Monday, June 11, 2018

How was your weekend?  Mine was my first weekend of summer and it was very relaxing.  It was a good mix of productivity, relaxation,  and fun!  

Friday evening we got to hang out with one of our favorite couple friends, my teacher bff and her husband.  We taught together for 17 years.  She changed schools last year but I’m happy for her and we will remain friends.  

We met for an evening boat ride and it was still so hot!  We parked at a restaurant and enjoyed some apps while we ordered dinner.  

Are you tired of my Target Universal Thread top yet?  That was 17.99 well spent!  

It finally started cooling down and we had a nice breeze as the sun was setting.  I try not to be on my phone too much when I’m with people so I don’t always get a lot of good photos.  

Saturday morning I took a break from walking to ride my bike!  But, I had a goal in mind – the neighborhood yard sales!  This bike was an anniversary gift from my hub about 15 years ago?  He is a great gift giver.  

I found some brand new containers, 2 bracelets, and a unique pouch made out of wrappers.  All of this was $5.

I rode back to the house to get my car to buy this $5 chair for the boys.  I thought it was pretty cool.  

I have several movies I want to see, but Ocean’s 8 was the one hub and I agreed upon for Saturday afternoon.  It was really entertaining.  I can’t wait to see A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  It looks so good from the previews.  My husband loves to go to the movies and must get buttered popcorn and a giant Coke.  I take my own water but steal some of his Coke!  


Saturday night we did dinner at home with the boys and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel with them.  They love to talk about films and they like the director of this film. 

I have been in a book rut, but I tried this book Sunday morning on the patio with my coffee.  I really like it so far.  

I found out Poldark season 3 is out on Amazon Instant Video finally!  I am afraid I’m going to go through it too quickly because I started on Friday afternoon and I can’t stop!  Seriously, watch Poldark if you haven’t.  It is set in 1700s England and it is about Ross Poldark who returns from fighting in The Revolutionary War in the U.S. to discover his love is to marry his cousin.  

Also, on Sunday, I did some serious cleaning and de-cluttering.  It feels so good to have less and be more organized!  I have a few donation bags to take care of this week.  I walked and listened to The Big Boo Podcast with Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson.  It’s one of my favorite podcasts.  

What’s up for you this week?  

Today, I’m the guest co-host on my friend’s podcast!  I will give you more information when it releases.  Tonight, I’m hoping the weather holds out for me to host happy hour on the patio for two neighborhood friends.  We met when our kids were in elementary school and we were part of the parents who had kids who walked home.  We would hang at the walkers’ door every day after school.  

I may have to move it to my dining room table, but I hope not!  Come back tomorrow when I talk about why you should entertain at home and ways to make it easier to do.

This week is my husband’s birthday, my niece’s birthday, and Father’s Day.  I have got to get busy!  


5 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. You had a wonderful weekend and I love that top on you! Keep wearing it!!! How fun that you were able to ride your bike to yard sales, my husband is an estate and yard sale fanatic! He has a side business where he sells collectibles he buys so he is always on the hunt. I don’t go because he takes too long and I get bored, lol. That’s adult ADHD for ya! Ha!
    I need to check out Poldark! Fingers crossed the weather is perfect for your Happy Hour tonight – I know you’ll have fun no matter what the weather!


    1. Thank you! I hear you about husbands that take too long. My boys and I have a hard time taking him shopping or to a museum because he is so slow! He must look at and read everything! I have adult ADHD too or is it that I have so much more to do than my husband?
      Let me know what you think of Poldark! Amazon instant video!


  2. You and your friend’s outfits are great – I love navy with a pop of yellow 🙂 LOVE your bike – every great bike has to have a basket. We watched Poldark S.4 episode one last night – I won’t revel anything but Caspar was properly stressed and on the verge of tears!! Are you able to watch season 4 on BBC I-player once you’ve caught up with S3? You did well at the garden sale! I love turquoise jewellery and that was a steal. You have a really busy week ahead – best of luck with all the planning 🙂


    1. Thank you! Me too! Great idea about looking for it on bbc – hadn’t thought of that and I’m almost done with season 3! That’s cute that Caspar likes it!


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