Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Today I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for their Style Perspectives theme of Red, White, and Blue Style!  

Stop! Before you go shopping for your 4th of July cookout, parade, fireworks, or party attire, take inventory of your closet. Pull out anything that is red, white, or blue. Don’t forget your denim skirts and shorts or as we call them in Kentucky – jorts! Grab whatever accessories you may own in those colors, too!  Ok, now try to put some outfits together. I would like to suggest just doing two of the three colors.  Sometimes all three of the colors at once can look overdone.  So after doing this, you may need to go shopping.  Make sure whatever you buy you can wear again.  

Below I have my light denim skirt and my red twist front tee with my white tassel earrings.

Here I am doing all 3 colors, but one is in my accessory, so it doesn’t look too overdone.

Next I have a very old Target skirt and navy top with white leather earrings and my silver garage sale bracelet.

This is a little dressier because it’s a skirt. Again, the 3rd color is just in the jewelry.


Of course you are going to see my navy and white flutter sleeve with both options – my white skirt or my white denim cut offs depending on how dressed up I want to be, white feather earrings and a white and gold bracelet.

I’m only doing two colors here and this can be worn over and over again this summer.

Finally I have my chambray shorts and the same navy top as I had with my striped skirt along with my sparkly red earrings.

A lighter and a darker blue with red earrings looks tasteful.

What will I actually wear? It will depend on the weather and what we decide to do. I do know that I have plenty of options and don’t need to buy anything! I bet you will find the same!  I talked about my summer colors and I wear a lot of white, navy, yellow, pink, and black.  I don’t have much red in my closet.  

4th of July Home Decor:  

I used the same technique with my house as I used with my clothing to do some minimal 4th of July decorating. I went to my bookshelves to find books that were red or blue and I hunted down items that contained those colors. I also got out my decor purchased last year or in years past from either Hobby Lobby, Target, or Dollar Tree. I have a small chalkboard that I change up seasonally, too.  I gathered everything on my dining room table to see what I was working with.  I spent absolutely nothing this year.  More money for clothes, right?  

Tip:  I change up my mantel monthly and use that as an opportunity to dust really well.  

January – blue and white and snowmen

February – Valentine’s

March – St. Patrick’s Day

April – Easter

May – Derby

June- Summer

July – 4th of July

August – Back to school, Apples

September – Apples and Fall

October – Halloween and Fall

November – Thanksgiving, Turkey Stuff, and Fall 

December – Christmas

I don’t like a lot of clutter and knick knacks but I love decorating my mantel and hall entry table, especially.  

Gathering of the supplies. I spent $0 this year.
The Finished Mantel
Hall entry table

Public Service Announcement: On Monday’s Hello Monday post I mentioned that I placed a 40% off Loft order of mostly tops because I felt like I was lacking in that area of my closet.  Now there is a 50% off tops only at Loft promotion! Boo for me but yay for you! Remember there is free shipping when you spend $125. You could order the same top in multiple sizes and return in person to the store.  

P.S. Lindsay of Lindsay’s Sweet World has some awesome 4th of July decor from her Tuesday post. I’m totally jealous of her cute bar cart, but I really don’t know where I would put one – maybe on my patio?  Check out her post from Tuesday!

What do you normally wear on the 4th?

Do you decorate your home for the 4th?

Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday – Red, White, and Blue Edition

  1. Love your 4th of July outfits. You’re right sometimes all three colors can look overdone or “costumey” I prefer a more subtle take on the theme like you’ve done.
    I always decorate for 4th of July because I normally host a very small party. This year will be a little tricky because of our vacation but I’ll do it!


    1. Thank you! I agree! How is packing going? I want to see what your party spread looks like and I’m planning to do some 4th party ideas!


  2. It’s a shame we don’t have some sort of independence celebration for something over here – instead about 1/3 of the world celebrates independence from us, haha! Maybe one day we will have an ‘independence from the EU day’ – where I’ll just have to wear white and red, not any blue (or yellow!!!). Your decorations are lovely by the way. Sorry about Poldark 😦


    1. Haha! Awkward! Most people just use it as an excuse to party and have the day off and don’t put much thought into it. I can to figure out why I can’t see Poldark 4.
      I checked my bbc channel and got the bbc player and it appears to just be radio. Oh well! I will see it eventually!
      Any other tv recs?


  3. I love your outfits!!! So stylish and festive! Your decorations are cute too- I need to decorate more for the fourth. It’s usually fall and Christmas then I give up!


    1. Haha! Do a post if you do decorate! I’m working on some 4th of July recipes!
      I plan to use blue tortilla chips as one suggestion!


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