Friday, June 22, 2018

How was your week? I must admit I let the heat derail me from walking a couple of days. Wednesday was much better temperature wise, though.  I’m working on getting back on track.  This week has flown and what started out as a pretty open week got filled up quickly. 

What are your weekend plans? We have storm chances each day but we have a birthday party Saturday night and a boat day scheduled for Sunday so I hope the weather is on our side.  (True sign of adulthood – you talk incessantly about the weather!)  There are also more movies I want to see – so maybe an early Saturday afternoon matinee – especially if it is raining? 

Favorite #1)


I’m the guest co-host again with my friend Dan of the Fortyish podcast.  This time we talked about entertaining in your home. Listen here to episode 89 while you clean or walk or sit outside.  In the podcast, I referenced my post on entertaining that you can find here.  I was so happy that an out of town friend texted me today to tell me she threw a happy hour at her house with 12 girls!  I’m amazed she had 12 girls that could all get together the same night in the summer.  Miracles do happen!

Favorite #2)

I love saving money and/or scoring great deals. My sister pointed out that my blog posts this week have all talked about saving money!  This was not planned.  Tuesday I talked about entertaining kids this summer on a budget. Wednesday I talked about clothing and home decor for the 4th of July on a budget, and yesterday I talked about clothing for kids on a budget. Just click on the red type to go directly to those posts. I hope there will be a helpful nugget somewhere in there for you and leave me a comment or something that you do that works!  

Favorite #3)


Catching up with friends in the summer is always a goal of mine. Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch and I served a new recipe of asparagus and gruyere tart, tomato and mozzarella, salad with goat cheese, craisins, and nuts, garlic french fries, and Trader Joe’s lemon cake.  I made pineapple spritzer (non alchoholic) to drink.   One of my summer bucket list items is to learn new recipes.  I have been wanting to work more with store bought puff pastry.  It was super easy!  

Favorite #4)  

I’m still saving money by doing my own nails 2-3 times a week.  I’m back to OPI Suzi Without a Paddle.  I’m going to treat myself to a new color soon.  Leave me a new color suggestion in the comments if you have one.  I’m really into blues and whites this season.  

Favorite #5)  

This crazy niece of mine texting me from my mom’s phone for about an hour one day this week.  She is going to be in 3rd grade and is a hoot!


Favorite #6) 

My Loft order came in quicker than I thought it would.  Everything was 40% off and I got free shipping.

I think I will keep the top below but I don’t plan to wear it off the shoulder.  It is a great material but it’s a little short.  It doesn’t look like it from the photo, though!


These pants below are going back.  They are voluminous and not flattering in the stomach area.  I maybe could size down two sizes or something, but not sure if I will go to the trouble.


I didn’t realize it, but this shirt is exactly the same as the striped one.  I also ordered this in a pretty raspberry color.  Again, I don’t plan to wear this off the shoulder.  I feel like the olive and raspberry can go into fall.  They fit perfectly but they are a little bit short so I will have to try them on with jeans and different pants before I decide whether to keep them. 


I ordered a red and white striped top also.  It is really thin material and a little too long.  Go figure.  It will be going back.  

So – I will be keeping one – three tops and I’m returning the pants and the red and white stripe top.  My goal in this order was more easy tops to throw on.  It’s really a reminder that you have to try things on and you can’t go by the photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I can’t wait to read your Friday Favorites!  


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Too bad not everything worked in your Loft order. It’s nice to be able to try things on in your own home though.
    My very favorite nail color is by OPI it’s called Mod About You – it’s just the perfect light shade of pink/white. I just got a dip manicure last night for vacation. I have extremely oily nail beds and nail polish rarely lasts on me but I hate spending money at the salon. I only do it for special occasions.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    1. I was kind of glad not everything worked because of the total cost! Ha! I have mod about you! Love it! Looks good on tanned feet which I do not have this year. Gel is best for travel. Good idea! Have a great trip!


  2. I would not have kept those pants either. Eeeek. Tops are cute for sure. I love saving money and do refer to myself as the queen of the tightwads! I need to repolish my nails since I’m only working one day next week! Woo hoo! Girl, I hope your weekend is simply fabulous. xo


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