Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Happy Wednesday!  I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for their “Calling All Camo” theme today and I’m doing my regular teacher outfits from the last week. 

I didn’t like this outfit.  I feel like the fit is off on the shirt and the pants.  The shirt is too small and the pants are too big.  I could’ve not shown you, but hey, keeping it real that I don’t like every outfit I wear.  I think this photo is helping me to send this top on its way to someone else.  It is a very helpful exercise to take photos even if you don’t have a blog.  

I liked this outfit and felt comfortable.  Everything I have on is consignment.  Target blouse, Chico’s pants, and Axiomm shoes.  

This is the first time I repeated clothing since the beginning of the school year four weeks before.  I had worn this top and I really like it – consignment – a brand I hadn’t heard of.  And, these are the Matilda Jane consignment pants that were new with tags.  I’m wearing grey consignment Tieks.  

I will probably wear these Chico’s pants every week until it gets too cold.  I have on a black LulaRoe perfect tee bought at regular price and a LulaRoe vest bought at consignment for $8 this summer.  I have on my black matte consignment Tieks.  I was very comfortable in this outfit.  

I love camo!  I highlighted it as one of the trends for this year in this post here and I’m so happy it’s still on trend.  In the first photo, you can see my ADVdesigns camo earrings and in the second you can see my Land’s End camo jeans and Land’s End camo flats.  Both are several years old.  I did have a Target camo tee but it didn’t wash well and I donated it.  I also have LulaRoe camo leggings from my consignment store for $8.

My favorite combo is camo with a solid black top or a solid black bottom.  I know some people can rock the pink with camo and it looks so cute.  

What about you?  Can you camo?


6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Calling All Camo

  1. Girlfriend I hope you linked up with us at The Blended Blog today! I love your teacher style, your students must love seeing what you wear. I want to shop at your consignment store. Seems all the ones here are slowly going out of business and Style Encore is taking over in a big way. I kinda like the smaller ones to shop in myself.
    Happy Wednesday!


    1. I did! I finally linked up! I had a funny note from a senior last year that said she couldn’t wait to come to class to see what I was wearing – made me feel like a circus side show! Lol! Thank you and have a great day! Your camo outfit is on point!


  2. Love your outfits as usual! I really need to take pictures of my outfits… I’ll see if I can get a co-worker to help me out! I love your Matilda Jane outfit the best! I like camo but only have a hat in a camo print and a t-shirt!


  3. Amy! I want your closet. I love your outfits. I also love what you said about taking pictures of your outfits, even if they don’t work just, I am a firm believer in that! I wish I had your consignment shop. Super cute outfits, as always!


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