Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy Friday! I’ve had a good week and I hope you have, too! Linking up with Andrea, etc. today for Friday Favorites.

Favorite 1)

I can’t believe I hit my 100th post this week. I started blogging in April and have posted 5 times a week with just a couple of exceptions. I thought I would run out of stuff to say by now.


Favorite 2)

Facebook memories are bittersweet. I believe this was 3rd grade, the first year they had to wear a belt with their uniforms. Look at those cuties! I have loved every stage and love being their mom so much!


Favorite 3)

I’m hoping to get my hands on the Fall edition of Pioneer Woman magazine this weekend and I may also decorate for fall. The long weekend would be a good opportunity to do so. Are you ready?


Favorite 4)

If you didn’t watch season 1 last year of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Instant Video, run and watch it now. It’s written by the writer of Gilmore Girls – so witty. Season 2 is coming out soon. Let me know in the comments if you know the exact date!


Favorite 5)

I’m about halfway through this book and I really like it. A high powered female exec that works in the stock market is trying to balance home and work. It is chick lit but that’s my speed right now.

Favorite 6)

Did you catch my monogram post here? Southern gals love all things monogrammed.  I can’t believe I forgot my boat and tote from LL Bean in that post. I love this bag and they last for years. Mine is the large size.  I need to throw it in the wash soon.

Favorite 7)

Hooray for long weekends! I hope to boat one day and we have plans to go to dinner at friends’ house one day.  I am just happy for an extra day to relax and it comes at a great time –  3 weeks into the new school year.  I love this hat with my Louisville abbreviation.


Anyone plan to hit any Labor Day Sales? Let me know if there are any good ones!

Have a relaxing long weekend!


P.S. Check out my post about Tory Burch flats here if you missed it yesterday!

P.S.S. Check out my post about fall trends from Tuesday here if you missed it!

18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love my boat tote with my monogram, it’s the best! Congratulations on 100 posts, it’s a big accomplishment. I began decorating for Fall last night when I picked up a leaf banner thing from Target’s dollar spot.


  2. Happy 100! I too keep thinking I’m going to run out of ideas and yet each week I find I have more and more to say.


  3. Your boys are so cute!!! I am ready to decorate for fall but it’ll likely be delayed 😦 Hope you find some good Labor Day sales! I’ll broke from home renovations! Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. Thank you! I guess you can’t decorate until your painting and Reno is done. You will be so happy when it’s done that it will be worth it. Yes, luckily your weather won’t turn cool for a long time so you don’t need fall clothes yet. My consignment store is having 20% off this weekend! You have a great weekend, too, Shannon!


  4. Ahh those darn memories always give me the feels when my kiddos pop up! I think I may need to try that book. I cannot fall yet. It’s mid nineties and a gazillion percent humidity so I just cannot do it darn it! Happy weekend!


    1. I know! You still have a little one though, right? I’m enjoying the book! Yes, 90 here, too, but the calendar will say September tomorrow! Woohoo!
      Happy long weekend!

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      1. I do. I have a kinder but honey when that memory of him trying to say happy birthday at 24 months popped up on my timeline….bawled my damn eyes out. BAWLED! XOXOXOX


    1. Me too! You just reminded me I have to try to find it at Walmart! I decorated,too! Yup, 90 degrees here, too! Enjoy your day!


  5. What a pair of little cuties your sons are in that pic!! And congrats on your 100th post – you are doing great, always such interesting content – way to go! J xx


    1. Thank you! Wish I could squeeze those little guys again! They turn 16 in 2 days! Thank you – 100 is crazy to me and I may run out of content soon!


  6. Happy long weekend! I have been loving relaxing. Is the Pioneer Woman magazine good? I haven’t checked it out yet and I love Ree! I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet. I love that throwback of your sons. How cute!


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