Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Guys, we are so close to September!  In September it will officially be o.k. to decorate for fall!  September is apple month for me.  I like to go to an apple orchard, make apple sangria, have an apple candle (Yankee has a great one), and I tend to start wearing more fall colors.  But, where I live it can still be 90 degrees in September.  

I started reading about fall trends and then I thought I would look at my “old friends” – my fall clothes that I store in another closet.  It was like a family reunion – but not the dysfunctional kind.  It was so fun to see pieces I had forgotten about!

First, this velvet kimono can be worn over short sleeve or a tank and then long sleeves later in the winter.  I got this last winter at a little boutique called Tunie’s in Louisville for $20 on the sale rack.

One of the 2018 trends is plaid.  Does plaid ever go out of style?  I found this on Amazon last year and wore it a bunch in December.  Look at the cute buttons.  You know me, I probably didn’t spend more than $20.

I love this plaid because of the pink and blue.  I have had this Old Navy shirt for years and I have quite the collection of these lightweight vests – post coming soon on my vest collection and why I love them so much.

Tip:  Look for fall colors in sleeveless or short sleeve.  This was Anthropologie sale room several years ago and I have worn it on Thanksgiving with a skirt, riding boots, and a cardigan.

This is a mod/retro LuLaRoe perfect tee.  I wear it with skinny pants and a vest.

This is another plaid find from Amazon last year.  I wore it all winter and especially around Valentine’s day.  I like the Burberry inspired plaid.  I wore it with a black tank or top and black pants.  

Here are some of the other trends I read about: (and see photos below of things I already own)

leopard – these flats are Coach consignment from several years ago, the skirt is Chico’s sale rack

camo –  the jeans are a very subtle camo from Land’s End, the flats are also Land’s End (both are several years old)

mules -got these mules at a consignment last year and I loved the western vibe – like a cowboy boot had been cut down

I was so happy these things are still on trend.  

I also like to break out my black distressed jeans from American Eagle a few years ago(top right of photo) for weekends.  I love American Eagle jeans.  I order several pairs of short online and return what I don’t want to my local store.  They fit me great because I need the short.  


In summary, here are the trends I read about:  camo, leopard, red monochromatic, floral, mules, plaid, magenta, and fur accents.  I’m on board with all but red monochromatic. I’m not sure I could do that.  Maybe a red jumpsuit would be cute for the holidays, but not sure I could pull that off?  What trends do you plan to try?  

Tip:  I rarely order anything full price.  I do, however, like to look at the catalogs I receive or the magazines I get with fall fashions.  I take a picture of the looks I like and see what I have to recreate that look or I try to shop for a similar vibe.  

I rarely shop at Talbots, but in my twenties my only retail job was at the Talbots Surplus Store in Lexington, KY.  I was already a teacher, but I worked there summers and breaks because my good friend was a manager and I had another good friend who worked there.  As much as I love clothes, I hated working with clothes.  

I love the scallops on these booties.  I love my booties for fall and winter.  I don’t have any suede, though.  

Look how chic she looks.  I love grey and black.  I bet my good old Target might do a dupe for this poncho.  Remember to look for ponchos in the accessories sections of Target and TJ Maxx, not with the regular clothes.

I also looked at Family Circle.  

Love this look.  Do I need tall brown suede boots?  I have leather ones already.  I like her long denim skirt and her blouse.  

I don’t think I could pull off the metallic booties, but I love her jacket and her bucket bag.  Give me all the fringe and tassels.  

What do you think?  Are you ready for fall clothes?  


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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Fall Trends

  1. Looks like you are all set for fall! I love fall fashion but I sure wish the weather would cooperate, it will feel like 105 here today and that will continue for awhile. Happy Tuesday – great tips!


  2. You have great pieces. I love kimonos and ponchos. I also love busting out my boots. It was 47 when I woke up this morning…we are headed for the cool down and it makes me long to break out my boots and sweaters and leggings. I love all the inspiration in this post for outfits!


  3. Thanks for alerting me on the trends!!! I love the pieces you’ve chosen. So stylish!! Glad to know I still have a couple of functional pieces!! I love plaid so much and I need to get a puffer vest to accent it. Sadly, it may be another month before I can dress more warmly!!! #texasproblems


    1. Haha! You can get buy with a vest for a jacket and old navy has lightweight ones at a decent price. Post coming on vests.


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