Monday, August 27, 2018

I actually don’t mind a Monday too much.  I think Tuesday might be harder.  Mondays I get to come home right after work so I try to just focus on that day alone.  Tuesday are my long day because I have meetings after work.  What about you?  

Anyway, back to Sundays.  many people get the Sunday blues on Sunday afternoons, or maybe even earlier.  I really don’t get the Sunday blues anymore.  I try to have a nice Sunday evening routine that I look forward to.  We have dinner at home (after usually eating out on Saturday night), I take my shower at night (so relaxing), and I polish my nails for the week and watch a movie I’ve taped either with my husband or by myself.  Last Sunday night it was “Bad Teacher” which I just adore.  I think it is so funny and clever.  It is from 2011, which is hard to believe, but they play it on cable tv quite a bit.  I try to get in bed no later than 10.  Sometimes I do have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights, but I’m usually o.k. to go to bed a little later because I’ve gotten more sleep on the weekend.  

If you can get your cleaning and errands done on Saturdays, then Sundays can truly be a day of rest.  Also, I almost never grocery shop on Sundays.  Or, if I do, I do it really early in the morning, so I don’t have it hanging over my head.  Plan something fun on Sundays and really enjoy the day.  Also, definitely take the time to meal prep on Sunday mornings.  I make my low carb egg casserole and my sauteed zucchini on Sunday early mornings.   I think getting a few things done will help you to have a great rest of the day on Sundays.  

This weekend: 

Friday after school I did some consignment shopping and picked up a take and bake pizza and stuff to make a good old iceberg lettuce salad with tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing.  We watched a show as a family and I was in bed at 9!  

Saturday was coffee on the patio and I loved the cooler morning and I was so thankful to feel better this weekend.  I lost a whole weekend almost last weekend!  There’s nothing like being sick to make you appreciate being healthy.

I did laundry, cleaned, Trader Joe’s, read a little, watched some Food Network, made some food for my boys, just had a lazy Saturday morning and day.  We were going to boat, but it started raining.

Below:  Me happy to wear my soft Old Navy nautical sweatshirt because of the cooler morning temps with shorts and using my Happiness hand lotion in the car.  


Hub and I left the boys this meal as we were going out with friends.  This is the Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice and orange chicken over the frozen Jasmine rice if you have wanted to see what it looks like.

My cacti top came in right on time for me to wear it.  My one son has been super sweet about taking some outfit pictures for me so I can move away from mirror selfies.  I’m wearing my light denim Hue leggings, and my favorite and really only wedges of the summer from Corky’s boutique.  

We went to the monthly outdoor concert and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect as the night wore on.  

There was a crepe truck and I got a Caprese crepe.  It was good.  

The first band was really good music like Paul Simon, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles.  The second band below was a Beach Boys cover band.  

Sunday was a relaxing boat day. This may or may not be a mimosa.

They have replica Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria or two of the three in town. They do this every year. We took our boys several years ago to tour the replicas.

I read a bit of this on the boat. I’m really liking it. My last book was slow so I gave it a pause.

Here is this week’s meal plan:  


Wishing you a wonderful week!


9 thoughts on “Hello Monday and How to Avoid the Sunday Blues

  1. I used to get the Sunday blues but that ended when I left my old job, lol! I do try to make sure Sunday has some fun things planned and not just getting ready for the week ahead. Your cacti top is so cute, I’m glad you like it!
    Have a super week!


    1. Lol! Sunday blues can be bad. I’m pretty happy at my job so I think that’s why I don’t usually have them now.
      Thank you! Wore it to school today!


  2. That is a great weekend! I also agree with all of your tips for Sunday and beating those Monday blues. We are big at resting on Sunday and making sure that all of our errands are done Friday and Saturday. I hate feeling rushed around on Sunday. I hope you have a great Monday!


  3. After seeing that cactus top, I might just have to order it, it looks great on you! Is the sizing pretty true on it? Also, BLTs are on my meal plan this week too, great minds and all that stuff!


    1. Thank you! I wish I had gone down a size. Check out the other prints, too. I thought it looked fine on the shoulder and that was a big worry. I don’t like strapless bras and my shoulders are wide.


    1. Thanks! It hit the spot. The other son doesn’t take an interest but my other even asks me how my blog is going regularly! So sweet! Boys are the best!


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