Monday, June 18, 2018

How is it already June 18?  Slow down, summer!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good and pretty low-key.

Friday night we headed to the mall as a family and did returns for my husband’s birthday gifts.  He didn’t like the Birkencrocs and he wanted to try a smaller size pant.  We also came home with a new Lululemon men’s polo shirt.  I don’t even own any Lululemon!  I think I’ve created a monster!

This is what I wore. It was time to put on some “real” clothes!  This kimono can double as a cover up (from my post on coverups).  I am still on my walking streak except for a break Saturday a.m.  

I was bummed going into the weekend because of this below.  

While at the mall we went to Yan Kee Noodle for dinner.  One son and I split the chicken pad thai.  It was pretty decent.  My hub got chicken teriyaki and my other son got chicken fried rice.  His was the best, in my opinion.

The boys wanted to stay home Saturday and we had plans for a movie later that afternoon so hub, Ernie, and I decided to try the boat for just a bit around 11 am.  I took Shannon’s advice and got Ernie a puppy whip from Starbuck’s when I was getting us sandwiches and a tall skinny vanilla latte for me.  My husband doesn’t drink coffee or cocktails with me.  He mainly drinks his favorite soft drink called Ale 8 One.  

You know what’s better than Starbuck’s?  Starbuck’s on a boat!

We parked the boat and I ate the tomato spinach panini.  It was good.  

Ernie loves his Daddy!  We ended up staying until about 2 and had a really good time.  

When I got home the mail had come!  Why do I love the mail arrival in the summer so much?  These are the $11 American Eagle slides I ordered.  I think I could have gone up a size but I’m hoping the band across the foot stretches a bit.  My husband asked me what in the world I was wearing on my feet.  I don’t think he is a fan!

I also received the cork and como earrings!  The cork has a nice gold shimmer and the camo is really dark and subtle.  I think I will get a lot of use out of these.  See my post from Wednesday for information about this Etsy shop.  

Then it was time for our movie!  This was the birthday gift from one son.  The movie was entertaining, but silly, like we knew it would be.  It was a little bit off color for the boys but we are pretty liberal with movies they see.  


Let me tell you how we have to do the movies…my husband loves the movies and must have popcorn and we buy the refillable bucket and bring our own giant baggies so we can share the bucket between the four of us.  It’s a spectacle, I tell you!  

Sunday morning, I read with my coffee on the patio.  I abandoned my last book without finishing and started this one.  I’m in such a book rut!  I can’t promise you I will finish this one, either.  

It was time for a nail refresh so I redid my nails with this OPI “Po Boys and Rich Girls”.  I do my nails a couple of times a week and I actually enjoy it.  It saves a bunch of money.  I haven’t had dip or gel since April, I think.  

For our Father’s Day, the boys wanted to make their Dad happy by boating!  Oh my gosh, I was such a baby and could hardly handle the heat!  We only lasted a little over an hour.  My husband made a canopy for more shade.  The air felt like you were stuck in someone’s armpit.  It was bad.  

We laughed as we were leaving because this boat was called “Prestige Worldwide” from the movie “Stepbrothers”.  Have you seen it?  There are so many good lines in that movie!

Also, on Sunday, I took advantage of Loft’s 40% off sale and bought a few tops.  I did spend $125 so I could get free shipping, but I’m sure at least half will go back.  I feel like I need some more cute and easy to throw on tops for summer.  Tip:  Never buy from Loft when there isn’t a sale and never pay for shipping if you can help it.  I have a store about 5 miles down the road for easy returns.  I will show you my loot next week or whenever it comes in!

Sunday night’s plans  involved a dark English man named Ross Poldark.  I finished season 3 on Amazon Instant Video and I’m going to watch Season 4 live!  I did miss the first episode of season 4 and can’t figure out where to watch it.  Let me know if you have any tips!  Have you started Poldark yet?  If you were/are a fan of Downton Abbey, I think you would like it.  

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading!  


7 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Great weekend Amy! I haven’t seen Poldark yet but keep hearing about it so I better get with the program! My mom just gave me a cover up that I plan on wearing out like a kimono because it’s sooooo cute. Totally agree with your advice about Loft too. I can’t wait to see what you ordered!!!
    Happy Monday!

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  2. I paint my nails pretty frequently too; I find it very relaxing plus I love all the color choices out there. That book looks pretty good; I’ve read quite a few this month but have yet to hit that really great summer read that I just can not put down.

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