Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Today I’m going to talk about swimsuit cover ups and I will also recap my Monday.  If you want to see Friday through Sunday you can read here. 

O.k. I have a theory… as a woman of a certain age, more people will see your swim cover up than your swimsuit.  

The only year that I really thought I looked o.k. in a swimsuit was the summer I was pregnant with my twins.  I had a maternity tankini and I had an excuse – I was pregnant!  With twins! 

I know now that I was wrong and I looked just fine in a bathing suit before getting pregnant at age 30.  Now I try to remember that everyone is worried about their own body more than they are critiquing yours.  Please don’t let worry ruin the fun of summer for you.  

I’m partial to a black bathing suit. I have a couple of tankini tops and skirted bottoms that I mix and match.  I have seen some cute one piece suits out this year, but I’m not sure I can rock one.  I look for cover ups with black in them so they match my black suits.

This is my current favorite cover up below.  I bought it at Old Navy last year and the jungle print and small black pom pom trim spoke to me.  It’s made of a gauzy material.


This next one is around 6 years old from Kohl’s.  I loved the peacock looking print.  This is the same style as the first but it’s made of more of a silky material. 

Next is the one I purchased this season from Target.com.  This Target Merona was recommended by Sheaffer.  The jungle flowers and the vertical slimming line down the front were what I liked most.  This is also a silky material.  Problem:  It is not black – it is navy.  I broke my rule!  It will still be fine with my black suits, I think.img_2319-e1527525962150.jpg

A current trend is to wear a kimono over your suit.  I bought this from Nordstrom.com back in February and have worn it a lot with a black knit dress.  I plan to try it as a cover up this season.  


I don’t love to run in a store in my cover up.  If I know I have to go in a store I will usually choose my black knit tank dress or another color that I have.  

For affordable choices, I suggest a look at Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Target.  You should be able to find one for $20 or under.  The big department stores have cute ones but the price point will be higher right now.  Don’t delay too long – remember that after the 4th of July the back to school stuff will be out and the summer wear will be picked over, especially swimwear and accessories. 

Monday we did some much needed house cleaning and my hub mowed and we both cleaned up the patio.  The boys chipped in but then had to start studying for finals.  We let them take a break to go to a friend’s house for a couple of hours and hub and I ran to the mall for an exchange for him – not me!  I checked out Macy’s Reef flip flop selection and added the black pair that I needed.  I loved these brown and gold  ones but I held back because I already have brown.  These are seriously the most comfortable and durable flip flops I’ve ever owned.  

These are the ones I picked.  They are pretty basic and now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the black ones with shiny straps.  img_2325.jpg

After all of the cleaning, I enjoyed my patio for a bit and read.  

Because we are still in school and this was a week night for us, we didn’t socialize Monday evening.  I made oven roasted potatoes with cajun seasoning.  

I cooked the Mojito Lime Chicken I marinated and used my grill pan for zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.  So, just the four of us enjoyed a nice meal.  

This is the beloved marinade packet recommended by my sister.  

This is our forecast for the week.  It looks like we will get some of tropical storm Alberto.  We will be in school until Thursday at 2:20 and I will still have to work Friday and Monday.  


Let me know your thoughts on swim cover ups!  Any suggestions for me?  I hope you had a great long weekend!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Swimsuit Cover Ups!

    1. Hi Melissa! You are not failing at adulthood but you need to treat yo’self to a cute cover up! Let me know what you find! Have a great day!


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