Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Today is a very special day!  16 years ago I became a mom times two – I have identical twin boys if you didn’t know.  To respect their privacy, I don’t post a great deal of photos or talk about them much in this space.  I leave many details of our weekends out to respect their wishes.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have this blog when they were younger, because I would’ve talked incessantly about them.

Anyway, I couldn’t let today pass without saying something.  Moms of young kids, I just want you to know that you are doing a great job – keep on keeping on.  I have had so many moments lately where I have seen my boys open doors, wait on people to enter a public door first, say please and thank you, offer assistance, and just be kind and well mannered humans.  I was never sure if my training would stick!  We plan to celebrate tonight with pizza and cookie cake and do some more on the weekend.  And, having teenagers is not bad at all – it’s a lot of fun!  

On to outfits from the last week – this was comfortable and I love black and tan.  If in doubt, throw on black and tan or black and white. Am I right? I am wearing the Tory Burch flats from my post here.  


These are my new 11.99 Versona pants and I loved them, but I don’t like my top.  I should’ve sized down.  I need to try the pants with something else.     

This was a little more casual look for Friday.  I am wearing the new Versona 13.99 kimono here.  

I forgot to take my picture wearing this but I wore this to school yesterday – Old Navy flower dress and white sweater/kimono.  

Are you ready to transition to fall clothing?  It’s hard to type that as it is high 90s here!  I am ready – I’m tired of my warm weather stuff! 

Happy hump day!


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and More

  1. Awwwwww happiest birthday to your twin boys!!!! It’s true that children learn what they live. Love all of your outfits, you look comfy and polished at the same time. Please come link up with us over at The Blended Blog Amy!!


  2. I LOVE your outfits. Those pants and kimonos…I love them all. Such cute outfits that I would love to wear to work. I am with you, I am tired of my warm weather clothes, I feel like I have been wearing them forever. Hahaha! I always feel like that before the weather changes. Happy Birthday to your twin boys!


  3. Happy sweet 16 to your boys!!!! I love all the prints in these pictures- the pants and the kimono! So fun! I am so ready to transition to fall!


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