Thursday, June 21, 2018

I remember when I started dealing with my twin boys’ clothes.  I didn’t mind the washing, drying, and folding.  I did, however,  mind the putting away of the clothes.  I guess I could still say the same, except I don’t put their clothes away anymore now that they are 15 and perfectly capable!  

Do you know why I hated putting their clothes away?  It was because they had too many clothes for the space they had to store it in!  It was just too fun to buy coordinating or matching outfits so they had way more clothes than they could ever use.  Some of these were gifts and some were my purchases.  

So, my number 1 tip is….

1) Don’t buy too many clothes for your kids!  There are only 7 days in a week and if you are like me, you will be washing clothes more than once a week.  

2)  Now, determine what types of clothes they need and for what occasions they need to dress.  Kids grow so quickly that they may not be able to wear too many items in any one category.  

3)  Ask for hand me downs from family members or offer to pay for them (most family will not accept money).  Most people are so happy to have someone to hand things down to so they can make room for bigger sizes.  My nephew has enjoyed hand me downs from his two older cousins! 


4)  Find someone whose taste you like and ask if you can buy their outgrown clothes.  I was lucky to have a mom who had twin boys two years older than mine.  I bought their school uniforms and didn’t have to buy much more on my own.  I also bought suits that her boys outgrew.  That saved me a ton of money and they only got to wear them once. 

5)  Go to church or community sales.  If you are a consignor or a volunteer, you usually get to shop first.  These are a goldmine and are usually held in more than one season.

6)  Find your local kids consignment shops.  If you live in Louisville, Kentucky or nearby, Slugger Kids is a wonderful shop.  I have gotten like new Keens for $10.  

7)  Check out Goodwill or other thrift shops.  My sister finds a ton of good stuff there.  Last summer I found several men’s button downs for my son that likes to wear those.  

8)  Ask for clothing for gifts for your kids.  One of my sisters is good about planning ahead when her kids have a birthday coming up and have a need for a specific clothing item.  

9)  It’s garage sale season.  Kids’ clothes are often plentiful at these and many times I have seen clothing with tags.  In fact, I bought my niece a Land’s End down vest with tags for $5.  

10)  If you go to a school with uniforms like we did from kindergarten until 8th grade, schools will often have a sale.  Look for these and remember again that there are only 5 school days in a week so you don’t need more than that number of uniforms.  Like I mentioned in tip number 4, seek out a mom to buy from.

11)  This may sound bad, but my boys get new socks and underwear for Christmas and they always have.  This ensures that they get a yearly update of these items.  I also give them a couple of pieces of clothing.  I love the saying, “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read”.  I want them to appreciate the basics in life.  I will usually put a new pair of swim trunks in their Easter basket.  

12)  I don’t have personal knowledge of this, but I know of a mom who loves Matilda Jane so she joined a MJ Facebook group and buys from other members.  

13) If you do buy new clothing try to hit the end of season sales and buy for the next year. My favorite stores for my boys were: Target, Old Navy, Children’s Place (does this still exist?), Boden, and Land’s End.

What did I forget?  What are your best tips?  


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Clothes for Kids on a Budget

  1. Great tips Amy! It’s so easy to over-buy for kids (and ourselves, lol). Things are cute, they’re on sale, etc. Especially if they’re wearing uniforms kids just don’t really need much!


    1. I realized later that they aren’t just for kids and I do most of them, too. I’m laughing thinking of me approaching a woman and saying “can I buy your clothes when you grow out of them?”


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