Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Happy Hump Day!  I didn’t realize it, but yesterday was my 100th post!  If you missed it, check it out here.  I talked about some Fall Trends and some of my fall pieces.  

Today I’m giving you my teacher outfits from the last week and one weekend outfit.  

This is an olive swing dress, a TJ Maxx kimono, my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace, and my trusty Danskos.  Everything is at least a year old.  I forgot to take my photo until the end of the day so makeup has worn off!

These are the Matilda Jane pants I got from a consignment store for $29, a shirt I have worn the heck out of from last year (I love the color and the sleeves and it’s very soft – this type of top will be a workhorse in your wardrobe), and a TJ Maxx vest along with a stone pendant necklace I believe I bought for very cheap at Versona.  I’m wearing my Corky’s Boutique wedges and I changed into flat sandals about halfway through the day. I loved the pants.  They were super comfortable and made from a very nice material.  I actually like the sleeves with the bottom ruffle, but maybe I look crazy.  

I should have worn different pants, but I love my consignment top (a brand I hadn’t heard of – but I liked the boho vibe) and my wooden tassel necklace that was $3 at Walmart several years ago.  I also loved the grey snakeskin looking Tieks from consignment.  The pants are navy leggings from J.Jill (great place for basic staples) but I don’t think the top was quite long enough for leggings.  img_3511.jpg

This is the new cacti top and this was my Saturday night outfit.  I’m wearing my Hue leggings from my love of Hue post here and my Corky’s Boutique wedges again.  

I did wash my Cacti top because I spilled Caprese crepe on it – of course!  I decided to go ahead and wear it again on Monday to school with my mustard LulaRoe skirt and the trusty Danskos again.  I think I’m talking in the photo – oops!

Finally, I wore my Walmart pants ($9.98) from my post here when I did some exploring of Walmart clothing this summer and my Old Navy top with my brown Dansko sandals.  I need to say thank you to my great co-workers who take my photos at school and my son who took my photos at home.  

Now I’m liking up with the ladies below for What’s Up Wednesday…


What I’m loving…I’m loving the thought of fall coming up and putting August behind me.  I’m not a big fan of August.

What we’ve been up to…new school routine

What I’m dreading...nothing really right now

What I’m working on…school stuff

What I’m excited about…my boys’ 16th birthday next week and fall approaching

What I’m watching/reading…Bravo shows, Big Brother and Opening Belle (book)

What I’m listening to…Spanish music!  (for my classes)

What I’m wearing…see above!

What I’m doing this weekend…I’m hoping to do some fun stuff on my 3 day weekend but plans aren’t set yet.

What I’m looking forward to next month…getting out my fall decor and maybe adding a bit of new decor

What Else is new…I hit my 100th blog post yesterday!

A Wednesday Tip:

Because Wednesday if halfway through the week, I try to do a load of laundry so it doesn’t get too piled up by the weekend.  I also treat myself to a little shopping trip or a coffee after school.  I like to do something a little bit different and out of the routine on Wednesday.  This goes a long way toward making me happy so I don’t feel like I’m strictly living for the weekend.  

Thanks for reading!





9 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday, What’s Up Wednesday and a Wednesday Tip

  1. I love your Wednesday tradition- I need to start doing something like that for myself. Your outfits are sooo fun!! I need those pants with ruffle at the bottom! Happy 100th post and early sweet 16 to your boys!


  2. Hi! Your outfits rock!!!! So very stylish,you put clothes together so well! I love your blog, so glad I found it! I love the Wednesday idea…. it’s nice to treat ourselves and make the week special!



    1. Thank you Sharon and welcome to my very amateur blog. I don’t spend much on my clothes because I know you don’t have to! Let me know if you have a blog so I can follow!


  3. ha ha…I do a load of laundry every. single. day now. But yes, I used to do a load on Thursday so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed on the weekend.

    I had a principal once tell the staff (back in 2013 when leggings were becoming huge) that if they have pockets, they’re not leggings. If they don’t have pockets, your shirt needs to be long enough to cover everything. I’ve lived by this rule ever since.


    1. Yes, baby laundry! That is a good way to define leggings! We actually don’t have a teacher dress code bc our union so strong. But, I say if you want to be treated like a professional, dress like one!


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