few times in Co Springs but I wasn’t impressed with it (lots of substitutions, very long wait times, etc).


  6. I haven’t tried online supermarket shopping, but a lot of my friends do. The supermarket I use doesn’t do it yet, but if they did I would try it – it would save so much time. Love the fact you drink Benedictine – I need to try more digestifs. What does it taste like? Your breakfast looks A_MAZING by the way! J xx


    1. Online shopping is amazing for the staples but I still enjoy wandering! This post was really old, did you know? That was my weekend recap from a month ago. Benedictine in Kentucky is a cream cheese and cucumber spread for sandwiches and not a drink. Is it a drink in England?
      Hope you had a great weekend!


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