Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Did you see my 4th of July ideas yesterday?  If you didn’t, head here before you go to the grocery today to get ready for your celebration tomorrow.  I hope I have some ideas you can use!

O.k., today we’re going to talk about the brand Hue.  The first time I heard about this brand was on the very popular blog Sheaffer Told me To.  She highly recommended Hue leggings in black and charcoal grey.  I happily ordered them from Nordstrom and have worn them for maybe 5 seasons now.  They are still in great shape and they wash and dry perfectly. They have a wide waistband and are just a great product.  

I was in line to check out at DSW when I saw the light denim colored pair below folded up compactly with a Hue label on the wrapper.  It was spring of last year and I was wanting some light denim.  I paid for them (around $28) without trying them on and I loved them.  No one knew I was really wearing leggings, people!  They look like jeans and even have back pockets like jeans.  They are ankle length on me, but I’m sure they are meant to be capri length on non-vertically challenged people.  

Here’s looking at Hue.
Back pocket view

Anyhow, I wore the heck out of them during the spring and summer of 2017 and even into the fall.  Winter of 2017 comes around and I am strolling through Macy’s minding my own business when I see a sale rack of Hue jean leggings/jeggings.  I see grey in my size for $18.  Twist my arm.  These came home with me.  It’s surprising how handy grey jeans are in one’s wardrobe.  They look great with black tops, white tops, burgundy tops, etc.

Finally, my third pair came into my life this May.  I was again strolling through Macy’s after finding my beloved Reef flip flops and there the white ones appeared.  My love of white jeans, white shorts, white linen pants, and all things white for summer is well documented on this space.  These were full price but maybe had a little discount at a $25ish price point.  So, now I am the proud owner of three identical pairs of Hue in light “denim”, grey, and white.  I ask people if they like my “jeans” and then I tell them my little secret.  You just pull them on.  I would say they probably run a little bit small and I always have a longer shirt on with them.  They wash and dry well, but I do line dry them because I think it saves on wear and tear.

How about Hue?  Do you own any of these magical pants?  I’m not going to lie – if a black pair comes across my path I will most likely have a 4th pair and I don’t think I will feel badly about it.  I am not really a brand snob, but I like quality and I like things to wash and wear well.  I have a list of favorite brands and Hue is definitely at the top.  Hue, Reef, Birkenstock, Lucky brand shoes, Target’s Universal Thread, American Eagle, and many more.  

Here is an Amazon link for you.  It looks like these have an ankle slit which mine don’t have and they are more expensive – maybe the slit makes them more.  I don’t get anything if you click on this link because I’m a very amateur blogger.  Ha!  If you want to visit a department store, these should be located in the hosiery section.  Let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – My Love of Hue

    1. Have you seen all the styles they have now? It’s amazing! They aren’t cheap but I feel the quality is good and they wash well. I’m still learning quality over quantity in my closet.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. I’ve never heard of Hue Brand but I love these pants! I’m not a “brand snob” either. American Eagle is one of my favorites. But you can find me in a thrift store on any given weekend. haha. You must find a black pair of those leggings to complete your collection! They look great!


    1. I like the way you think – Black will complete me! I love American Eagle jeans. You never know – you could find Hue in your thrift store!


  2. Like Jodie, I’ve not tried the brand but after seeing your post, I see a shopping trip in my future. They look super comfy and I’m all about comfort.
    Xo, Jonet


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